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Are you PC or film addict that care on displaying, you might be interested on talking about ultrawide monitor as it has such a bug effect on gaming world and displaying world. Some people may be interested on quality of displaying but some just like more about quality and bigness of size of displaying. For gamer that needs great display with big screen, this big monitor can be such a great product. It has been known that ultrawide is not only for those who love big displaying but also for those who love detail in view for every inch of picture or document.

There will be such a massive debate on why we should prefer this super wide monitor than dual monitor. It is big chance of manufacturer to make more and let debate about ultrawide and dual one flow in areas as well as it will increase number of selling too. Both dual and super wide has been spreading a lot around world. Now it is time for those who always give tough competition on monitor show off and make people proud and interested on product. It is like LG, Acer, Samsung and Dell have started it all earlier and we can count on how various types of this monitor that we can screen it out and choose best for our home or PC. No matter how price is, we just want to see quality and durability.

What is ultrawide monitor

There has been so much difference and misperception on defining ultrawide monitor as it has so many difference opinion too about this. Sometime we define a product through name and its relation to features but now it has been complex meaning as having big display is not only about wideness of its display but ration of their display helps them to differ which one is ultrawide and which one is not. Sometimes we should not put seriously this thing on debate as it is only talks about review and things that can help you to choose right product of what you need and want. So teams make it firm as we will give a little explanation about this.

Ultrawide monitor is any display that has aspect ratio about 21:9. It has similar aspect with traditional screen on Movie Theater. Resolution that this monitor has is about 1080, 3440, 2560, 1444 pixels in high definition. Average size is about 29 inch to 34 inch.  Price range comes from size and features as all brands will have different features both on quality, durability and another additional feature that every brand will have difference from one to another. It’s such a good news that every brand could compete in fair way and consumers just pick their best choice and will have no debate on deciding which one is best and which one is inferior. No matter how size is chosen, most important thing should be on needs.

Top rated ultrawide monitors

Acer XR341CK Curved

Acer XR341CK bmijpphz Curved

To realize great ambition for conquering competitors, Acer worked really hard for Acer XR 34″ Curved IPS Display. To overcome the development, let’s take a look over following information below:

  • Acer tried to give modern touch with ultrawide monitor QHD (3440 x 1440) resolution. With high resolution screen, screen is able to generate sharpest picture quality so picture seen will be great with a broader view.
  • Acer’s monitor ultrawide 21:9 aspect ratio used on Acer gives more immersive experience, wider field of view felt clearly. It makes watching movie or playing video game becomes far away better than flat display from same resolution. You will suddenly take choices without thinking twice.
  • Acer XR Series monitor quotes distinctive background lighting effects where we adjust through different level settings.
  • Look at screen rear, where built-in 7W DTS Sound speakers installed. See how DTS Sound brings first class sound result especially to support quality times with gaming or watching movies.
  • When buying Acer XR, they will surprised by many benefit that included in after purchasing. Best chance to get product with no more delay and regret.



If you never see great experience with AOC Q2963PM, they will feel confused. But, remembering AOC ability to give satisfaction, there will be no times to pull down the decision.

  • Starts from 29″ cinematic display screen that completed with IPS technology. With that screen, person view on 21:9 Aspect Ratios will be more completed. Just adjust brightness level up to 300 cd/m2. AOC will not harm eyes; it is very great for those who have problems with eye.
  • AOC offers high resolution 2560 x 1080 Full HD, so person can enjoy any movie format. Completed with MEGA Dynamic 50M: 1 Contrast Ratio, screen resolution will generates total full screen.
  • For other hardware installed, AOC uses NVIDIA VGA because it’s guaranteed quality and 3 built-in stereo speakers with 300 watt power makes the sound ambience sounds like thunder.
  • AOC also supports multi-tasking function; using it for working with CPU and watching movies at once.
  • LED backlit gives futuristic shape that never be found somewhere else. AOC uses saved energy consumption technology to reduce the electric use until 30 percent.

Right now, there will be no reason to reject your choice because AOC gives full quality to make consumers satisfied with their choices.



ASUS doesn’t wanna get down by competitors, so MX series is prepared to be the real contender. Check its specification below:

  • 21:9 ultrawide monitor aspect ratio will give distinctive moment and AH-IPS display is installed to make full panoramic view. Differentiate which one is real after comparing 2 pointless picture generated from ASUS MX series and eyes.
  • 2560 x 1080 resolutions offers high definition line up to support multi tasking process. Enjoying movie or playing Playstation 4 with highest quality mode.
  • LED display is designed through frameless style so the scene will be more dramatic. Pictures generated seem more enjoyable and less destructive dot that makes disturbing.
  • AH-IPS display technology is applied through different section but 178° wide-view angle be main technology that is used for high-quality visual clarity. Consumer will get minimal color distortion results.
  • ASUS develops special software called as SonicMaster Technology which has been used broadly on their product especially on laptop and desktop. Now it is used for MX series to enhance picture quality. Bang & Olufsen ICEpower® help them developing audio playback system.

When checking this on market, purchasing package found there may be different.  But don’t be sad because consumer get same quality.

Dell UltraSharp U3415W

Dell UltraSharp U3415W

Dell once again reigned from the Grave after releasing Dell Ultra Sharp series with latest advance technology. More interesting topics contained in this review will be a proof.

  • Have you heard about first 34 inch 21:9 curved monitors in the universe? Well, Dell Ultra Sharp series have it with panoramic view that generates Wide Quality High Definition for cinematic or panoramic view resolution. Dell also have superb sound system technology because DUB ninety one work helped them.
  • Enjoying immersive cinematic action within panoramic experience is something consumer must see.
  • Dell becomes more serious to develop 34 inch Curved Monitor after dealing with latest proficiency movies that engages consumers with new wrap-around system. It lies on 21:9 ultra-wide curved IPS-H LED. Consumers will be more comfort with any distortion color because the view is amazing.
  • The development of Dell Ultra Sharp looks without rival in usability level. It has so many features that will make other product seems like mediocre. Consumers can try special experience of enjoying video games or watching action movies.
  • On purchasing package, your satisfaction will be guaranteed with full service and part replacement warranty up to 3 years. It is valid globally so you don’t need to worry.
  • Consumers may take distinctive IPS-H screen display, it is optional.

LG Electronics WQHD 34UC97-S

LG Electronics WQHD 34UC97-S

When discussing about European brand, we will suddenly catch LG electronics as the number 1st class. Having special specs on their WQHD 34UC97-S series lead them to rule the market. Dare to buy it?

  • Screen aspect ratio reach 21:9 Monitor ultrawide, designed as Curved WQHD screen, this product will shake entire world with special result. Moreover, LG wide screen series has much development than other since several years. Thus what consumer expects could be answered.
  • IPS Panel technology is applied to ensure you getting more accurate colors when enjoying movies and playing games.
  • Thunderbolt technology also compacted to enhance picture resolution, and consumer can use it for Macintosh to get wider processing image.
  • The density of color give natural sight colors, it can be adjusted in just few steps. Consumer got experience that will be memorable.
  • LG also developed sound system, built in stereo dynamic sound can generates thunder sound. No consumer denies the sound quality.
  • LG gives 3 years full service and replacement warranty which can be used globally. Who’s gonna take down the chance, if it already yours?

After discussion, still owning choices to get. But LG electronic is truly remarkable due to its adorable and admirable quality.

Samsung Curved Screen S34E790C

Samsung Curved Screen S34E790C

Samsung, the giant from Korean wars has pointed everyone nose with great widescreen series known as S34E790C. Samsung put toes on deep water to challenge every brand in the world. If having interest, check the information provided by Samsung corps below:

  • Arch screen wrapped with beautiful shade makes them special. Designed with 21:9 curved panel screen mode, Samsung widescreen series feel greater. When consumers talk about less regret, consumer should pick Samsung on their mind. It is not argued since the development technology reached massive level that no brand can run over. That is the main reason why Samsung remain the 1st leaving them behind.
  • Samsung provides wide quad super high Definitive screen ratio up to 3440×1440. Watching any movie format including HD movie without clarity and distortion. It is very smooth because Samsung install NVIDIA VGA to supports graphic performance.
  • Ergonomic means saving money and power supply, consumers may adjust retaining contrast and bright level to make them. It is called as tilt functionality.
  • 4-port mini and micro USB hub is installed if want to access additional hardware and peripherals. Connect it with personal computer or gadget.
  • Multi tasking using picture-to-picture mode will be useful if doing so many job at once.

Philips 298X4QJAB

Philips 298X4QJAB

Philips has put their toes on LG territory, challenging him to get the thrones. War to get crown over many brands is getting tighter and bigger. Since Philips jump into the competition, no consumer can predict who’s gonna win the match.

  • When talking about very high definition screen, Philips offers 21:9 aspect ratio within 2560 x 1080 resolution. Consumers will have opportunity to enjoy thriller or action movies without distraction, even playing battlefield and far cry 4 with no lack after applying highest graphic resolution mode. The ultrawide cinematic experience will be shared along with panoramic dynamic viewing experience. Those will be displayed in Full Wide Quad High Definition.
  • When discussing over its design, will see Ultra Narrow Bezel shape. That characterizes the design with minimalistic look also compact for maximum size LCD screen.
  • IPS panel is special technology applied in 298X4Q series involving 178°/178° wide viewing angle. Clarity effect used with vivid and crisp pictures.
  • Get any digital connectivity with special port and hub, finishing task or any assignment in single device, no complain just taking benefit.
  • Assessment through quality provides massive score in which Philips widescreen series could get 10/10. Philips broke records that established for more than 10 years, it’s done because built-in 2W x 2 stereo speakers. This device could be connected with PC or iPhone.

HP Envy 34c

HP Envy 34c

Hewlett Packard or mostly known as HP step ahead as a serious contender for any brand that compete in Ultrawide monitor market. HP is ready to get challenge after releasing HP Envy 34c. the design is truly amazing, consumers can see it below:

  • Imagine if fully immersive screen is planted on curved display. The answer rediscover customer’s mind about enjoying favorite movies, finishing selected games, displaying hundreds of photos on a 34-inch diagonal curved And guess what? It is delivered through Wide Quad High Definition.
  • Very deep bass shaking ear and trebling with highest notes will be customers favorite benefit. Advanced sound technology installed on Envy series is a proof that HP deserve to get crown. Funneled with 6.0 watt speakers, the sound enhanced into top level.
  • Sharing video, pictures or any memorable moment will be so much easier using built-in HDMI port super technology. By connecting USB port inside, it’s ready.
  • What is the best? Enjoying panoramic view along with cinematic action movie because IPS-H display has built inside with 21:9 aspect ratio. This ultra high definition wide screen is totally amazing.
  • On purchasing package, customers get 3 years warranty. Including full service and part replacement.

Don’t be so envy, just determine your choice.

BenQ XR3501

BenQ XR3501

Last brand on catalog belongs to BenQ XR3501. The XR Series sometimes could satisfy customers. If we see through BenQ specs, reviewer argues that BenQ will get anything because the quality has answered customer’s desire.

  • Guess what? 2000R BenQ super Ultra Curve screen is the main features provided. Total number reaches 144Hz Refresh Rate, it means that Ben is able to display any formatted video including HDTV or HD Movie. Even customer can watch blue ray disc with full mode. If playing God of War or Skyrim in highest resolution graphic, there will be no lack or distortion.
  • That quality can be gathered from a screen with 21:9 aspect ratio, designed as best ultrawide monitor view and High Resolution mode, any games will meet their master. Panoramic view offered along with cinematic action. So what is expected?
  • Added with Color Vibrancy technology that customer can adjust setting, lowering and increasing sound through black equalizer
  • The games mode provided is 3 modes, customer can select one of them anytime. During playing games, stop it for a moment to capture amazing spot.
  • 3 Years warranty will erase your worry because it involve full replacement and service. Easy to be claimed and customer feels happy.

General Features

General features of monitor ultrawide have been common and all brands have same features. primary feature is of course 21:9 aspect ratio that has been general feature on this monitor. Then, it is identically with gamers or film addict that needs good and bigger ratio than common monitor. All kinds of brand that produce big monitor will equip them with curved feature that we may enjoy detail of picture or display. simple way on making it perfect is to make sure that your RAM and graphic card are balance so display will be beyond expectation that everyone will love with display. curved one cannot work properly when having low ram and no matter how big size of graphic card.

Common ultrawide monitor has same feature on 99% RGB and QHD display. It may be common requirement to stay on this competition as those features are common too in this monitor. It should be weird when a big monitor does not have 99% RGB so it will be useless to have such a big screen in home but color is poor and even it’s not clear as watching common TV. So it will be better to see general features that all brand or common brands have on their big screen monitor. Another general feature on this monitor is that all brands ultrawide monitor should be energy star qualified as it will impact also to amount of selling and consumer’s trust.

Who is this for?

If we are talking about for whom ultrawide monitor is made then we should think very common thing they should pick is for those who need super wide display. It’s funny though but we don’t think that every game drool this monitor and film addict care about this as budget will be a problem for this kinds of monitor but it has been claimed that LG and other brands of this hardware make this kinds of hardware for gamers and film addict that will need no bigger resolution than 3440 and 1440 and if they want bigger resolution, they just need to add more monitor.

Gamers sometime are not satisfied with their single monitor that will scratch badly on display that is why LG, Asus and Dell comes with tough competition to target their market on gamers that need super wide display that multiple monitor cannot give best. Although some gamers who are freak of display will also combine more display too when they already have ultrawide one. It is about satisfaction that will not end so fast so gamers will anticipate this kinds of thing with buying more monitor to get best and widest display they ever have. You, as gamers just need to measure and consider materials and quality of display that will impact your satisfaction on display. So it is important to search more on qualification between needs and availability of monitor.

Benefits of having ultrawide monitor

Talking about benefit of ultrawide monitor, then we have to talk about productivity of using it. This hardware can be different when it is used by different people with different job too. If we are talking about productivity then we should say that this tool is very powerful for those who need deep and sharp graphic. It will be awesome when we should compare two objects or document then do greater, using common monitor. Benefit depends on who use monitor and it does not matter on how you will use it as entertainment in house.

Exact benefit of using ultrawide monitor is to get best resolution that not all monitors have. It has been claimed as latest size of monitor or screen that might be long to be widest and finest quality of graphic since all of them are usually made with high technology that comes with energy star qualification, IPS technology, 99% RGB and low power that can save energy. Moreover this type of hardware can be such a great alternative way after dual monitor. Another benefit can be seen from connector and flexibility to any device ranging from DVI, HDMI and others. To be true, this kind of monitor can be such a great idea for those who work on comparing documents with huge or big size. It will not disappoint on making graphic look well. It will definitely give new experience.

Ultrawide vs Dual monitor

It is naive when we compare ultrawide vs dual monitor from one angle but we have to see it from many and different angles that we may not think of it immediately as once we are asked about comparison.  Both monitor can be great too but it has different function but there is little and we can say it as weird opinion to compare with only one angle and then we don’t see other angles. Some say ultrawide is better and some don’t. It depends on what kind of work be done with those monitors and what job. If being multi tasking designer, just go with dual monitor. Comparison job be great with dual monitor.

Dual monitor can be great if need comparing job as it is sufficient if we see resolution. Most of dual monitor has less resolution but it still has minimum requirement for high definition document. If need detailed document, you will need ultrawide monitor. If we are talking about productivity and which monitor that can improve productivity, it depends on needs since everything must depend on time required and job we will do. more we know what we have to do, more we will know what we will use for working especially job that needs high definition display as this kind of monitor has captive, sensitive display. Most of wide monitors have such a great resolution.

How to use ultrawide monitor

If asking on how to use ultrawide monitor, it is same with other monitor since connector and port is same with latest hardware. first thing first that must do before using this monitor is to read manual book that can be so informative to install wire and all connector needed. same installation guide will make you easy to connect monitor with your CPU. Make sure that buying new one so we get manual book clearly and other connectors that are safe and still good. best thing when buying refurbished one is to check all wires and connectors that sometimes miss and out of order.

Other important things in using ultrawide monitor is to consider whether connected to PCU or wire is properly installed as not all users aware on this simple thing and just use it without checking availability and connection between monitor and CPU. When having found problem on displaying, make sure that minimum requirement of CPU known on using this kind of hardware since it will be useless when you don’t know that this kind of monitor requires high standard of specification like having enough graphic card and RAM. It is bothersome when you already know this specification but blaming monitor performance. Indeed it is included performance but CPU performance is important too.

How does it work?

What makes comfortable feel with ultrawide monitor be sure on mind about how this kind of monitor works.  We all know that not every monitor is newbie friendly but as good user, we have to know anything about our hardware we have since more we know about it we will know detail on maintaining hardware. This kind of monitor works based on performance of your memory card and graphic card. Sometimes a single card can be smooth based on tasks in computer and something cannot run well when it has single card. This hardware can be so friendly and smooth when having double card both on memory and graphic. more we have cards, we will get smoother performance.

Another thing we should know about this monitor that there is no requirement on multiple connector that other monitors should have. Sometime we just need to connect it with single wire or connector and then we get great performance quickly. Some monitors have multiple port like HDMI or DVI or USB port to make sure that users can have such a great experience on seamless gaming or watching film. It will be incredible when knowing fact about hardware. Although not all monitors have been compatible to you current PC, it is okay when having known that it depends on task since it is not able to live up in every case.

Consider perfect size, shape and materials

In choosing best ultrawide monitor, you will not only be blinded with brands or other things like features or others. most important thing on choosing best monitor is to know needs and job requirement.  For a graphic designer then will need big and wide screen like 34 inches of monitor that will make comfortable when working on design. size depends on your own willing whether need big or enough size since this kind of monitor has two common size like 29 inch and 34 inch that will make enjoying in selecting which one that will be compatible and comfortable to use monitor for working.

Shape can be curved or flat. best thing to choose which one is better to  work depends on your eyes comfort. In making it flexible, curved one can be good one since it will make more flexible than choosing common monitor. We all know that everything depends on our own needs and budgets. other thing that we should consider is material. Now all of monitors in market place are eco friendly or environmental friendly as it has been standard requirement of people in choosing gadget they need. friendlier, more selling they will have since we all know that almost all people are aware about environmental issue including technology that impacts on earth case too.

How to choose best ultrawide monitor

Buying guide is not only about pricing but it is also about quality and brands we should know one by one.  All people must have searched pros and cons for every brand and material used in producing or manufacturing monitor. best ultrawide monitor should complete or have those standard requirements on making product including eco friendly and good performance. In choosing hardware, need to figure out needs. If loving detail in color and resolution, 34 inch can be great one but if just need common or standard monitor, just choose 29 inch one as it will save more budgets.

Other considerations must be in features since every brand has different feature also. Not all brands have same features. Some brands reduce price but they also reduce number of features. most common features are IPS, 99% RGB, energy star qualified and 3440 x 1440 resolutions that can be great thing for those who need wide and big resolution. other common requirement is material that should be friendly for earth. We have been living for years so we should take care on earth by buying good product including technology product. last thing we should consider on buying monitor is to see budgets. Some hardware is more than $1000 depending on feature and other thing like materials. When you just have less than $1000, buy AOC or other cheaper brands.

Our Pick

To be true or honest, we are a bit confused on choosing best pick for best ultrawide monitors. Dell’s Ultrasharp U3415W can be so different with price is less than $ 1500, will get almost perfect monitor that will give brand new experience on ratio and graphic.  As it has been said as ultrasharp monitor then it is well said since this hardware has such a big and huge sharpness. We all know that graphic is really close with sharpness so it is common if we pick this Dell as one of best pick in our review. Sometimes we just need to know about performance but durability is great for working performance in case need better features.

Other brands we should think about and consider is LG 34UC97-S. LG has been best pioneer of 21:9 aspect ratio of ultrawide monitor and we all know that it is very great to introduce one of senior manufacturer in monitor. It has been known that LG becomes great competitor to Dell. This kind of hardware is really great as it has multiple functions.


Last words we would say about choosing best ultrawide monitors can be great for considering. We just recall to understand about features and needs. Sometime brand can be so sensitive as it depends on experience since every user has its own version on their comfortable pick. We all know that all brands in this kind of monitor have tough competition on this hardware but more details users know, it will be useful for them to choose brands. Some people may remain on their old brand but some people may be free to choose other brands since not all people are picky in buying hardware like ultrawide monitors.

Conclusion on this is about to think about needs, budgets and features. Those three things are important in choosing this hardware. It will be disappointing when choosing wrong hardware as it will spend hundreds dollars that can be useful for other needs but since the need or drool monitor then buying them for productivity improving. All areas are indeed important but those three things have to be first considerations when planning to buy this expensive gadget for office or home. more knowing about needs and feature, budget will not be a matter as you will be satisfied on choosing one of those brands because it is really suit to favorite ones.

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