Best Soccer Rebounder

Soccer is one of the most popular games we have known these days and for those who love playing soccer, finding the best soccer rebounder can be very helpful. Whether you love playing soccer or you are just using this game to kill some time, the soccer rebound is one of important items you must have. Of course, having the ball is the basic requirement that we must have. But if you are still learning how to play soccer, you will need additional equipment and one of them is the soccer rebounder. Sometimes, you just play alone, this can be very frustrating as you will need to spend extra time retrieving the ball, but having this item can help you a lot.

Overview of the Best Soccer Rebounder Reviews

Finding the best soccer rebounder is very difficult, you have no idea how difficult the situation is. Sometimes, you end up choosing one among various models you can find in the market. But the problem is, you end up choosing the wrong one. If you don’t want this thing to happen, using our reviews will help you a lot. We have provided the latest model including their benefits and why you must choose this model. The choice may range from a simple and cheap one to another model which is offered at a higher price. What you must know is that all models we have listed here have been selected from various choices and we only provide the best ones for you. Happy reading our reviews and find your favorite rebounder!

Top Rated Soccer Rebounder

Goalrilla Striker

Goalrilla Striker

Goalrilla Striker can improve your skill when practicing with the ball. Known as one of the toughest trainers that you can get in the market these days, having this one will definitely save you more money. As claimed by the manufacturer of this product, your child can improve their skill in some areas such as trapping, receiving and also throwing. The good news is, players using it can also change the angle position. Goalrilla Striker is very suitable both for individuals or those wanting to practice with other players.

Speaking about the quality of the material, Goalrilla Striker is made from high quality and durable materials, allowing you to use it for many times without damaging the net. It can take hard shots for many times and you don’t have to worry whether the net will break easily. Goalrilla is a double sided rebounder which is designed to last longer. Using this net, players can improve their skill in a more effective way. Using DUPONT power coating, it provides the best protection from some issues such as rusting, helping you to practice and play with the ball the fun way. To offer the most durable construction, Goalrilla is also equipped with durable nylon net and steel frame.

Tekk Trainer

Tekk Trainer

If we are talking about the best brand, Tekk is one of those answers. Known as the leader in this field, many parents wanting to find the best equipment will include Tekk on their list. Tekk Trainer is used by many professionals. Speaking about its quality, Tekk Trainer offers the most durable you can find in the market. It is very sufficient for two players wanting to practice together. It can also be used for other training sessions such as baseball. The construction is very strong, and players can rest assured that the net will last for many years. Using the patented one piece design, the net is very strong and the angle position can be modified based on your needs.

There is no reason not to use this one, it has been used by pros in soccer, thanks to its quality. Buyers purchasing Tekk Trainer won’t find any difficulties with the space. It can be folded easily, allowing us to save more space when the trainer is not used. The most important feature is the quality of the material, due to this reason, Tekk Trainer can be included on our list as one of the best rebounders. Tekk Trainer is designed in a very unique way, giving players the best experience when practicing.

Kwik Goal AFR-2

Kwik Goal AFR-2

As we have said earlier, having a portable soccer rebounder could be a great addition. If you want to find a good one, Kwik Goal AFR will definitely become your favorite choice. This is a perfect example how the right choice can improve your skill drastically. It comes with the moveable target, and is also equipped with steel ground shoes. Using this one, you don’t have to worry about taking hard shots, it won’t break easily and you can practice with the ball as much as you can. The durability is one feature that we love from this net, but if you are looking for more than just a durable net, Kwik should be taken into your consideration.

Kwik Goal is great enough when it comes to setting up, it doesn’t take a lot of time and everyone can do it. However, there are some things you must know before you choose it. For parents having a kid who is older than 8 years old, buying this one won’t be a good choice. The reason is simple, because the net is too small for kids who are older. But if you have a kid who is below 8 years old, this would be a good choice.



We would say that EZGoal is one of the best choices we can include here. And we have some good reasons why we want this one to be included here. EZGoal is made from the heavy duty steel frame, making it very strong and durable. EZGoal is designed to last for years, and you don’t have to waste your time and money for buying a new one. It is designed to resist to rust thus you can use it for many times without damaging it. When it comes to assembling, you don’t have to use any tools.

Using the superior netting, it can handle the ball even when dealing with hard shots. It can handle ball without breaking or ripping. You can also adjust the position of the net to your liking, it features slide tiling system, helping you to manage the position of the net based on your needs. When you don’t use it, you can keep it in tight spaces thus you don’t need to provide a lot of space in your home when using this model. This can be a great addition for those wanting to provide the right trainer for their kids when playing soccer and improve their skill in shooting.

Trigon Sports

Trigon Sports

Trigon Sports has become a favorite choice among pros who play soccer, and if you have no idea how great Trigon sports is, we can list some good reasons why you must include it. It is a great thing to have this trainer available at home, you can train your kid to play soccer and improve his skill with this trainer. It is an excellent choice, the ball can bounce back easily and it won’t break easily when dealing with hard shots. It is also very versatile for shorter or longer range shooting. If you have been searching for a trainer that is easy to set up, and won’t break easily, we would like to recommend this option for you.

Having this one, now you don’t have to retrieve the ball, you don’t have to waste your time retrieving the ball, the ball bounces back perfectly. If you are wondering whether it is durable or not, don’t worry, the net is made from durable nylon net and also comes with strong construction. Aside from playing soccer, your kid can also use it when playing baseball. It also comes with attachments such as bungee cords and net. It is very great, thanks to its strong construction. 

SKLZ Quickster Soccer Trainer

SKLZ Quickster Soccer Trainer

SKLZ Quickster can be set up easily, you don’t have to spend hours and hours when it comes to assembling. This is a smart training device where your kid can hone their skill in various areas such as throwing, trapping, shooting and passing. Using this trainer, your kid can learn various skills with simplicity and ease. One of the best benefits of using this equipment is, players don’t need to waste their energy from retrieving the ball. It comes equipped with the heavy duty frame, helping you to use it various times without breaking it the equipment.

Since it is a portable trainer, this can be a perfect choice for those wanting to use it in various locations. It is very lightweight and also comes with the unique patented design. If you see other models adding some attachments, you can also expect the same feature available. This trainer comes with some accessories such as 4 ground stakes and the carry bag. Don’t be fooled with its design, the fact is, it is very strong, the trainer is designed for pros. Most kids love the color, it is not only attractive but it would be the perfect gift that parents can give to their child. 

Franklin Sports

Franklin Sports

If you have read other reviews, you may notice that Franklin Sports have always been a favorite choice among many reviewers. Well, this is an excellent gear designed for those wanting to hone their skills with ease. Using this equipment, players don’t need to carry lots of balls. Using a single ball should be more than enough. Speaking about its features, this model comes with a top duty frame, where players can ensure that the gear is strong enough to handle hard shots.

Using this gear, it is very easy for the players to pick the target. Yes, picking the target becomes a lot easier since the color of the target zone is designed to be different. When compared to other models, Franklin Sports have been considered as one of the toughest gears we can find in the market. It has been recommended by many trainers, it is very ideal for those wanting to train with the ball. Transporting the net and carrying it around is also easy. If you have never found one that can do a great job like this equipment, it is time to grab this one for your kid. We are pretty sure that your kid will love it.



Champro is quite popular especially when compared to other big names such as Tekk and Franklin. It is very suitable for multiple players especially those wanting to practice in various locations. It features adjustable angles thus the players can adjust the angle of the net to their liking. If you have been around in this field and are looking for the perfect trainer, Champro is one of them. The net looks great and durable, most people would love the design too. It also comes with the target zone, helping the players to pick the target in an easy way.

One feature we love from this trainer is that it also comes with 4 ground stakes. The ball bounces back as we have expected, you don’t need to waste your energy from retrieving the ball. If you want to give your kid with something that he will love, this would be one of the best ideas you can come up with. Many love its design, but what matters the most is that the net is very strong, allowing it to receive balls from various angles without damaging the net. Having the perfect rebounder is of the essence and if you need one, Champro is the answer.

The Importance of Buying the Best Soccer Rebounder

You might want to know the importance of searching the best one. Known as a soccer kickback, there are some reasons why players wanting to improve their skill should invest their money in buying it. If you already have one but you realize that the choice is not quite ideal, understanding this fact, this would be a good thing to replace your old one and get a new one. You will not only gain some benefits from buying the best model, a goalkeeper can also gain advantages from it. To give you more information, we have listed some benefits that both field players and goal keepers can expect.

Benefits for the Field Players

  • Players Can Increase Their Skills in Some Areas: The first consideration is that players can improve their skill in some areas such as heading, passing, volleys and shooting.
  • Players Can Also Maximize Their Abilities: Another advantage is that players can also maximize their abilities in ball striking and finishing skills.
  • Help Them to Improve the Power of Their Feet: In addition, players using the soccer rebounders can also get stronger feet when they use it frequently.

Benefits for Goalkeepers

Goalkeepers can also gain some benefits when using it. What are the benefits? Below are some benefits that goalkeepers can expect:

  • They Can Improve Their Skill in Throwing Strength: Knowing a way to increase their skill in throwing strength is a good idea.
  • They Can Get Stronger Arms: As a goal keeper, increasing the strength of their arms is vital. Using this one, a goalkeeper can get stronger arms, helping them to catch the ball and increase their rate in catching the ball.

Factors Buyers Must Know Before Buying Soccer Rebounders

Once we have known about some benefits of buying this soccer equipment, the next consideration is to learn what factors that can help us choose the best one. There are various models, various choices and you will be surprised how frustrating the situation is when choosing one. Some details such as the size and the shape should be taken into your consideration but there are also other things you must know.

Don’t be Fooled with the Cheap Price: What you must know is that the price of the product will definitely represent the quality of the product. For example, if you find one that is offered at a lower price, chances are that the brand you choose is not good enough. The price that is too cheap should be avoided, you won’t get a good one. Don’t buy one designed for kids, they are made for beginners and they won’t help you a lot. Never choose one that is too cheap, otherwise you will only end up wasting more money. An excellent option can be used for many years while the cheap one may get broken easily.

The Weight of the Rebounders: Pay more attention to the weight of the rebounder, this can also affect the quality and how you play with it. Once you have considered the weight, improving your skill would be more efficient.

Will the Rebounder Challenge Your Kids Properly? Having this question answered first before you go further is important. Starting with the angles of the rebounder, you should check whether it can be used at different angles. If you know that it can be used at different angles, the this would be a great choice as it can challenge your kids. The good one comes with the adjustable angle option. What does it mean? It means that you have to purchase one that can change angles. This will help your kids to improve their skills by mimicking different flight paths.

How Professional Do Your Kids Want to Look? Another question which should be asked when buying the rebounder is to understand about the quality of the product. When you buy one, be sure that you also purchase additional equipment from the same brand. This will make a great impression. The good news is, some brands can also provide additional equipment, helping your kids to train and improve their skills properly.

Most Common Mistakes You Must Know When Buying the Soccer Rebounder

For parents wanting to give their kid with this item, knowing how to pick the right one is a must. The problem is, not all parents are good enough when shopping for this item. For example, you may realize that the product doesn’t perform well. Another case is, the model you choose comes with the limited functionality. The worst case is, you have one that breaks easily. If you don’t want to waste your money for buying one that doesn’t meet your requirements, knowing how to buy the right rebounder by avoiding these mistakes is a necessity. Check some common mistakes that most buyers often make when buying soccer rebounders.


In terms of netting, parents wanting to buy soccer rebounders should check the quality of the netting. An important criterion is that the netting comes with a small weave and is thick. Now, you can consider some situations, for example, when you put it outside, it may deteriorate easily within one week or two weeks. This could happen if you choose poor netting. It can rip easily and you don’t want this to happen. Everyone must agree that replacing the whole net is a bad idea as it means that the buyers should buy a new one and spend more money. That’s why, parents wanting to buy one should consider choosing the net that comes with a small weave, it allows their kid to practice with balls such as tennis balls. Practicing with tennis balls is a great idea, it helps kids to develop their skills ranging from reflexes, coordination and touch.


The next thing you want to take a good look at, bungees, this is a very important factor that parents must know if they use it outside. An important consideration should be made, rather than using bungees, a better option is to use springs. Since bungees can deteriorate fast, using springs can be considered as a better choice. Both springs and bungees are not expensive, and they can also be replaced easily. The only drawback with using springs is that it can stretch too far, when you deal with this situation, this can be a good idea to replace it as soon as possible.


Please be more careful when you use the rebounder with stakes, this can harm you. What parents must know is that soccer rebounders with stakes are not designed to take hard shots. If you insist in using it with stakes, it will fall over after you use it for several times.

Avoid Using The Rebounder Frame

The next consideration is that you must avoid using the rebounder frame. This one can break or crack easily. Another issue with using the frame is that it can damage the ball. Sometimes, players using the frame may end up getting injured. Consider this issue, you don’t want to choose lightweight frames which can crack easily. Don’t forget to avoid using frames which come with sharp edges. They are pretty dangerous, thus you should avoid using this type of frame. One that you must choose should be steel and come with the high quality coating.

Choose A Portable One

This can be a great addition if you want to get the best one. Although this is not a serious issue, you must realize that finding one that is portable is not difficult. Choosing a portable one can improve your skills when practicing with the ball. Spend some time to find this type, you won’t regret your decision for choosing a portable one.

What Makes Soccer Rebounders Become a Popular Choice Among Kids?

There is no doubt that having a soccer rebounder is a great idea where parents can play together with their kids. The problem is, some parents don’t have any ideas when picking the best one. What does it mean? It means that when they want to purchase the rebounder, they don’t know what criteria which should be taken when picking the right one. We have done some research and we have made some conclusions about the best rebounder. These are some criteria which make a rebounder a great choice. Take a good look at some criteria we have listed here and see how they can help you and other parents out there when buying one.

It Should Be Fun: This is obvious, no matter what model or brand you are going to purchase, the one you choose should be fun. Let’s consider a situation, kids love playing football, that’s why they want to spend time as much as possible when you give them with the soccer rebounder. Once they play with it, you will be surprised how they don’t want to stop. Since this is a fun item that most kids love to play, this is not very surprising that the item has gained more popularity. What we want to say is that the item can be very addictive.

Variety: The next factor is that the model should be attractive. What you must know is that kids love playing soccer. They want to practice a number of different skills. In other words, they want to play with it as much as possible. If this is not attractive enough, then they won’t play with it. Your kids can play with it using some different configurations. For example, your kids can choose different modes, and also throwing and kicking at different planes.

Friends: Another good reason why kids want to play with it is that they can also play with their friends. This can be very fun when they play with their friends. This way, your kids can laugh, compete and also have fun together.

Challenge: Another reason is that kids love challenge. Do you love challenges? Most of the people love challenge and the same thing goes with your kids. If this is not challenging, your kids will stop doing it. Your kids can compete with your friends where they can also challenge themselves when it comes to hitting the goal from the farthest distance. This is great and this is why most kids want it so much.

How Much Do You Want to Spend?

Before you explore some choices we have listed here, let me tell you that the good one is not available at a lower price. It means that if your kids are serious about developing their skills, then choosing the best one is a must. It also means that the budget shouldn’t be put on the top of your priority list. You should be realistic and if you want to get the best one, you have to spend some amount of money. In other words, it is better to focus on the value that your kids will get rather than focusing on the price of the model that you are going to purchase.

Our Pick

Tekk Trainer Rebounder Goal
Finally, among some models we have mentioned so far, we have one that we consider it as the best choice. Although all models we have listed are great, but we have our favorite one. Tekk Trainer rebounder is the best trainer that we have used so far. Tekk Trainer is very popular among pros wanting to hone the skills in various aspects from throwing, trapping and shooting. It ranges 40 sq ft, which is very ideal for those wanting to practice with their friends. If you love practicing with other players then Tekk Trainer would be the perfect choice.

When we discuss about its quality or durability, Tekk Trainer has been considered as one of the toughest trainers made these days. Installing this trainer is also easy and quick, you can set it up in less than 5 minutes. You can also use it for other games such as baseball. Since it is lightweight, you can store it easily. Many have considered this brand as the best choice due to its durability, feature and quality. Based on the features we have listed above, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Tekk Trainer rebounder deserves to be put on our top list.

Tekk Trainer


So what is your best choice? Do you need a portable and strong one? Do you need one that will last for years? Well, to answer all of these questions, reading our reviews should be more than enough. You can find the best rebounder that fits with your criteria from portability, ease of use, durability and features. Using our review, you can also pick the right model that fits with your budget. Take a good look at our review here and see which model that suit to your liking. Feel free to compare our choices before you make a decision.

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