Best Sleeping Pad

Having outdoor activities, whether exploring nature space or just around the house, if you want to spend the night comfortably, do not forget to bring a sleeping pad specifically for that purpose. Therefore, we conducted a detailed study of some cool sleeping pads to be presented in a concise review. Sleeping pads are an integral part of outdoor activities, with this equipment; you can spend the night in peace without feeling cold and uncomfortable. We gather at a time to test sleeping bags from different brands. After that, we tried to make an assessment to get the best sleeping pads that are able to meet the needs of adventurers. We tried testing by performing cross-country adventure in the Andes Mountains. Then proceed with testing in the Gobi desert crossing then head to enjoy the Mongolian steppes. We have written the test results among dozens products in the form of best sleeping pad reviews so you can get more detailed information.

Before you decide to explore a particular destination, make sure you choose one sleeping pads that we have reviewed. All products in the category are the best based on consideration that they will give great ability. We will keep all the best things directly to you. You will not regret after buying the product because we present a selection along with the answers clearly and satisfactorily. Do not forget to keep abreast of our full review, and also some tips that will help you solve many problems in the products you buy.

What is sleeping pad?

If you have never asked about the sleeping pads, you may not know what exactly the things we will talk about. So in a sleeping bag, you will find some related parts. We’re talking about pad, or often called sleeping mat or ground pad, which will serve as one of the most useful tools. Use as a protective pad on the sleeping bag and does play an important role. Moreover, it is coupled with maximum padding function that can provide thermal insulation effect on so that when you sleep, you remain in warm conditions. Use of camping sleeping pad seemed to be one of the most basic needs that have to be taken by every adventurer in their trip. By getting the proper pads, you can easily obtain comfort. However, you can change the function of mattress by buying sleeping mats or pads. Why is that? Both function interchangeable. If you prefer a mat, you can pick it up. We cannot force you to choose one of them; it’s just that we will present to you some of the most prominent differences in the characteristics of each product. In the end, you will get the best camping sleeping pad as expected.

To get the best product, you should understand the functions that can be obtained by reading the appropriate resources. We present a review of best mats and pads in accordance with what consumers look. This makes us a better understanding of the characteristics of consumer desires.

TOP Rated Sleeping Mats

ALPS Mountaineering Comfort Series

alps mountaineering

ALPS Mountaineering Comfort Series is our first choice to be included in the seed list. In many ways, there are several advantages of ALPS Mountaineering Comfort Series compared to other products. Therefore, you must know what features of ALPS sleeping pads. We have formed a quick review of how idealism built on greatness. In the sleeping pad reviews, we try to explore the best of ALPS products pads so that you feel more confident. One of the ALPS Mountaineering Comfort Series advantages is the use Suede-like fabric which is known as the top material. While the foam cells are used more quickly to be developed into a large and easy to be deflated. ALPS adopt Jet Stream Wave technology in the air-pumped induction of the bag. The advanced technology is able to simplify your effort when you want to use a sleeping bag with ease. So you are easy to develop, but it is not difficult to deflate automatically. Additionally, Suede-like fabric is known as the best material that provides comfort when you move. So that the friction between the skins surface pad will not spoil your pleasure.

At ALPS Mountaineering Comfort Series, you’ll get stuff sack included in the count because it is the complete package. While repairing kit will also be included as a supplement. ALPS Mountaineering Comfort Series can be said to be very light because it has a total of 8 Ibs. 7 oz. only. So ALPS Mountaineering Comfort Series is highly recommended as one of the best camping sleeping pad.

Luxury Map Thermarest Mattress


Incredible, you will get the best Thermarest Mattress LuxuryMap to be presented through the best sleeping pad. Therm A Rest is one of the manufacturers of sleeping mats, pads and best bag today. There are some important things into consideration before deciding to include LuxuryMap Thermarest Mattress. Mainly because these products are not easy to reach. But you must remember that the advantages of Therm A Rest lies on the use of 75D Polyester, a material which is capable of storing the warmest and thermal in a longer time. While on the surface of the sleeping mats, Therm A rest using plush materials. This material is a soft fabric with a luxurious feel to make the mattress easier and more convenient to use. The skin will not itch and allergies after lying thereon. You will also feel happy because Therm A Rest prepared using comfort mapping. This technology is able to provide comfort with reducing pressure points by using special foam. In the low-pressure, full-density foam will facilitate blood flow. For thickness, Therm A Rest using a 3 inch mattress that can provide warmth and comfort. Moreover, added the pads design really interesting and great. We put Therm A Rest in the top position in the list of best sleeping pad reviews.

Big Agnes Insulated Q-Core

big agnes

Have you heard about the Big Agnes Insulated Q-Core? We put the Big Agnes Insulated Q-Core in the top position because they have the advantage of the various sides. Indeed, in the sleeping pads installation, ease in finding the best products nonetheless a consideration. Therefore, we present a camping sleeping pad reviews as one of the interesting option for you. This selection is based on the capability and the design of Big Agnes Insulated Q-Core which are considered remarkable. After that, consider the specifications of Big Agnes. This product has synthetic insulation technology in the form of X-Static isolation. The technology is able to deliver maximum performance with natural and silver filament mounted therein. The tool is able to improve the thermodynamics. In addition, you need to do some important things pertaining to anti-microbial technology so as to avoid odors. We’ve tried to practice these technologies on several occasions, the results are remarkable, and Big Agnes Insulated Q-Core becomes warmer when used in conditions below 0 degrees Celsius. We provide the R-value of 5, while other grades reach 15F. On the surface, the use of lightweight nylon and rip stop being part of the most impressive material. Big Agnes also has an internal polyurethane coating that can work well for solving various problems wisely. Therefore, we put the Big Agnes Insulated Q-Core as one of the best sleeping pad.

Klymit Inertia XL


There are some great opportunities to choose the best camping sleeping pads, but we set Klymit Inertia XL to the list that has been arranged in these reviews. Not without reason when Klymit Inertia XL ultimately included in the list, it is caused because Klymit does have many advantages. Especially in terms of design, Klymit has a weight savings are able to provide comfort directly. With increased convenience as people want to be, we finally realized that using Klymit indeed be the best thing. Anyway, Klymit has special technology to track air injection which makes it easy to develop. To deflate again is also not a problem. Enough with 4 to 6 breaths already make it fluffy. On the head, there is a bearing which is integrated with the surface of the pads so that you immediately feel comfort. Klymit Inertia XL is designed as one compact carry which has benefits in terms of alignment. Viewed from any loopholes, but the use of loft on the pad pockets are truly remarkable. Sometimes you need to play the brain much faster because wondering why these technologies can be very sophisticated is easy to do. Especially with increasing efficiency in the bag for the package, you will be getting an area for breathability.

Exped SynMat


Exped Synmet is the most natural choice because it has the ability to impress. Whereas our consideration is, Exped Synmat should be selected as the best sleeping mats based on design excellence and some other attractive offers. We provide R-value for Exped Synmat with the number 4.9. It is coupled with some other things, the use of ideas that will be presented today are not always able to develop perfectly. Therefore, many people seem to think that the bidding process should be ruled out considering there are some changes to the product. Exped Synmat has micro fiber material used for laminating both sides of the layer so as to be protective while providing thermal isolation effect. Synthetic fiber has many advantages, particularly in matters relating to the use of Exped Synmat for mountain exploration example. Integrated pump system presented today should really be able to become a special handle so that later the feasibility of a fully guaranteed product. Strong polyester fabric is also used as the outermost coating layer because it is considered as the best protective material warmth. For dimensions, its length reaches 70 inches, while the width of about 20 inches. Indeed Exped Synmat only be made to the concept of a single user only, but it is sufficient as one of the best sleeping mat.

Nemo AstroTM

nemo astro

Nemo AstroTM regarded as one of the best camping sleeping pad because of exceptional ability and design. We’ve tried to test the blowing process and deflating process on AstroTM Nemo, the performance result of the product is close with Therm A rest. It is certainly surprising because AstroTM Nemo is a brand new product that has less experience, should they have been unable so close to Therm A Rest? With thicker cushioning pad, Nemo AstroTM indeed seems thicker and not fashionable, but who cares? As long as we get the benefits of sleeping pads purchased, what is fashion matter? The perceived convenience clearly be a major consideration. When testing is done in the Andes, the level of thermal stay awake so that we are able to feel the warmth longer. Although when compared to the Alps or Klymit, Nemo still under its level, but Nemo Astro has high hopes for the side with big names above. You will feel the tension peaks when dealing with some of the above list, and then imagine how beautiful designs are presented. Size of warmth on the surface of the pads reaches 50 degrees, this course is the result of advanced heat storage technology of Nemo AstroTM. Indeed you should consider sleeping pads in accordance with these reviews.

TETON Sports Camp Cot

teton sports

TETON Sports Camp Cot seems to be an attractive option because of the impression of dynamic and beautiful designs that are owned. Teton was deliberately designed as a significant substitution that is easy to use as an important adventure tool in each side. To keep it interesting, you have to choose several stages in order to prepare a good idea. If there is something that is considered wise enough, you may have to answer our questions about the process of choosing sleeping pads in order to get best items. For several years, TETON Sports Camp Cot managed to be an option. Moreover, with the best specifications covering section 300D brushed canvases, it really makes havoc in the market. While the use of materials that cause protection so we easy to feel comfortable. For foam used on the surface, Teton choose 2-inch thick foam with the most excellent quality. You will never feel regret because it is given the convenience to choose products that will be felt also very unusual. If you are looking for a solution to the issue of selecting a best sleeping pad, then TETON Sports Camp Cot is the first answer that must be sought. Dimension of length is 75 inches, while the width is 25 inches wide so that it is enough if you’re just looking for room to move. But do not forget some maximum stage that characterizes the maximum.



Paco once again showed their class that indeed you should consider them as one of the best products. With the best design, Paco considered able to stand in line with several other excellent products. Especially when you compare it with some other famous names, Paco certainly remain in the top list based on references you’ve ever received. After understanding some important things, then you will forget how to get the best sleeping pad reviews. Paco prepared with high-quality waterproof shell. When you use it in the middle of the woods though, you still will not feel the heat because you have paid attention maximally all things considered. If you calculate how much Paco’s ability to survive in the open space, then you will be surprised. Thermal storage technology is to be advantages. In fact there are several reasons that make us specifying the Paco in the top list of best camping sleeping pad for high-density foam urethane material that is used is almost similar to the progress bar in Paco. We advise you to choose one among several important things above as a maximum picture. If you are still unsure, just try to pull out a roll of origin. Self inflated technology will work quickly without having left open. The mattress was named the top rated pad or mat in our catalog.

UltraLite LuxuryLite Cot


We once again get a surprise from the unrated brand, LuxuryLite UltraLite Cot has dealt a blow to the face because we have not touched on at all about this product. In fact, when examined, LuxuryLite UltraLite Cot is able to give a lot of beauty to anyone because it’s extraordinary ability that can be given. Therefore, we feel you should really serious in choosing LuxuryLite UltraLite. Why is that? Just consider some of the following specifications. If you think about a camping sleeping pad with complete specifications, then LuxuryLite UltraLite Cot is the answer to your stable. With an adventure, this product would be your loyal friend because of its ability to pack heat blowing around you when you sleep. Especially when you know that the thermal isolation on the supporting technology of LuxuryLite UltraLite Cot is maximized. Therefore, we think how an adventurer able to move with certainty. With a length of 74 inches and a width of 25 inches, this product seems so perfect. However, even though its shape just like the pad carrier sportsmen injury. It makes you more comfortable when the conditions around it is hot because of the cold air can flow from the bottom. Meanwhile, when the atmosphere was cool, you can be approached in a bonfire and hot air will meet through bottom line pad.

General Features

Sleeping pads or sleeping mats actually has a similar primary function. They are almost the same when viewed from the side of the material and various other sides. But did you have a lot to think about how to resolve a challenge before buying it. Camping or other adventure activities will be more comfortable if you use the camping ground pad. If you do not understand the functions and features provided on the pad, we will explain it to you briefly.

Thermal Isolation: One of the most preferred features is the presence of thermal isolation on sleeping pads. If you use a sleeping bag only, then you may not be able to get the maximum warmth. Pad gives function to keep warmth circulates around so that you do not feel the cold. Heat insulating material typically be one yardstick, whether camping sleeping pad worth is said to be the best product or not. If you do not know how hot the storage level, then you have selected the wrong product. When using thermal isolation into first consideration points, then you already are in the correct lane.

Soft foam for surface: On the surface, the best sleeping pad definitely had a soft and smooth surface. It was formed because there is a layer of foam with high-density mounted. The use of foam that it is intended to maintain your comfort when lying there. If you use a regular sleeping mat, you probably will not feel the same comfort. So in addition to soft because of the air pressure, the foam will help you to be more relaxed.

The pressure drop at a certain point: On certain surfaces, such as the gap between the necks, soft pads to be one of the most features sought after. Users will not feel sore because there are integrated pads features on the surface of sleeping pads. The use of pad is intended to reduce the pressure at some point so that the blood flow becomes more focus without losing the feeling of comfort.

Waterproof shell: One of the most sought features after is waterproof shell. If the sleeping pads product purchased features a waterproof, then you comfort when sleeping will be maximal. A product is said to have a great ability if it is able to provide comfort to the users wherever they are. The other advantage is only as an additional course.

Judging from some of the above features, you would have understood about what benefits to be gained from a sleeping mat. In choosing the best product, you should make sure that all of these features are complete and fun. You will definitely feel comfortable as long as following our advice.

Who is this for?

The use of sleeping pads camping is perfect for anyone who likes challenges. So, for the adventurer, scouts and even the hunters, as sleeping pads become compulsory equipment that must be purchased. Even other purposes may be forgotten, but if you forget your mat or pad, then you must prepare to just feel discomfort during sleep outdoors. You should try to understand the role and function of the pads. In general, people are not going to use a sleeping mat, but they should understand that it is impossible for fans or nature lovers to abandon their choice. It can be understood through the study of developmental processes some pads. As far as our eye can see, there is no way to deny the use of camping sleeping pad. With warm mat, or heavy blanket, choose one of your own. However could you reject the offer if there is a tool that is able to provide all the needs in one item only? Therefore, before you refuse, try to think smarter. Do not make yourself discouraged because every time you refuse to buy it, the more disappointed later.

For those of you who like to sleep in the cottage, we recommend the use of sleeping pads can be served as one of the maximum choices. By using these products, you will not lose comfort. You certainly will never run out of opportunities to make a selection so that a part will be more interesting. However, you must understand that the use of tools in addition to sleeping pads will not give any effect but only a little thing, distraction.

For the scout, then this tool is very important to carry. When you scout camp anywhere, you will feel a huge benefit. If you reject it, you will feel regret. Therefore, you should never reject something good. Sleeping pads, in addition to portability can be easily arranged. You will definitely feel comfortable.
Once you know how many functions that can be presented in one item only, then sleeping mat into one thing certain in outdoor activity. Flexibility may also be one of your considerations in choosing.

Benefits of having sleeping pad

Sleeping pad is able to provide many benefits to users. The purpose of using sleeping pads in the outdoor activity is indeed becomes the reason why people take it. Therefore, we may not be looking for a special way to develop a sleeping pad, if there is another stage that could be used to choose between sleeping mats or pads. Great benefits that adventurer feel has led them to bring the ground pad wherever they are. Indeed, the price to be paid is also not cheap, but the effort is worth as the benefits. Here are some benefits that you can get from the ground pad:

  • More Warm: If you sleep with a mattress or usual sleeping bag, you may still feel the cold piercing the skin. But if you use camping sleeping pad, you will not feel the cold. Instead you will feel hot when hot temperatures remain well. Sleeping pads are usually designed with advanced technology which is able to maintain thermal tool to remain in the area of the pad / mats. Thus, the mattress will still be warm because the thermal can be maintained.
  • More comfortable: Instead of using a sleeping bag, camping sleeping pad use is considered more comfortable. You will always feel comfortable because of the level of softness, soft and comfortable on the surface of the pads. When using a sleeping bag, then the cold will soon penetrate into the body. You even can never feel comfortable because sleeping bag could be possibly wet so that you will be cold. When using a sleeping pad, you can keep warm with thermal insulator technology.
  • Softer: A camping sleeping pad has a softer surface than a sleeping bag or mat. Typically, the manufacturers designed the sleeping pads with the best materials so that the section is able to provide softness and warmth. Especially if you have certain allergies, you will definitely prefer to use sleeping pads than any other tool.
  • More flexible and practical: One of the advantages of sleeping pads that can not be missed is the flexibility and practical. You easily can fold, insert and unroll this pad without any difficulty. So who is going to reject this attractive offer? There are many ideas and ways to choose from, but the answer that we understand clearly does not satisfy you.
  • Healthier: If you have a choice to be healthier, why choose other? Camping sleeping mats is clearly more healthful than the mattress. Then do not ever underestimate the selection.

Indeed, there are many benefits to be gained from this tool. If you are still confused about other benefits, you may need to prove it directly. Most people do not have accurate information about the best sleeping pad reviews, but we have provided that information to you.

How to Use a sleeping pad

Once you buy the ideal product, of course you also have to understand how to operate or use a sleeping pad correctly. If you buy a self-inflating or air construction, you should choose really serious in studying. Now follow the instructions on how ideal step in using a sleeping pad properly.

  1. Pick up the spot: if you arrive to a location, the first thought that you need to go is where to put the sleeping pad correctly. Select one of the spots in the area that are likely to have a flat surface, not many rocks and quite safe from animals or plants. If possible, select a spot slightly higher than the surrounding land so that you are more comfortable when the placement process.
  2. Unroll the pad: Once you get the best spot, you still have to collect the idea to set it up. You simply unroll the pads, and then spread to the maximum point. If you choose a self-inflating, then the item will be inflated by itself. But if you choose an air construction, then you need a pump kit as complementary accessories. Now try inflating around the pad to the desired point.
  3. Clean the surface of sleeping pad from dust and dirt that may reduce comfort when you sleep.

After you successfully use sleeping pads, you can go straight to sleep soundly without the slightest interruption.

What types of sleeping pad / mat are available?

Before the choice, you should really know about camping sleeping pad. Start from a part of the sleeping pads, the distribution of package size, dimensions, benefits and even the type of sleeping pad / mat available on the market. Then you need some important information immediately. We have been a little touched on the problem of the use of ideas in choosing a product; we will give a brief explanation of the types of pads available on the market for you.

Closed Cell Foam: The first type of sleeping pads that we describe here is a closed cell foam. This type is a simple pads which is deliberately designed with little pieces of foam. So the distance between you and the ground there were only about 2 or 4 inches away. The cold can be felt directly because of closed cell foam has minimal protection. If you are not a person with extreme weather resistant, you should avoid using this pad types. These types of pads have a small air pocket in the middle of the foam which serves to keep the heat in order to remain to warm your body.
Pros: Cheap, durable, lightweight and easy to carry wherever you are
Cons: Not as convenient as thin foam, difficult to clean especially when there is snow or dirt on the surface, large but not flexible.

Z Lite Sol: This is a kind of large pad that will not difficult to inflate and deflate. But if you want to use, you just put it on the floor or ground. You will immediately feel the warmth. If you do not like something complicated, this product may not be suitable for you. You will get great trouble to bring the pad everywhere. So that this pad is not recommended for the mountain climber.

Self inflated: If you are still confused with practical problems and flexibility, then self inflated sleeping pads would be an attractive option for you. As a practical pad, the tool is able to expand its own without having blown. The use of special air injection technology on the pad makes it easy to deflate or inflate without any intervention. Design on using open-celled foam which is mounted in a sandwiched position between two pieces of fabric. The working system for this camping sleeping pad is, when the air injection valve is open, and then the foam will expand itself. In the end, the entire surface of the pad will come inflate. The surface of the pad will also isolate the air and thermal so you can be warm when sleeping on it.

Pros: easy to inflate without human assistance, more comfortable in all fields, less extensive if your space is limited, supports all types of outdoor activities.
Cons: not as durable as compared with conventional foam pad inflated because the material is easy to leak when you use it in difficult terrain like rocks and woods, less comfortable than the big foam.

Air Construction:With the best products, based on a high level of knowledge, whether these differences could again become part of the principle of excess, or just the opposite? Sleeping pad is considered as one of the best sleeping pads based on the function to be had in its construction. However, you should be able to distinguish how to use the pad is considered able to meet our standards. This tool is almost similar with self-inflated, but the difference is in the process of swelling. Although quite easily, simply by 4 or 5 breaths, then you should really know about these issues before buying it. If something is needed, then we will assume that the issue is finished.

After you learn about the types of sleeping pads available on the market, you will no longer feel confused. You can even start to develop priorities for buy sleeping pads as needed.

Consider the perfect size, shape and materials

Evaluation of a product problem becomes imperative before choosing. You will not get disappointment and regret when they consider so many facets in depth. In choosing a camping sleeping pad, someone demanded to know how the quality of a product can be relied upon. Therefore, you need to conduct a thorough evaluation on the following points:

Perfect Size: Problems related with sleeping pads dimensions become a major consideration before purchasing it. There are various types of sizes available in the market. But the decision to buy should be based on your needs. For example, you only need to travel alone, you should buy camping sleeping pad with dimensions width from 30 inches to 50 inches away. While the long dimension suggested in the range of 70 to 75 inches. But if you often climb a mountain with your partner, you should choose double sleeping pads. The function of the pad is more appropriate for you. Anyway, you can get the best product without difficulty because of all the best points already earned.

Perfect shape: Problems sleeping pad shape is very dependent on the type chosen. Eg for self inflated pads, its shape seems perfect if you want something flexible. But if you need extra comfort, perhaps you should really choose a water pad construction.

Materials: The materials used to make the camping sleeping mat really must be considered. Now imagine, if the surface is coated with a bad material mat, then your skin will not feel uncomfortable. Maybe you will feel a burning sensation and heat due to the effects of the use of poor materials. Therefore, we advise you to choose the product with the best materials. Some materials to consider are high-density foam, cotton and polyester fabric to the surface as a second layer under cotton because it can protect sleeping pads from water seepage.

Technology: If you choose the types of air construction or a self-inflated, then you should select products with high technology. This is done to get the ease and convenience when you try to unroll it. You will easily unroll or set up the mats without any distraction. The swelling problems, usually based on the whole issue concerning the change process to the fullest. Or maybe you want to buy a product that can be inflated only by 4 or 5 times in a breath.
If you already know about the process of product selection, consider some of the points above will help you in purchasing. Then do not ever come out of consideration if you do not want to feel disappointed.

How to choose the best sleeping pad

Best sleeping pad reviews are not enough for you, if you do not have a standard of quality in selecting an item. At the present session, we try to give advice to let you easily get the best items as you wish. So how ideal to move to get the best sleeping pad? The answer can be immediately seen now.

  1. Consider the problem of quality and ratings: If you see a review of a product, note well how great the product rating. If the scale used was 1-5, then the value of 4 stars rated probably already quite reasonable. You have to pay attention to the problem rating because at least it is a quick overview of how the quality of the product.
  2. Consider the price issue: In addition to rating, you also have to consider the issue price. To get the best sleeping pads, you are not enough to just rely on one option only. You must have at least given a choice of 10 brands to choose from. The 10 choices you have, you will only choose one, if you could combine the consideration of the price and choose the best rating for the item, then you will soon get the best product quickly.
  3. Consider the purchasing package. In the package, what can be obtained by consumers of the product? If the distributor offers some additional interesting and wide range of after-sales service, so you can earn more profits. Therefore, you can not underestimate it just because there are some important things that should be considered immediately. In resolving the issue of the selecting best products, the benefits of purchasing the package had to be really serious.

By following these three important tips above, you will easily get the desired variety of products without having to feel disappointed. Make sure your choice fell on the best items, and not only false promises.

Something You Should Know About Best sleeping pad

Before you buy a sleeping mat, you should really learn some steps that can be obtained through a trial. If you get the best answer, then your work will go well. Now you have to learn some of the following important points related to sleeping pads problems that must be known:

  • Durability: Sleeping pads must have good resistance against all terrain and weather. The function of sleeping mat is as a main tool in your trip. So as much as possible, the product must have endurance. This is done so that you can easily get the option as desired. If the pads are able to survive, then the product can be regarded as the best product.
  • Pressure: Between pressure and body weight, each of them has impact. Every product has a pressure boundary respectively. So you can measure how strong a sleeping pad support the weight of your body while you try to lie down on it. Usually information about the pressure also listed on the product as a complementary part.
  • Thermal: The heat and warmth is one of the unique features of the sleeping pad. Almost all products made with heat resistant features include. Indeed most, the sleeping pads are the adventurer who passed through the sub-tropical or maybe even pole. So that the super cold weather and the climate becomes a major challenge that must be faced.

Thus some additional information that will increase your insight regarding the sleeping mats. If you get a product selection, purchasing and achieve immediate opportunity to enjoy the warmth of the joint.

How do We Test Best sleeping pad

Before we came to the conclusion about the best products, certainly appraisal system is not only based on the information provided by the product manufacturer. We do direct test involving 10 crews plus the random interview includes 50 samples obtained by traveling around the world. We’ve been through the Andes, the Gobi, the Sahara, the Alps and Mount Everest to obtain valid data on dozens of sleeping pads quality test. After that, we tried to compare the results of our own tests with interviews with consumers. The results from the combination of these, then we enter the “secret formula” to get the best and complete conclusion about the product that is being sought.

As a disclaimer: Every product that is tested is an item that we buy. None of the manufacturers lend or give their products for us. This is done to avoid the subjective views and invalid review. Therefore, the results of reviews that we present to you are actually based on an objective view.

Our Pick

TETON Sports Camp Cot Pad
After touring, performing tight test as well as the filtering process is quite tight, we finally settled on TETON Sports Camp Cot Pad. Only in passing, we immediately feel a slight vibration in love with the product. This is realized by the continuity in the development process so as to get the best camping sleeping pad; the process can be done easily. TETON Sports Camp Cot Pad clearly has many advantages over other products. Another advantage of this product is that only weighs about 13 pounds, not heavy and easy to carry. If you are looking for a thin product, Teton may be a better choice because the thickness of TETON Sports Camp Cot Pad only about 2 inches. The other side of TETON Sports Camp Cot Pad is the product’s ability to survive in any temperature. Whether you are in the extreme frozen plain like Mount Everest, or you’re exploring the Sahara desert. To clean TETON Sports Camp Cot Pad, you simply use anti-bacterial wipes. Or you can use lemon liquid to clean the surface of the pads in case of difficulty cleaning.

Another advantage of TETON Sports Camp Cot Pad is the ease to roll out or roll in. you can quickly unroll it as soon as you need. For the problem of odor, Teton may have a slight odor. But the smell was not going to last long and will disappear once exposed to the outside air. Based some important factors above, we finally decided to choose TETON Sports Camp Cot Pad as an option. Now all the options are in your hand, whether you follow our suggestions or have their own preference, but in essence, you have to be really prudent in choosing the items to be purchased.


Once you get information about camping sleeping pad reviews, of course you will easily get the best sleeping pad as desired. As we just try to give you the understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of a product. Choosing a product before buying is commonly done by each consumer. You should really learn how to get the best answer so that the electoral process can take place quickly without causing any problems. Interesting improvements side that we find in the selection of best sleeping pads above is based on our experience to test these products directly. So we really understand how the sensation obtained when consumers use it. In the end, we hope that you really get what is sought as expected. If you want to ask something, feel free to submit your question here.

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