Small Enclosed Cargo Trailers for Sale

Who loves traveling? Yes, many people love traveling whether it’s by public transportation or cars. Everyone just loves vacation. When you go by car, and you need more space for storage, and your car cannot load many things, then you need cargo trailer. There are two major types that differ cargo trailer. They are opened and enclosed cargo trailer. When you choose opened trailer, so you don’t have cover and protection from hot sunshine, wet rain or others. The only con that is opened one is the flexibility to load things with various heights. It’s different from enclosed trailer that needs good matching to height, width and weight to ensure that it can be loaded well inside cargo. There is special advantage of enclosed cargo trailer that opened trailer does not have. It is key protection and coverage, so there is good protection from rain and others. You don’t need to worry when you need to cover stuff and thing when you are traveling so no need to worry when you have to load and cover important things on your cargo. There are many brands that come into market, so here we give simple buying guide to choose right enclosed cargo trailer.

small enclosed cargo trailerEnclosed Cargo Trailer For Sale

As there have been so many brands offer good trailer, here are the tips to choose right trailer. First consideration must be construction. You have to know how the trailer is made to see how durable it’ll be. You can check the brand construction by searching it online or asking sales man to ensure that you choose right trailer with best construction. System approach, frame, and walls are important part to see in judging the construction. Second thing to see is suspension. Almost in all automotive stuff like this trailer needs suspension watch to choose right one. It’s simple to watch and judge whether it’s good suspension or not. The smoother one comes first. We recommend choosing best trailer with best suspension if you often to load or bring big stuff within your car. Better protection usually comes from smoother suspension. That is why many trailers that come with superb suspension is higher in term of budgeting. Third thing to see is warranty. Important thing to see is warranty. How long do manufacturers give you warranty and does it make sense for trailer? It’s important to cover long term. Last thing to see is brand reputation. Better reputation is more considerable than unknown brands of course.

Small Enclosed Cargo Trailer by Hybrid Trailer Co

Have you ever been looking for cargo trailer for your vacation? Now it’s time to get your packing settled and comfort in right place. Your van or car might not be able to load all your stuff so there has to be new carrier that can be attached to car. Many people will choose enclosed cargo trailer. Besides, it has good protection and good coverage; it also has superb space so it’ll save more things that you need to bring during your vacation. As there are many brands in market, it’s not easy to choose. We are here to give you simple review about one of our best picks of best small enclosed cargo trailer. It is Hybrid Trailer Company LCC that introduces cargo trailer. Hybrid Trailer is one of leading trailer brands that have proved its name as one of the best trailers. If you have been looking so hard to get right trailer for your car or van, choose Hybrid Trailer Vacationer Spare Cooler that keeps your things good and safe.

small-enclosed-cargo-trailer-2This cargo is not usual cargo that only gives spacious space for car, but it also can bring more than two bikes at same time. So it is not only for storing your stuff but when you have no idea to spend holiday, bicycling to hilly road or far away peaceful place might be good. You can bring your bikes along with car using this cargo trailer as this included big space. Seeing there are only few manufacturers that can give you right combination between storage and rack carriers, this Hybrid Company can combine them well. So, you have good option in arranging the stuff inside cargo trailer. The maintenance and assembling steps are easy to do. You don’t need professional to install. What you need to do is just reading manual books and follows every step given. It usually takes 3 hours to install behind your car. If you want to save more times, you can call for help to your brother or sister to help. So what do you get from Hybrid Trailer Vacationer?

The features are pretty perfect

  • white enclosed cargo trailer for saleComing with 60″ long, 22″ high and 40″ wide for compartment size and there is trailer size that is 56″wide, 105″ long, and 42″ high. It can lift or bring 290lbs.
  • It has full size 13″ aluminum wheels with full-length rubber torsion.
  • All of materials from this trailer are stainless steel and completed by LED taillights, ABS lid and fenders for UV capped and the manufacturer ensures that the coating will make it durable and ensure it far away from any dust and stain that can make damage on skin or coating of cargo trailer.
  • Heavy gauged aluminum frame is to ensure that it’ll be durable and tough to bring any stuff and also keeps your stuff safe and secure.
  • 3-year warranty from manufacturer to guarantee long term usage of cargo trailer.


The pros when you have enclosed trailer are various ranging from safety till available space. Let’s start with the space for storage. If it’s compared to open, this enclosed trailer has been more spacious and yes you can store many things inside them. No doubt when many people still prefer to buy enclosed ones that opened. Spacious storage can be used for spare tires, tools or carrier if you are the one that needs more storage to carry much stuff.

The enclosed trailer have extra garage for tools, spares space for storage, paddock hangout when the weather is too hot or too cold. Another advantage from enclosed trailers is the lock and secures storage. You won’t meet the powerful security in opened one. Meanwhile, when you choose enclosed ones, you can secure things inside the box and then lock to keep it safe from thief. When you have so many things to protect and bring to mobile, you just need this enclosed trailer to protect them. In certain technology or manufacturer, they come with high technology key system, so it has powerful safety lock as the car itself. That is why this trailer is so recommended for those who need more protection along with their car.


Pros and cons are common in one product. Everything has advantage and disadvantage. It does to enclosed trailer that also has enclosed cargo trailer. As we have mentioned the pros, now let’s tell about the cons. Most of you might think that the only con of this trailer is its initial cost and quiet using more space for parking lots, but there are still several cons in that you might not know. There is problem in parking since you need to pull out slowly before getting parked well. An enclosed trailer as it has good protection, so there is a little flexibility in attaching things on this trailer because the spacious space is limited to the things that have been measured right with the storage. Moreover, it’s harder than opened trailers to load things with restrictions. You need to measure well the height and width of things you’ll need to push into the storage of the trailer. Once you get wrong in measuring, it might not be able to enter stuff you’ll protect. It’s important to see the size and the exact capacity before buying best-enclosed cargo trailers whether it’s small or big but knowing the size is essential to get best ones.


To make it short, it’s all back to what you need and wants when you are going to choose small cargo trailer for your car. Ensure that you have known every consideration made by us and read by you to avoid future mistake or regret. Don’t spend your money on things you don’t know. Choose the trailer that can fulfill your needs and budgets. Think of how much space you need to keep you’re buying on track and save more money and time when you have thought about why you need and why you buy.


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