Best Office Chair for Back Pain

Setting up chair for your office is a hard task to do as it has to be suitable to needs for both comfort and good things for back. Doing many duties in a rush and high tense makes some workers are not enjoying their times in working. That is why chair selection comes more essential to choose best office chair for back pain. When there is good way to change habit in sitting and spending 8 hours of working and refine back pain, then it goes chair for solving that. Some issues come crazily like sitting too much can make people get problem in cardiovascular and things related to that but fact tells different from studies.

Studies revealed that there is no evidence to prove that sitting too much is able to bring cardiovascular problem and it’s worse than smoking effect. Studies said quality of chair is able to improve work place and comfort in sitting. It’s great when it has to be chosen for better quality and comfort in working and good condition in back and structure of feet bones, select the best one to get working better and performance both for body and work well.

Overview of the Best Office Chair for Back Pain reviews

Study found that best office chair for back pain is able to improve much on back health. Medical world has also said that one of the riskiest of back pain is from ways we sit. Ways of sittings impact so much on back pain. Bad quality of chair also makes it true. Poor chair is a bit too dangerous for back. Right and ergonomic chair with training is useful for reducing back pain. When users have had wrist or back problem, maintaining in poor chair is going to be worse. It also included when there is no right posture to make it out from strain. In choosing best chair for office with high comfort, there are many factors to choose like things in material, shape, size and design.

Why it should be design? Not all design of chair is amazing for health especially for back health. Choose shape and design that has good and positive for health. Some consultants and physicians recommend having chair like Embody that has features like unique explosions and exoskeleton by mimic of human. The other things are about material. Make sure that all good things and considerations are related to quality of health impact. Material is recommended for flexibility. The more flexible and elastic but firm in construction is able to give positive health design and a bit supportive for back health.

Top Rated Office Chairs for Back Pain 

Aeron Chair by Herman Miller

Aeron Chair by Herman Miller

When you notice that back pain needs a remedy or relief, Aeron Chair by Herman Miller comes immediately to you. Not surprising indeed if Aeron was developed so far, jumps beyond our imagination. That’s main reason we have to pick Aeron on top of our list. Curious to find out? Beware!

  • Herman Miller’s have decided Kinemat® tilt mechanism to patent, relieving any problem related with neck, hips, shoulders, ankles pivot and knees without chemical involved.
  • Special breathable Pellicle suspension inspires us in conducting some issues, but yet dissipates our thermal heat in body that raging when working on office or field. Making you stay cool, still comfort even during hardwork and hot temperature, unparralleled support also given to you.
  • front edge of the seat designed with “waterfall”, symbolize pressure to relief fatigue, in result, blood remain circulate over & over, staying alert & more concern or focus without disturbed
  • You’ll feel superior comfort everytime sitting on the chair, what you expect from a “work chair.” is provided including body support and back pain remedy.
  • 12 year warranty, it’s amazing since you can rely on Herman Miller for a long term. Enjoying free parts replacement and gaining some benefit also.

Steelcase Leap Fabric Chair

Steelcase Leap Fabric Chair

Easy to carry and looking cool as a portable furniture, Steelcase Leap Fabric Chair was upgraded into great level stuff. If arguing with previous design, you’d be wrong because some negative things that they previously owned now gone. Considering new design of Steelcase Leap makes us confident, moreover Fabric Chair turns the step in developing back pain reliever seat.

  • Steelcase’s could consider as best ergonomic chair since it cost low, affordable and also saving budget. Ergonomic comfort encouraged by livelumbar technology which flexes its movement.
  • Liveback imitate your movement even any shape you made during work day, stretching hands, jumping, wrecking neck, etc. the leap chair’s back always match its form to make you comfort, the shape is flexible, can change everything making movement.
  • Natural glide system to make employer reclining, the result they stay focus on reaching job.
  • Forming varied postures because Steelcase has less static load lies on spine.
  • Cradle to Cradle Certification – Silver. Wanna get eco friendly product? This Steelcase Leap has powerful material with 30 percent recycled content making friendly thing for our ecosystem.
  • Scs indoor advantage certified. It enables to detect low quality pressure, so sitting won’t be hurtful like others.
  • 15 years warranty makes you stay confirmed with many possibility.

Mirra Chair by Herman Miller

Mirra Chair by Herman Miller

If talking about best office chair for back pain, won’t be completed without involving Mirra Chair. Mirra has beautiful outlook and having great impact for back. Relieving back pain quickly without doubt makes them special. Mirra chair provides multiple answers for your problem even if it seems hard to solve. Indeed you need to read review before.

  • There’s a myth, when you could win the game, the relieving process runs quickly. It confirm any Firm, also flexible Polymer back yields that stay in line with user’s body shape. Important to give support for all spine. So every movement of your body covered well, Mirra does it for you.
  • Mirra’s mesh seating surface shares your weight perfectly while on same time dissipates body heat without mistakenly distribute others
  • Harmonic Tilt mechanism built inside to enhance pivot points which very balance for knee, hip and ankle indeed.
  • 12 years warranty involved for every Herman Miller office chair for back pain product.
  • GREENGUARDTM certified, built with mostly recyclable material (96 percent) , and composed from 42 percent recycled materials.
  • It guarantee satisfaction which can’t be found from other brand. During seating, feel massage sensation as you want.

Eurotech Seating Ergohuman Collection High Back Ergonomic Chair

Eurotech Seating Ergohuman Collection High Back Ergonomic Chair

If we leave out Erotech Seating in best ergonomic office chair, we may lost our mind. Eventhough in single sight, you’ll realize its ability. So don’t argue with Eurotech, just let everything goes well as it was. Impatient to feel the sensation? Read our review first!

  • The depth is adjustable, enables ergonomic pros encouraging comfort, no matter if you tall or short, just stay relax and comfort
  • Seat height could be adjusted, helping to stimulate circulation of vein in pumping blood properly
  • Back height encourages optimum shape, changing as you need and doing anything instantly for back
  • Change back angle like what you want
  • Armrests help could be reduced also, in stressing moment for muscles or the upper back even for shoulder
  • Built with 90 percent recyclable material, enabling us to take benefits from it. If confuse, just rely on certain situation. 35 materials used to build is recycled material, so it’s considered as best eco friendly seat with many benefits along in single seat.
  • 15 years warranty included, but not covering surface leather replacement. The frame is covered, but not for sponge.
  • Automatically changing shape following your movements. So just stretch your body along the seat, feel relaxation sensation

SPACE Seating Professional by Office Star

SPACE Seating Professional by Office Star

There’s no choice bigger than SPACE Seating Professional which Office Star made recently. They took good point when designing high class office chair. Involving many criteria along at one point, SPACE have monumental step in the market. Good feedback from customers be a proof that Office Stars successfully lead the market to their hands.

  • Buying best office chair for back pain may lead you to get Eco Leather seat. Having mesh siding that maximize breath ability and giving extra comfort even when not needed. SPACE is best product to consider, remembering that SPACE involves special engagement for other.
  • Pneumatic Seat Height need 1 touch only, adjust as you want without difficult. So working all day feels like going home early.
  • 2-to-1 Synchro Tilt Control installed for this chair, set Tilt Tension like you want, get more comfort during siting and laying, even relieving exhaust instantly.
  • Soft PU Pads is adjustable, set it and match with the arm needed, make sure you touch straight point if you wanna get more patented quality.
  • Heavy Duty Angled Nylon used to sew entire surface while oversized Dual Wheel Carpet Casters complete anything well.
  • We don’t wanna get important point, but 12 years warranty seems fair since you can organize your job easily.

Boss Black LeatherPlus Executive Chair

Boss Black LeatherPlus Executive Chair

Boss Black Executive Chair maybe less popular than Office Stars, but for sure, their quality & satisfaction guarantee can’t be compared. Moreover when discussing about Boss Black chair, mostly we found difficulties in determining whether it’s good or not. I’m sure Boss Black takes this on different side. Just look our review below:

  • Aluminum metal magnets used to enhance safety and comfort, it reaches 3×2 inches, thick enough to protect you from dangerous possibility.
  • Clean with Mild Soap and Water is formed on every side of chair makes it more beautiful.
  • Boss Black provides lumbar support also relief pneumatic trauma, while the seat height is adjustable. Set it as needed to gain max result.
  • Black Leather for upholstery covering entire surface beautifully; waterfall seat design is special technology used to reduce leg fatigue, feel healing sensation well.
  • Upright locking position to keep your position, you won’t slide down. Adjustable tilt tension control enables you to set as needed.
  • Maximum weight accommodated is around 245 pounds. If you’re more than it, you need to install additional stand holder to strengthen chair position.
  • 15 years warranty keep you stay longer, enjoying comfort with no fear to charge extra fees.
  • Hundreds of benefits also included.

Alera Elusion Series

Alera Elusion Series

Alera Elusion makes everything becomes easy, because you can rely on Alera for best office chair for back pain. When need a relief, they’ll help you out from the discussion. After enjoying Alera Elusion, you’ll surely realize its difference comparing with other products.

  • Adjusting control in form of Ergonomic design match with multiple users. No worry again if confronting with office chair, no matter how much weight, they able to accommodate you.
  • Cool, breathable mesh back helping you breath freely, freer without distraction like having asthma and make you stay safely, comfortably and have wide experience.
  • Contoured seat cushion design make it eye catching, premium fabric upholstery on entire surface makes beauty comes instantly and waterfall edge reduces leg pressure also back pain as well.
  • 12 years warranty with free part replacement and labor is free everytime you go, you need no worry.
  • 45 percent of total materials used is recycled material, either metal & plastic. While more than 95 materials could be recycled in the future for saving earth from further destruction.
  • Great workmanship mirrored from every shape of Alera. Detail in contour and upholstery becomes its pros.
  • You’ll find any product stands on same level as Alera.

General Features

There are many questions like what causes lower and upper back pain. It’s actually relative and various. Various factors mean that back pain comes from things like bad workout, too much in sitting with poor quality of chair, lack of water and nutrition and more.

Office Chair for Backs Pain FAQ

What is office chairs for back pain?

Chair may have dozens of variants depending on the use and design, could be conventional chair, bench, seat or whatever. But now we are talking about office chair where you will be sitting there for a long enough periods constantly and regularly. Office chairs or other office furniture is furniture designed to accommodate your job in order to feel more comfortable. Start with chair design where development is done based on an office worker need. The office chair is made to enable person obtaining high mobility, flexibility and comfort. This chair is made with rotating design, has a tire sets designed to help users mobility. Usually have support for your back as a major asset, in some types also support head rest support. Although has been developed since 19th century, but these developments have not produced a satisfactory result. Companies compete to show best office chair design in order to win competition among major brand in the world.

Maintaining harmony heritage sometimes make you forget that your back or neck can be problematic when sitting for a long time. You need a quick break to enjoy privilege. Office chair will make your job seem easy and fun while relieving back pain. Siting within 5 to 9 hours is not impossible. You’ll still feel comfortable, safe and above all safe from tampering. In fact, there are several advantages when relying on special chair. Now start searching based on reviews above.

Who is this for?

Spending more than eight hours of working and sitting with medium quality of chair is going to bring problems for back health. It’s been said that back pain for over time workers is riskier than regular worker that only spending less than 8 hours of sitting. This chair is clearly for those workers that do regular work in 8 hours or more of sitting. Bad selection in choosing chair causes back problem and that is why ergonomic office chair is truly recommended especially that promotes support for back health and good posture. There is no doubt when back rest, arm rest and material are best so there reduces back pain and health problem related to back bones. No wonder when officers have spent thousand dollars to support chair things, their employees also do good work as its comfort in sitting.

Besides this is for workers who spend more than 8 hours, this back support chair for office is also good for home owners that use to spend in office room. It’s indeed done for office working but when there are over load desks, home is second office that is not able to be avoided by workaholic. Although it’s not good but having to do all desks and duties in home is unpreventable. It’s common and good when both home owners and workers do have picky research on choosing back pain office chair. Why don’t we save our back future when there are lots of ways to make it better?

Why does it have to be back pain chair?

When world has been declaring that safe working is all about supportive work between employee and employers, there are many corporate that grow their terms and conditions especially in recruiting and insurance terms. Flexibility, comfort, fun and safe are just things that now turns into obligation that almost all corporate follow as it has been common rules of employment. Employee has to get their right like health insurance, “comfort” environment. One of good deal between employee and employers are about good interior and fun features of job desk. Imagine if all employees get their comfort zone in office, how many better works and performance exist there? It is able to start in providing good chair especially office chair that can reduce back pain.

We all know that back pain is common problem for employee that spends 8 hours working on chair. This chair has been common in office world. Reason why it has to be special chair is the health issue laid there because it’s about avoiding back problem that is exactly risky for performance of employee. Back pain is simple but when there is no action, it’s to be further problem especially in back. Some studies revealed that people who sit more than hours in working, more factor risks in back pain and stress are higher than common. There are many reasons why choosing best office chair is really a thing. It’s all about saving good performance of doing command creativity. It is about investing back health for better performance.

Types of Office Chair for Backs Pain

Development of office chairs is really remarkable; producers are vying to develop design and innovation to be offered to consumers. Departing from constantly changing needs, manufacturers recognize that chair development should be taken through the line of reasonable limits. Times in fact give birth to different needs in which adapting become a must. For direction of further developments can be completed any time without tendency to make consumers feel uncomfortable. Now let’s discover several most popular types of office chairs found on market:

  • Seat assignment
    Task Chairs type is only providing back support without headrests and lumbar support. Makes task chair seems less comfortable chair when used in long term usage. Deal with resting needs will make user convenience feels different. But task chair offers a wider space, just adjust chair height according to space and needs. This chair type was made to make working day feel comfortable without a hitch.
  • Mid sized chair
    Mid sized chair is another recommended office chair. This seat offers more features than task chair & when returning from your job will be fresher. Sat more than 6 hours though, user will feel comfortable without interruption, so that working will be more fun. If you want leaned enough with spread arms. Some large manufacturers such as Aeron and Herman Miller try to continue developing mid sized chair for user comfort.
  • Executive
    Executive chair requires relatively luxurious and elegant design thus sacrificing ergonomic and eco-friendly. Sometimes made with materials not environmentally friendly because they want to make a chair with a focus on comfort and appearance only. The chair is designed to sit for nine hours so imagine how attempts were made to develop. In terms of price, executive chair is also most expensive. However it has full support for back and head rest. 

Ergonomics Design

History of office chairs development began in circa 1890s where comfort is a top priority without considering other factors. Arriving on 70s, some companies think about ergonomic design as a special idea to be understood adequately, considering other factors besides lowering cost production also maintain the selling price relatively affordable. Subsequent developments led to better technology to help users get their needs met all times. Start with adjustable seat’s arm, holding, spine, back part of the seat, back support, adjust seat height at will to prevent sudden injury. In addition, the adjustment factor occurs because users complained about repetitive stress, pain on back and neck area, as well as all diseases associated with sitting on wrong gesture. If people sit for long periods, they tend to experience several problems. The main factor leads some complaints about back and neck area dominate what manufacturers consider to design a chair as needed. In the future, the best office chair for back pain becomes main tagline on market. Ergonomic chair is a vital necessity for high enough urgent levels. Beginning with standardized and verified design development until some other benchmark. Considering these issues will drive you get correct and feasible information. Here are some standard designs for testing office chair quality:

  • EN 1335: 2012
  • DIN 4551
  • ANSI / BIFMA X 5.1
  • DIN EN 1335
  • EN 1728: 2012

What to look for when buying and comparing Ergonomic Office Chair

In choosing ergonomic chair considerations are waited buyers to look at so there is no regret in future when back pain is coming. Common things to consider before buying are about design, size, shape and material. Good and proper features are best thing to know more about considerations in selecting best one. Examining one by one feature is not easy as we have to know all details and feel when it’s been being tested and then share those things for buyers that have plan to buy office chair. Hard work has been done to provide and make sure that all employee are enjoying their fun time in working with good and best office chair.


There are lots of manufactures in office chair including traditional carpenter to high and advanced manufactures that provide best feature in office. First thing to consider before buying this superb furniture is its design Although buyers have no idea on searching best furniture in deep details but to make no regret, deep search and research about certain manufacturer is far better than doing nothing to know what they are going to buy especially chair. Best furniture is all about fulfilling needs. Best chair for office must be designed by designer that has capability in back pain. That pain is ever happened for people that have problem in back pain due to working.

Designer of office chair or manufacturer has to be person that knows back health and sitting and sear things around there. Why so? Known and well knowledge in fashion is good for this issue. Design included shape of back rest and whole package of office chair for back pain. It’s useless when buyers have to see common chair but no knowledge about that cool stuff in office because every detail has to be examined and explained well through common meeting like in this article. Design also included material, size and features.


Material of office chair that is good for back problem has to be durable, sturdy and light. Durable and sturdy is about saving future budget in buying same chair then light is about how its flexibility to move there and here. The most important thing in choosing best material for office chair is its padding or cover. It has to be long comfortable to sit for long period of sitting. Best one is padding with good ability in breathing is better for hard surface of chair. So it’s crystal clear that material is also crucial for quality of sitting


Talking about size of office chair that is able to reduce back pain and improve quality of back health, then it has to be height and width and depth. Height is common thing but there are many people that are careless about this little thing because all considerations especially sizes of chair impact to back health and performance itself. Common height is about 16” to 21” measured off the floor. It allows users to have good rest of leg. Width of this furniture also has to be 17’ to 20’ in standard measurement. Meanwhile, depth is different and it’s about 2” to 4” between knee and back. If it sounds confusing, make sure that buyers choose flexible one. It’s useless when users are not able to get their comfort so size and all sub ideas on choosing best chair for office because of pressing budget but actually its gives bad impact for users.


Shape of best ergonomic office chair is really important after material and size itself. Although size is able to be made and selected well by buyers but its far better to choose shape also. It is more crucial because one of reason why employee gets problems in comfort is shape of chair that does not support back rest. Back rest is one of part in chair that provides more comfort. Shape selection has to be about back rest and arm rest and more. Back rest is important part because it causes and answers whether the way of sitting meets no problem. Good shape is able to support flexibility in sitting. Arm rest is also another issue that is hard to be back because it’s going to be about one package with back rest so it’s better to do good considerations and it all depends on both size and material.

Benefits of Having Best Office Chair for Back Pain

There are many regulations that lay under working laws in every country in this world. The most essential rule that almost all corporate have is 8 hours working where it is able to be good things for production but not too good for health. One thing realized in working world, 8 hours is just not about spending or using for productivity but also about health problem that is going to relate that long time. It has been possibly a common rule in professional world but as insurance and fixtures support in there, it’s been claimed that there is no problem in comfort and productivity. One of providing stuff for employee to enjoy their time of working is office chair for back pain? What is actually good office chair?

Spending more than 8 hours or exactly 8 hours is going to bring back problem when it’s gone too far. Although it’s written 8 hours, extra duties are preventable things in professional world especially last minute of getting done all tasks. Office chair for back pain is a chair that is specially design with ergonomic shape and support so it’s so useful for all employee or another worker that spend 8 hours or more than 8 hours of sitting in front of computer or desk. Most of them come with high back rest and smooth cover so it makes sitting more comfortable to let it more breathes. Cover is in form of padding or perfect shape of sitting.

Our Pick

Aeron Chair by Herman Miller
Herman Miller tried to jump higher in manufacturing office chairs. Result obtained was extraordinary, look at Aeron chair making process in which the developmental process requires at least 3 years. Testing for 6 months as well as some other actions in total spent about 4 years. That fact really made us surprised and amazed considering Herman Miller seriousness in designing office chair. Then Aeron Chairs deserve to be in best product list considering some features provided is a new innovation and not all manufacturers are able to imitate. Ergonomic remains the main concepts for Aeron, so the selecting material process, manufacturing processes and other things done seriously. No slight defects found although some points are already considered to be outside the limits. 95 percent of materials used are recyclable so that when it is not used can be brought to recycling center. While 25 percent of total, uses recycled material. If discussing eco friendly, then Aeron Chair is a few steps ahead. Almost no strong contender for that category, but only few producers. In a matter of convenience, the surface is made with a soft and padded material. Can be adjusted to user’s body shape when he sat down. Thus back support and head support is very flexible to fit primary user needs. During the phase of use, users will feel some progress on back pain, pain tends to disappear and cause a relaxing effect.

Aeron Chair by Herman Miller


After reading all reviews and some important information related to office chair for back pain, you can choose desired product to be purchased. We’re working hard to bring relevant information to you. To compile reviews above, each product purchased directly without any help from manufacturer. Done to maintain objectivity of assessment for each product so that what is shown in accordance with reality. The fact happened is so, great hope has been brought to us in order to continue maintaining good news quality when testing quality process as well as preparation of drafted review. The writing review process seems like most important point because it involves best results with certainty. Best effort built, would appear shortages. We’re also aware to satisfy all reader, pleasing and enjoying information, a big apology to all of you for committing mistake. While pricing information is not displayed due to price changes occur so quickly out of range so it is better to refer directly to official site. While the presentation and review quality is our responsibility as a critic. Accountability of all posts is a right that cannot be sued, all arranged in convincing and reliable so as to make reader feel satisfied. If you have several questions about best office chair for all problems including back pain, submit your question via contact center listed above. You’ll be directly linked to customer service with friendliness and gentleness.

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