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Having great sound in your home theatre will be a great thing in your life as you need no more complicated setting or equalizer setting to get the great sound. The real ones actually come from low end version of bass but when you get the feel of rumble, it is actually the bass you hear it. When you are asked what kind of subwoofer you have to have in your home is pretty complicated although you will answer that the biggest comes as the best. It is not as simple as that because the real answer is supposed to be little more complicated and complex. First thing to see is that will you prefer to buy wired one or wireless one? It’s a matter of taste and flexibility users will choose. No matter it’s wired or wireless ones, some people just go to power only and budgets. Although some wired actually come with high price like wireless subwoofer but it all comes back to needs and tastes. No wonder when there are many people are being picky to choose this hardware for your home theatre, there are always some people that don’t even care about upgrade but about comfort in ears and whole. Do you actually know that choosing subwoofer is not only about picking the best one as rated in website or forum? It is little more complex to choose as there are many considerations in picking best wireless subwoofer for your home, and we have some little tips on it.

We all know that picking the right subwoofer needs some consideration and here are some top points you have to think before buying subwoofer. The first thing is to see whether you need or can upgrade or not. Some audio engines come with complex specifications and accessories to get powerful sound. If you already have wired one, it actually can be upgraded so there is no need to buy new one. Make sure that your current woofer has RCA style cable. The second consideration is watts. Every subwoofer comes with different watts and it depends on the available power. Think of your whole available watts in your house because it’ll be useless when your watt is not enough for subwoofer. Bigger watts also come with bigger energy. The third consideration is size. To get powerful and proper bass, sometimes you will need drivers that fit length of bass waves. Make sure that you choose the right size since it’ll be more complicated when you can take the common size. One thing we should know that every wireless subwoofer actually comes with same size like 12 to 15 inches and it depends on size you have space too in your house. The last consideration is to make fit to location. Location is also crucial to get powerful and maximum sound because it’ll depend on wall backing when it’s played. The most important to see in this case is just about choosing right location that will fit to size of your wireless subwoofer.

Best Wireless Subwoofer Reviews

Polk DSWPRO 660wi Wireless Powered Subwoofer

Polk DSWPRO 660wi Wireless Powered Subwoofer

Awesome sound experience, catchy sound & soothing feeling can be obtained by selecting Polk DSWPRO 660wi 12-inch Powered Wireless Subwoofer. The advanced technology is included, making experience of listening music more interesting. Sensation of advanced features will be the best experience.

  • Advanced technology suppress distortion making sound comes clearer, reduce effects of interference on the sound, producing an echo with double bass, like hearing roaring deep valley.
  • Room Optimizer becomes attractive option for determining sound settings. 4 presets sound setting allows the set as your choice. Feel advanced bass technology, unique hearing through an exclusive PRO Program (TM) technology Polk made in optimal bass and blending especially for indoor special arrangements.
  • Installation of state-of-the-art Klippel distortion analyzer technology increases sound enrichment patterns so it sounds dynamic. Optimized woofer motor structure, voice coil alignment affects. Efficient and stable performance in delivering wireless subwoofer sound makes this the best.
  • Perfect experience for listening heavy metal song with dreamt subwoofer.
  • Input level of the speakers can be developed according to the criteria of sound options. LFE line level input into a mainstay technology based on the 5-step post simultaneously with different sound levels.
  • Remote is available as compulsory option. Ease in changing channel via remote, raise or turn down volume. Getting quality as expected.
  • Easy for placing anywhere, very flexible, get inside cabinet, furniture audio, mount on wall, shelf under the bed, or leaving it beside TV.
  • Save electricity, just 400 watts only, get maximum sensation of exciting sound as attending heavy metal concert. Moreover, when you listen to heavy metal, the experience is truly remarkable. It’s hard looking for the nearest competitor.
  • Dimensions reached 16.5 x 16.5 x 17.1 inches; estimated product weight including box reached 129.9 pounds.
  • Shipped from the USA, three years warranty for speaker, one year electronic. Developers promise last long because they use high quality material. Feel thrilled booming sound immediately using Polk DSWPRO 660wi.

SONOS SUB Wireless Subwoofer

SONOS SUB Wireless Subwoofer

Experience of listening music seems trivial, but if traced need sophisticated device such as SONOS SUB Wireless Subwoofer to get the maximum experience. Frequently interrupted distortion, broken sound, discordant sound is the main complaint of the speaker. Common product on market was easily damaged, broken voice. However Sonos prove their differences:

  • Flexible, place wherever you like. Put in nearby rooms, beside television table, get inside cabinet, mount or hang on wall or build special cage. So in audio trimmer furniture, completing living room sketch seems interesting, more alive, making any eye stares at. Place under the sofa not impossible, to have a difference significant quality as well.
  • AMP with advanced techno encourages quality sound a few times further than conventional quality. Guaranteed to be the first experience for anyone to listen to sound.
  • Setting up equalizer easy to do, several automatic modes Also available, select indoor audio mode, outdoor, fashion based on music genres such as: Jazzy, rocks, ballads, R & B, pop, blues, classic. Still enjoy music under any circumstances without interruption.
  • Two speakers constitute maximum sound. Placing listener in best position. Sound filled room, not damaged even not hit and bounce.
  • Bass activity allows user to feel bass nuance like a real concert. For hardcore music fans, advanced bass technology capable of carrying them like listening to Madball directly.
  • Wireless feature, SONOS is designed without wires, enabling users to move device without complicated. Lift up or put down. Not require complex room settings, only took an artistic touch that blends perfectly with the room design, beautiful nuances felt in your heart.
  • Combining SUB & Playbar to get amazing sound. It took a bit of a test to obtain the expected sound. Users really spoiled by unique sound quality.
  • Manual System available at: CONNECT: AMP, PLAYBAR, PLAY: 1, PLAY: 3 and PLAY: 5.
  • Reaches Product dimension: 20.1 x 10.6 x 20.1 inches. Reaches Product weight: 16465.00 grams.
  • Made in South Korea, shipped within the USA, international shipping ineligible.

Sony SWFBR100/B Wireless Subwoofer

Sony SWFBR100/B Wireless SubwooferSONY promised to create theatre-like atmosphere in your home with their latest audio devices, Sony SWFBR100 / B Wireless Subwoofer. Comfort, maximum sound quality, plus ease of setting becomes primary pros from SONY. Although considered to have advantages, but SONY remains designing audio nuances like making real experience in listening to real audio.

  • Without drama, enjoy the sensation of pleasure in official package, making voice / sound comfortable, reduce interference, distortion not felt, more calm on your Strong bass even in the action film feels so real, bomb explosion,machine gun fire, sword fight, fighting, seemed to feel real battle at home.
  • Advanced bass SONY technology is the focus in designing the speaker. The great woofer combines artistry & beauty sound. It is suitable juxtaposed with BRAVIA TV.
  • Simple linking cable process for setting sound, associate in three steps to make sure audio set Even in formal offer, SONY has a focus on audio quality. To get similar experience, combination wave made to make maximum audible sound without distortion.
  • Very flexible, SONY wireless subwoofer placement process not require special action. Put under the bed, on TV table, beside TV, mounted on wall, hang on standing stance. Cabinet or audio furniture could be right choice also.
  • Ultra Bass bass experience an adjustment feature, allowing to adjust bass. Solid bass response created through proper setting.
  • SONY equalizer, setting desired sound experience as main feature. Some automatic mode dare provided, based on music genre or sound effects. All of the concepts can be tried, or select a manual setting if you like to experiment. Responsive with room conditions, able to answer need for any kind of space.
  • The need for AMP to 100 watts, effectively and efficiently. Saving more costs on electricity, eco friendly, saving the environment from pollution &
  • Cutting edge digital compilation available.
  • Reaches Product dimension: 18.4 x 15.6 x 13.5 inches, product weight reaches 40 pounds Including box.
  • Made in Japan, but assembled in the USA. 3 years warranty both electronics, labor & speaker.

Klipsch R-112SW 12″ Powered Subwoofer

Klipsch R-112SW 12" Powered Subwoofer

Why Klipsch R-112SW 12 “Powered Subwoofer belong in the greatest list? The remarkable ability to ensure the sound generated as boomed thunder. Listening to audio experience feels so different, making person feel extraordinary effects, even in outdoor though, Klipsch R series is still able to give effect for maximum sound.

  • Special effect for audio sensible becomes trademark of Klipsch. The generated sound is dynamic, smooth sound without excessive distortion make ears feel so comfortable. In various experiments, encouraging process to run smoothly. Indeed, Klipsch engineer test speakers on outdoor mode also. Thus finally they know how sound felt if played over open space area.
  • Klipsch subwoofer kit, providing special equipment for processing data to be translated into unique grip called deep wave. About changes in voice, the thud or echo may seem. But not disturb hearing. Interference cancellation technology is applied as a mandatory part. Consumer satisfaction is guaranteed through these technologies.
  • Spun Cerametallic copper drivers are very light, keep speaker working optimally and last long. Make bass production work regularly, resulting superb bass quality. Bang seemed to pulse. You feel the silence, but blood is volatile because bass effect. Get maximum audio for an action movie, explosion or bullet sounds real. If you want to maximize Klipsch ability, swivel Heavy Metal song.
  • Minimizing cone breakup and erasing sounded distortion perfectly, even in specialized approach sounded perfect. Although using amplifiers to suppress distortion quite successfully, but setting process should be done manually.
  • Sound is low or high frequency is not a problem, sound management deemed worthy to be maintained through use. Impact of noise on room feels when sonar effect is on.
  • Easy to install, very flexible. Put audio table / furniture above, get in cabinet, hung on wall, mounted on stance. Allowing you to obtain additional options.
  • 2 years warranty including parts, speakers, & electronics.

MartinLogan Dynamo 700W 10″ Subwoofer with Wireless

MartinLogan Dynamo 700W 10" Subwoofer with Wireless

Taking the best subwoofer is really daunting task but when there have been so many recommendations over there, we probably take this as best picked for our reviews. Medium power subwoofer is now a thing that every home owners drool.

  • Besides sound power produced is incredible and wonderful, installation and setup is pretty easy. No need professional to do but dummies even can do that simple installation.
  • In buying wireless subwoofer, we are not only considering durability, sound quality and on range but also features that must be matched to our needs and what we have for installations, so here are features of Martin Logan as best picked sub for your home theatre.
  • 10-inch cone woofer that is poly, that’ll be superb feature to get shaking floor sound waves.
  • 300 watt amplifier and it can become more than it like 600 watt, you can imagine how awesome sound from that power.
  • Front-firing or down firing you can select for your flexibility.
  • SWT-2 connection that is wireless so it requires no cable or any wired stuff for setting up.
  • Every cabinet is sealed to make sure that this superb stuff comes with originality. Don’t every accept any cabinet that is not sealed well.
  • It’s not time to have such a sound woofer that requires cable. Flexibility and great mobile are number one considerations now. In modern era, we are not able to be stuck in one place. It does happen on this sound for your home.
  • No need to install any wired stuff to get great sound. Just set simple installation and follow instructions for setting up. If you have different source of sound, you may need RCA to make it sure to connect to this sub woofer. No need to worry since it can connect to most device.

Velodyne Wi-Q 12 Inch Wireless Subwoofer

Velodyne Wi-Q 12 Inch Wireless Subwoofer

If you are asking on how time flies, see rapid moves of technology and now it’s time to get most picked and recommended wire subwoofer you’ll like.

  • Finding front firing and down firing cabinet require much dollars but this Velodyne is quite different as it only comes with you can get front and down firing that gives superior bass for your home theater sound system.
  • There is no time level since wireless stuff comes including wireless subwoofer. So what are features of Velodyne that makes it as best picked woofer for your audio?
  • Front and down firing selections for giving more flexibilities on audio reproductions.
  • It can give high or superb level of volume but you wont get too much distortion as it comes with digital amplifier with 450 peak power.
  • It allows easy connection of wireless as it has wireless design called Via Velodyne Wi-Connect system. Any preference is able to suit this connection.
  • To get optimal and maximum reproduction of audio, it gives One Touch auto EQ room bass correction.
  • Simple controls are provided by 4 one touch listening presets.
  • At the end, in choosing best wireless subwoofer actually does not need to see rates but features given and trusted customer reviews that enlighten another buyers that are going to buy. Since its not little amount of dollars, almost all buyers think too much on seeing specifications and installation issue.
  • There have been many problems about installation issue like hard connection to wireless system of subwoofer and source device.
  • Velodyne comes to improve those issues as system of its wireless is claimed as best on its class. Although It sound expensive but we make sure that you’ll get what you pay as it’s worth it for any dollar with that high feature.

Monoprice Wireless 8-Inch 110-Watt Powered Subwoofer

Thinking to have floor shaking sound waves in your house needs some dollars to fulfill. Yes it’s common since every single upgrade or update will require bucks to get it.

  • To enjoy thundering bass and good special effect in your home, no matter you’ll have small or wide space, with this Monoprice, you need no wires or any kind of cable that is going to be another complication to do to enjoy great sounds.
  • Coming with wireless system for this subwoofer, this comes with other 3 great features packed in simple box of subwoofer.
  • Coming with 8 inch wireless and require only 110 watt powered for getting right sound and thundering bass. It also gives wonderful floor shaking sound in your house.
  • The 2 comes for 16 bit wireless system that will give you ease in making upgrade for another version.
  • Coming with superb wireless system that gives joy and excitement without worrying cables or wires behind board.
  • Asking another problem can be complicated too but there are common questions that you might have the same. If you have more devices that need to connect to this sub-woofer, the only thing to see is about right inputs you need to have.
  • Since it’ll need receiver for better route in sounding, you have another work to make sure that this subwoofer is able to be connected. It actually can connect to most every device or sound source. Any device is supported but as this hardware is not for everything so there needs some fixation like thinking to have RCA output or another receiver issue.
  • Right additional device will help to adapt. Although it does not connect to all sources, most possible thing to connect is about to have RCA output from source.

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