Room Partitions – Best Folding Room Divider Screens

Room partitions are great alternative for those who want to divide the interior space beautifully. The fact is, there are lots of ideas of the partition style that homeowners can choose. Using the right partition style, you will be able to beautify the interior of your home perfectly. With so many ideas to consider, this shouldn’t come as a surprise that dividing the interior space of your home doesn’t have to be frustrating. To help you divide the room in a beautiful way, the folding screen is something that you really need.

Before you start shopping for the folding screen, it’s a good idea to learn what this product is. So what is a room divider actually? When we think about a folding screen, we often associate it with a solution to divide a room. Well, this is quite true, a room separator can be put for various purposes, enhancing the décor of the room as well as adding a unique touch to the room. This room divider is very decorative and comes with various styles which will suit whatever your décor. Some room dividers can also be functional with slots for photos, shelving, and also activity centers for your children’s room. By adding one to your room, one thing for sure is you will be able to create a unique focal point. As we have mentioned earlier, a divider screen has other purposes, it is not only used to divide the interior space.

Top Rated Room Dividers

Monarch Specialties Circle Design

monarchMonarch specialties circle design can add a beautiful touch to your living room, using an elegant design, it will add value to your room. You can place it anywhere, from a living room to a bedroom, the choice is yours. Whether you want to use it as a divider or simple accent piece, there is no doubt that the divider will draw lots of attention from guests visiting your home. The folding screen is very chic and sturdy, making it one of the best choices among other folding screens you can find in the market.

Some features include the use of the elegant cappuccino frame which will enhance the interior décor or your room. It is made of solid wood, and rice paper screen. Unlike other folding screens which are not very stable, this one is quite stable and balanced. Other customers who have purchased this product said that the product was very stable and could draw attention from the guests seeing the folding screen for the first time. Thus, if you need a folding screen which is not only sturdy and stable, but also offers a beautiful design, helping you to add beauty to the room, consider this one on the list.

Pros: Very sturdy, The Design is very beautiful, and it can serve as a wall divider or simple accent piece.

Oriental Furniture Rattan Style

orientalThis oriental furniture rattan style is an excellent choice for those wanting a cool room partition which comes with a very stylish design. Speaking about the design, it comes with an appealing two tone design. It is also lightweight, and unlike cheap folding screens you can find out there, this one looks equally beautiful from the back and front side. This folding screen is available in three sizes where buyers can choose from 3 panels, 4 panels and 6 panels wide. The use of the cross weave fiber cord creates a folding screen that is light, long lasting, extremely tough, practical and portable.

What makes this oriental furniture rattan style folding screen special? Well, having a folding screen that is light will benefit you for a number of reasons. In addition, this folding screen is not only light but also beautiful. Let’s admit it, many love a beautiful folding screen, they can be used to divide the interior space and enhance the décor as well. Since they are available in 3 sizes, you are given with some options. From a smallest one, 3 panels to the largest one, 6 panels wide. The 6 panel is a great choice for those who want to use it as the privacy screen and room décor.

Pros: Beautiful design, Available in 3 sizes, 3 panels, 4 panels and 6 panels wide.

Rajasthan – Antique Brown

rajasthanRajasthan is a unique folding screen, this is one of the best folding screens which comes with an excellent quality. If you need a separator to separate some areas such as a living room from a work area, then this one will suit your needs. Note that this folding screen is quite heavy, but what you get is a room screen divider that is sturdy and will last longer than other models. Apart from its weight, the room divider does its job as we expect. As for the design, you will also notice that there are no rough edges.

Overall, if you love choosing a folding screen which is sturdy, well made and comes with a nice design, I would like to recommend this one for you. Another great point is that the product is all carved wood. For the color, it is antique brown, which makes it very unique compared to other models you have seen so far. Overall, this is definitely a heavy piece which comes with four folding panels. It also features a slatted pattern, making it more beautiful when placed in many areas including a living room or a work area.

There are no rough edges
Very sturdy, making it last longer than other similar models
Antique brown, a unique color which fits with any area

Heavy, thus you must be prepared with possible cracked legs

Best Folding Room Dividers

Now, if you are looking for some best folding screens, we have some good choices for you. The list we have mentioned here are reviewed based on some criteria from the design, durability, and other features which make them serve more than just a folding screen. Let’s have a look at some best models below.

Roundhill 4-Panel Painted Canvas

roundhillThe first model we have included on the list is Roundhill 4-Panel Painted Canvas, this is one of the best models offered in the market. The first thing we notice from this model is its design, many realize that the design of this separator is quite beautiful. Homeowners can use it for various purposes such as separating the living room from the front door entry way. In terms of quality, these room dividers are also very sturdy and stable. The divider screen is made of good quality frame and canvas. When it comes to moving it around, you won’t find any difficulties.

This room divider is printed with water and also fade resistant, meaning that its beauty will last longer more than you can imagine. It is very suitable for home décor, you can use it to divide a room space, redirect foot traffic, and at the same time hide unsightly areas. In other words, Roundhill is also very perfect when used as a background. The colors are quite vibrant, which make it a better choice for those wanting a room separator that is beautiful and also sturdy. In addition, it also comes with double side printing.

Pros: The colors are vibrant, fade resistant and sturdy enough.

Oriental Furniture Japanese Style

oriental japanese styleAnother great choice for those wanting a room separator that is unique and comes with some nice features, oriental furniture Japanese style. Known as one of the most popular room dividers in the market, it features a classic design which is versatile enough to complement any style in your home. If you have been searching for a stylish room divider, consider this one on the list. And when we discuss about the durability, these room dividers are very durable. Moving this one is not difficult, it is also lightweight, thus you can carry it without putting too much effort. Easy to fold up and move.

It doesn’t matter what the purpose is, it will meet your decorating needs. As long as you fold each section properly, it will stand on its own. For those living in a small apartment, this folding screen will definitely work well. For those wanting to have a little added privacy, having this folding screen is a must. It is very versatile as it can be used in many places. While it does a great job in adding privacy to your home or apartment, the price is also quite reasonable. Thus, if you are looking for a room divider which is ideal in many situations, don’t forget to consider this model.

Very versatile, it can be used anywhere
Easy to unwrap
It comes with a subtle translucence

Legacy Decor Japanese Oriental Style

legacy decorLegacy décor Japanese oriental style is a nice addition for any rooms which require a room divider. The design is great, although some people may think that the design which is not on the both sides can be an issue, it is still a great choice for those wanting a cool room divider. With the availability of 8 panels, this room divider provides a myriad of sizes and shapes. It comes with the black finish on wood, making it a perfect addition for those wanting to add a touch of class to any room.

Many consider this one as the best choice due to several reasons. For example, it features 8 wood frame panels, and it also comes with durable rice paper screens. That being said, it goes without saying that the model has everything that you need when it comes to finding a room divider that is elegant and comes with a very stylish design. Separating your home spa shouldn’t be a problem when you use this room divider. And if you love one that is sturdy, we would like to recommend this one.

It comes with 8 wood frame panels which will add a touch of class
Very elegant and sturdy

Room Partitions under $100

Cherry Blossom

cherry blossomCherry Blossom is another great design for those wanting more than just a regular room divider. It comes with an elegant design, featuring a design that is like the work of art. If you have been looking for a separator that is not only functional but also stylish, consider this one on the list. Using this model, it can bring a more dramatic style and privacy to your home. No matter where you place this one, it will fit perfectly with the entire décor of your room. The availability of fabric panels which feature beautiful printed patterns, it will add beauty to your home and functionality at the same time.

What makes it really special is that the product also offers other advantages. For example, for an area that needs more privacy, Cherry Blossom does a great job. It gives a very nice look, and in addition making the room become more functional. Overall, if you need one that is simple enough but still provides a little privacy in two different parts of the room, consider this one.


very elegant design, featuring a design that is like the work of art
Does a great job in providing privacy to any room, ranging from the dining room to the living room

Legacy Decor Bamboo Print Oriental

legacy bamboo styleLegacy décor bamboo print oriental features a very unique design among some room dividers you can find in the market. Using this privacy screen, it will be a great choice to your home décor. Whether you are looking for a simple divider or you need one that can provide style to the room, this beautiful black wood divider will definitely become a perfect choice for you. Using this one, it is very easy to gain additional privacy. You can divide up the room or you can also use a decorative accent piece, creating the nice atmosphere and mood to the room. When it is used in the bedroom, it will create a private dressing area. Using the shoji paper insert, this wood trim is quite solid.

There are a number of advantages provided by this room separator. For example, you can purchase this one as a gift for your loved one. In addition, no assembly required, meaning that you can use it immediately. That being said, there is nothing better than having a separator that is easy to use. The moment you need it, you can use it directly.

No assembly required
It comes with a great design, and it can be used in any room including the bedroom to create a private dressing area

Room Divider Screen Buying Guide & FAQs

General Features

Knowing the general features is of the essence before you decide to purchase a room divider. With so many models that you can pick out there, it goes without saying that choosing the best one is so difficult. If you have no idea which model to choose, then start collecting information about essential features that a room partition should have. Check our list below:

Sound Absorbing Panels – The first feature we want to look for is to learn more about sound absorbing panels. A good separator should have the ability to reduce noise. For example, a good folding screen is usually constructed using the ¾ inch thick panels which are made of a closed cell honeycomb core.

Self Leveling Casters – The second feature we must look for is to understand more about the self leveling casters. Having this feature added means that the room divider will have superior stability. Thanks to its special design, it can ensure that each wheel will make full contact with the floor.

Stable Support Base – Another important feature that we need to look for is to consider the stable support base for the room divider. A good one comes with the tubular steel end frames which are wide only at the bottom. With this design, it creates a low center of gravity, resulting in the divider which is more stable. For some models, you can also check the material used for the product. For example, the good one uses steel which is more expensive compared to aluminum.

These are some common features that you need to look for the next time you are looking for a good room partition.

Product Benefits

The next consideration is to learn more about benefits offered by this furniture. Of course, it is not enough to learn about the features. Understanding some benefits offered by the room divider will give you a better idea why having this furniture is very vital. So here are some benefits of the separators:

It Can Organize The Rooms: Of course, you have no idea how helpful it is when it comes to organizing the room. Having this furniture, it offers a great way to break up a room. It doesn’t matter what the area is, be it an office space or a living room. As you are placing the separator, you will be able to improve the effectiveness of each space and make the best of the space.

It Can Isolate The Space: By using a room divider, it will give you more privacy. The use of this separator can isolate the space and it can be an ideal choice for those having a multipurpose room.

The Separator Can Be Moved: The separator can be moved easily. Unlike the divider wall which is permanent, you can move it to another location easily. Most models are also very light to carry around. It means that you can move it as you please.

Cost Effective: Another great reason why you must purchase this accessory is that the product is very cost effective.

The Material Comparison – Which Material Is the Best?

Once you have known about the features and benefits offered, the next aspect is to learn more about materials used for this product. As we already know that this wall divider is available in various materials ranging from textile material, plastic, wicker, wood, and cardboard. With these materials used, it would be quite difficult to decide which material that works best for us.

Comparing Different Materials for the Room Divider

Bamboo: The first material goes to bamboo. This type of material is very suitable for defusing light and can also cover your privacy needs.

Plastic: The second choice is plastic, and this type of material comes in a wide array of sizes, shapes, and colors. The benefit of choosing this type of material is that you don’t find any difficulties when it comes to cleaning and maintaining the divider. When used outdoors, plastic is not prone to rust.

Fabric: Our third choice goes to fabric, and the fabric room divider comes in a wide array of colors and sizes. This type of material is usually built with a metal frame. In addition, they are also foldable.

Metal: For those wanting enjoyable space, then metal could be a great choice. The fact is, metal goes well with plants, and it can be stored without too much worry or fuss.

Canvas: This type of material is easily cleaned and long lasting. It can add warmth to the room, and it is very suitable for an area that lacks privacy.

The Buying Guide – How to Pick the Right Room Divider

When shopping for this separator, buyers should know about a number of factors that need to be considered. The following are some important factors that you must know before choosing one:

Size: First things first, it is very important that you know how to pick the right size. Buyers must take measurements for length and height. For example, if you choose a larger one, it won’t fit in the space and vice versa.

Style: Knowing how to pick the right style is also important. There are numerous styles that you and other homeowners can choose. If you have no idea where to start, you can start exploring some popular styles of the room divider. Some popular styles you can choose include shoji screens, wood panels, rattan, and faux leather.

Our Pick

As you have learned about some models you can find in the market, now you may wonder which model that is the best based on our opinion. Among some models we have seen so far, we have decided that the best model goes to oriental furniture Japanese style. Well, there are some good reasons why we include this model on the list. The first aspect that we love from this model is its design. It comes with a very unique design, helping those who prefer something unique when it comes to shopping for a room divider. The next aspect is how it can help others who wish to enhance the décor of their home while providing functionality at the same time. Many love the design, but there is more to look when choosing this model. It is also easy to maintain, meaning that you don’t have to waste a lot of time dealing with maintenance.

If you love the design, then this model is the right choice for you. Next, it is also quite durable, thus you don’t have to buy a new one in the future. At least, there is some amount of money that you can save if you decide to purchase this one.


Overall, separators do a great job in breaking the room, and they can also be used to add beauty to any room where it is used. If you have a small house or a small apartment and you want to provide more functionality, then a room divider is without a doubt the best solution you can consider. Feel free to explore our products we have reviewed here, you can find the best room divider that you like the most, ranging from a simple design to a more beautiful design, the choice is yours.

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