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Multi-meters are tools that have been used for engineers in common or homeowners that have a hobby to fix or service electronics. Not all homeowners like that but when it’s come for the hobby in doing something in electronic, multi-meters have been general tool before starting a process of fixation. It is used for measuring many things like voltage, frequency, temperature, resistance, and more. There are two types that have been well known in the market. They are digital as known as DMMs or analog also known as VOMs. Many considerations have been published in most blogs but to see it; sometimes reviews are important in choosing what type buyers should choose. In this fast growing of technology, digital has been more popular than analog because it requires high flexibility and many functions. That is why most of the people now come preferring digital one because it offers many features and more safety. Things to choose are various. From seeing reviews, basic knowledge and more about types are important before buying multi-meters. So here are our brief explanations in multi-meters.


Overview of the Best Multimeter Reviews

Are you having a high interest on electronic and about to buy multimeters? Or are you an engineer that is a newbie to choose a great tool like meter? Yes, there is a meter that has a function to measure frequency, resistance, voltage, and temperature. Almost all electronic tests require this tool before every process is going to be done. It’s important to know all condition in electronics. It helps to recognize issues happened in every kind of electronic. Since the price is quite high, it’s important to choose best multi-meter. No matter its analog or digital, it needs to be considered well. Read reviews as much as you can to know what best fit to budget and needs. Make this in mind that most of good meters come with price more than $800. Some engineers doubt to have meters that are less than $1000 because it’s also a matter of safety. Imagine a unit that is less than $800, how is cover, how’s the unit and more. It’s series of questions. Choosing it requires reading. Here we are giving short and comprehensive both reviews and basic knowledge before buying. Users knowledge is far more important than considerations sometimes as it’s necessary to know ways using it and ways to maintain it.

Top Rated Digital Multimeters

If you start with question “where to buy a multimeter?”, The answer to that question is easy to find. Read these reviews: 

Fluke 87-V Digital Multimeter Reviews

Fluke 87-V Digital Multimeter ReviewDigital multimeter becomes a mandatory requirement when a carpenter, engineer or machinist trying to finish the job. Fluke 87-V is the best option after failed using another multimeter failed to get the maximum result. Thus, Fluke 87-V tries to provide the best features to get the optimum result.

  • Made from high-quality plastic, very durable against defection or rotten, when using for the long term, problems won’t come.
  • Imported from Japan manufacturer, a country well-known for its product quality.
  • Auto & manual ranging for maximum flexibility, measuring frequency and voltage in more accurate data, showing number three decimal digits making electricity on every device measurable. Fluke 87-V is working on double AAA batteries.
  • Analog bar graph for fast changing or unstable signals, turning measuring method from digital to analog is possible, analog bar graph Provided as an additional method in case of fast changing need or some disturbance (unstable signal) happens.
  • Measuring range Reaches 10 A, 20 A need only 30 seconds
  • Filtering is done accurately, using tight selection to calculate accurate voltage
  • Audible warning namely voice alerts or warning signal in case wrong use of input jacks did try to put a negative to negative; it’ll alarm you.
  • Two years warranty provided. Electronic gear guaranteed for two years, giving a guarantee of use for the user.
  • Use as fulfillment discretion in choosing different digital voltmeter with Fluke 116.

Fieldpiece HS36 Expandable Autoranging True RMS Stick Multimeter

Fieldpiece HS36 Expandable Autoranging True RMS Stick MultimeterFieldpiece HS 36 appears to be massive selection when need a primary tool for electricians increasingly urgent. Fieldpiece HS36 Stick Expandable Autoranging True RMS Multimeter proves its capacity as best multimeter digital for complete functionality and resistance to extreme conditions.

  • HS36 using multi Fieldpiece head. The feature was developed to obtain a clearer measurement on each device. Ease of reaching variety of devices becomes another product advantage. Besides easy to use, Fieldpiece head allows the user to change size precisely.
  • Auto start mode, measuring stick on surface of measured device, measurement is started immediately without pushing any button. Suddenly Appears Very accurate result.
  • NCV feature will be sensible for any electric signal, detecting 24VAC for thermostat without making disturbance. This Non-Contact Voltage Indication feature making different result if applied correctly.
  • Hi-V LED / Pager for more 30V circuit so as to accommodate high voltage measurements on even though other tools cannot do.
  • Backlit bright LED displays important information if the circuit is open or closed.
  • Fire diode current in heating control can be measured quickly with Microamps, making electric controlled without insistence. Capacitance available for essential needs, capacitor run motors or motor-start.

Owon HDS1021M Series HDS Handheld Digital Storage Oscilloscope and Digital Multimeter

Owon HDS1021M SeriesEntrust needs electricity and voltage measurement using Owon is one of the easy methods to solve problems. In addition to attractive features, advanced technology makes easy work completed. Even technicians can perform various measurements at the same time without having to replace the device.

  • Adaptive Handheld Unit, able to work in a variety jobs makes technicians easily complete a task without changing tools. Creating policies in spending cuts are running optimally. 20 MHz digital oscilloscope is the first choice in resolving measuring frequency. Calculation of single-channel to ensure electrical signal recorded perfectly.
  • Measurements ability of this best digital multimeter capable of covering current, capacitance, voltage, electrical signals and other heavy duty.
  • 100 MS / s oscilloscope is the perfect value of real-time sample rate maximum length of 6,000 points was also obtained to measure waveform details.
  • It has two features, auto start / manual start, select one when used in measuring process. easily developed, not cause interference, accurate results.
  • 5 “color TFT-LCD provides a variety information about data, measurement results, an indication measurement errors and changes in value.
  • Having a certificate covering international standards EN 61010-1: 2001 safety standards, included in the installation of 400V CAT II top rankings.
  • 2 years warranty accompanies user, they can be free to determine when to use those tools.

Craftsman 11-function Auto Range Digital Multimeter

Craftsman 11-function Auto Range Digital Multi-meterHow to use multimeters? Ask Craftsman 11-function Multimeters Auto Range Digital Multi-meter, which has the ability to measure almost any requirement. For electricians, they’ll find different functions at one device. Saving for expenditure into profits, technicians will like.

  • compact sized Auto range multimeter with multiple functions. One of them is test car battery with, rms automotive tester, and measurement of voltage, amperage, Ohm and other activities.
  • Considered equivalent to Mastech multimeter, digital multimeters craftsman, Klein multimeters, Fluke digital multimeters, and Extech multimeters. They are on same level thus user could rely on.
  • Climate control and measurement using several units, including Kelvin, Fahrenheit, ampere, volt, and wattage.
  • The auto ranging model was developed with advanced technology, have advanced functionality to help engineers to work easily on capacitance and frequency. Usage is quite easy because it supported auto start. Although manual start provided as well, so that user selects method as needed.
  • Non-Contact Voltage Detector with a built-in flashlight provided in the package.
  • Do not have a backlight, need light to read measuring information. Do not be afraid to try; all sizes available unclear. No need other equipment.
  • Empowered by 2 AA batteries. Imported from China, but shipped from the USA. Getting international standard certificates for various purposes.

AMPROBE AM-510 Commercial / Residential Multimeter

Amprobe AM-510 Commercial/Residential MultimeterAMPROBE proved resilient in all activities, measure voltage, amperage meter, making fast starting capacitor. Accuracy calculation error at low levels has a unique and attractive design. AMPROBE really prove class when writing best multimeter reviews starts.

  • Following types of voltage, ranging from AC / DC, AC / DC up to 600V current and resistance. Measuring frequency when necessary, use of capacitance, measuring cycles, testing car battery. Need for all measurements is main pros of AMPROBE. They’ll give you full mains voltage result.
  • Full feature provides different detection and measurement needs, including non-contact voltage detection, diode test, and audible continuity.
  • Wide backlit LCD screen continuously on giving data are relatively zero mode.
  • Very durable till 10 years using will not get defected, rubber over molded enclosure & coat outside of body to its hardiness, was not damaged even falling.
  • Safety Rated: 600V CAT III. Important to know safety certificate is at right standard.
  • AM-510 Commercial / Residential Multimeter designed for commercial and residential use. The use includes taking the measurements of voltage, current, capacitance, resistance, cycles, battery testing.
  • Double AAA batteries required keeping meter still works well. The need of protection may be provided instantly.
  • 1-year warranty covering electronic and parts replacement. Users won’t feel desperate in case bad thing happens.

BK Precision 2709B Auto-Ranging, True RMS Digital Multimeter

BK Precision 2709B Auto-RangingBK Precision 2709B is recommended items in our best automotive digital multimeter review. Explanation about toughness of this product gives a good reason why BK Precision should be selected. If it had, BK Precision able to check fast voltage measurement. Some advanced and attractive features paired in order to help the user.

  • A multi-integrated digital meter capable of checking measurement of various requirements such as resistance, frequency, current voltage, testing any battery types. Meeting the needs of some measurement needs at once. Make technicians work easier, save time.
  • Known as the real meter RMS (root mean square) due to the ability of calculation accuracy of any appropriate measuring. Minimal error margin, all data including linear or non-linear loads, even though distorted waves can be calculated using these tools.
  • Continuity sensors work on defining electrical circuit thus makes more valid measurement. Used for diode testing, detecting electrical circuit without interference.
  • LCD backlit assist for reading when the light is dim, making the results more watchable. minimum value of data or information provided in detailed but easy to understand.
  • It has been certified by International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) 61010 safety standards.
  • Users should certainly consider safety factor of product; BK Precision will provide you.
  • 2 years warranty Includes electricity. Shipped from USA, international shipping ineligible.
  • Product weight Reaches 2 pounds.

Etekcity MSR-U1000 Autoranging Digital Multimeter

Etekcity MSR-U1000 Autoranging Digital MultimeterEtekcity MSR-U1000 considered as best leading auto ranging and best-ohm meter. Why is that so? Etekcity product dares to give security assurances against smoothness of measuring process. Reducing margin error on accuracy of results. Etekcity ability will help you to work.

  • Test AC / DC voltage and current rigor. Etekcity ability to measure resistance, current, voltage and capacitance no doubt
  • In examining frequency, some important factors are seen as frequency response and liability ratio showing positive results.
  • Used also for diode testing, testing for semiconductor triode, even listen to the continuity buzzer and other tools.
  • Providing accurate data will help technicians when measuring every action. As the process continues, the value and the data given in detail.
  • LCD backlit with light makes it easy for users to read when the light is low. Facilitate process of presenting data, making the measurement not disturbed.
  • Features auto start / manual start are available, restore measurements in relatively quick time. Make use of battery last longer when used in manual
  • Save power with auto sleep mode. The use of power saving features into the pros compared to similar products.
  • 2 years warranty is provided for replacement parts.
  • Maximum reading 4,000: 600 Volt overvoltage, 9999 frequency, analog bar graph 41 segments.

Extech EX330 Autoranging Mini Multimeter with Built-In Thermometer

Extech EX330 Autoranging Mini MultimeterActually, what best multimeter for HVAC? One of best voltage meter right now is an Extech EX330 Autoranging Mini Multimeter with Built-In Thermometer. Built with selection resources, having complete functions, includes many functions of disposable, easy to use in measurement process, easy to use and provided clear information.

  • Built-in non-contact AC voltage detector (NCV), suitable for measuring continuity, measurement is quite easy. Paste in the measured field then checks on the display. If it shows a perfect score, means Extech EX330 works well.
  • Able to provide information of value reaches 4000 count auto-ranging The information obtained through direct measurement. While not direct measurement may exceed the value should be. The ability of tool to measure value is definitely reason why was taken. Therefore, there should be thorough investigation for measuring issue.
  • measures duty cycle, AC / DC voltage and current, temperature, frequency and resistance
  • Cat III – 600V UL listed, guaranteed to provide great benefit to engineers when working with electricity. Ability to measurement, control, prevention bold action.
  • Includes Type K temperature probe, providing important information on development. Exceeding process of entering data.
  • Rubber holster protects meter, providing collection category in detail. Not involve use of size, frequency or DVOM meters.
  • 2 years warranty becomes a compelling offer, buyer should consider these guarantees to get best

Klein Tools MM1000 Electrician’s Multimeter

Klein Tools MM1000Klein Tools MM1000 indeed provides benefits to users completeness. Start from frequency measurement, continuity HVAC, electrical measurements of AC or DC, discover voltage of certain devices. Although using Klein Tools is still regarded as a false hope, but popularity of product are increasing consumer confidence.

  • Auto ranging voltage measurement. Provide information accurately, prevent occurrence of measurement errors of data, providing information without error. Approaching absolute value of voltage, cannot be obtained any other tool.
  • Backlit display. Enables users to read information from measurement while in dim light space area. The use of LED OLED lets users measure and calculate comparative data values without error. If so, using measurement will actually run smoothly
  • Measures AC / DC Voltage up to max 1000 Volt, the excessive value will be categorized with “UNL”. Measurement in small or large scale doesn’t matter, have appropriate calculation reality series, not make an error in data provision.
  • Measures AC / DC Current up to max 10 Amp. Counting high voltage electricity can be reached, counting from dynamo or electrical generator.
  • Includes thermocouple, useful for calculating battery voltage or amp. Series and parallel circuits not too problematic.
  • 2 years warranty, guarantees to users about reliability and security process. Great acts should be dealt with great tools.

Tekpower MS8264 30-Range Digital Multimeter

Tekpower MS8264 30-Range Digital MultimeterMeasurement of electrical voltage using a voltage meter easily performed with best ability product of Tekpower. They provide detailed information on providing measuring tools based on ability. Tekpower now regarded as one best brand as it has a multi-function. Besides ease of use, use Tekpower considered to assist in completing multiple works.

  • 3 1/2 digital back-lit LCD display to help reading information from the measuring result. Has a maximum value of reading reached 1,999 to give an accurate comparison to you. Scoring is based on function of frequency and voltage. OHM value search, search is continued in backlit.
  • Data Hold and Auto Power Off, facilitate temporary data storage if you want to store information for short periods. Won’t be lost even if you turn off the device. Easy to use because it serves as an auto-measure.
  • Works for various kinds of work includes testing for continuity test; as a measure of frequency, voltage, OHM, HVAC
  • It has special features to help users maximize the use of tools such as Auto power off resettable fuse inside.
  • Displays information about battery cover over range, Polarity, Low Battery. Data shown interest, enabling users to use TekPower in some work.
  • Already get international safety assurance, both ISO IEC1010-1 CAT II 1000V, and CAT III 600V or USA Global Standard Product. 1-year warranty is also accompanying this product.

Triplett 1101-B Compact Digital Multimeter

Triplett 1101-B Compact Digital MultimeterKlein, Craftsman, Mastech, and Tekpower get strong competition from Triplett 1101-B Compact Digital Multimeter. As one of best voltage tester with accurate measurement capabilities, Triplet seemed not to have barriers to entry in tight competition. With the 1101B series, they ready to challenge other brands.

  • Ability to measure almost any type of work, include coolant, sensors, vehicles, UPS’s, portable tools; Resistance of loudspeakers, wiring, and heat-sinks; battery voltage in security systems, enclosures, surfaces. With quite complete function, technician doesn’t need to look for additional tools to complete the job. Through these tools, they’re able to perform these functions properly.
  • This type of measurement can be done by Triplet including some cases, such as AC / DC Voltage (Data Provided up to 600 volts), DC Current, and Resistance Temperature. Completeness types also provide a great help to the engineers to complete the action in matters faster.
  • 3-1 / 2 digit (1999-count) display. Available along with backlit for easy reading of data quickly without a hitch. Make ease in finding information, shows accurate values, margin error is almost zero.
  • Auto power off will occur when the battery shows low-level System will store last measuring result, manufacturing electrical channel to discover smoothly real value of frequency or voltage.
  • Double insulated to prevent electrical short circuit. Features shock absorbing case prevent from damaged when it crashed, or overload measurement.

Multimeter Guide & FAQ

How to use a digital multimeter?

First thing to know before seeing ways to use meters is about part of meter itself. First is display where users are able to see 4 digits of measurement result. Some of them come with illuminated displays to get better view in low light condition. The second part is selection know that gives chances for users to set meters to read many kinds of measurements like current voltage, resistance, and others. Last part is ports. Two probes are going to be plugged into two ports. After knowing them, let’s just see how to measure with multi-meters. Try AA battery to measure.

  1. Plug black probe one into COM and then redone into MAV. Set DC with 2V
  2. After that, squeeze probes against + and – terminals with a little pressure
  3. If the battery used is fresh, voltage should be 1,5V
  4. When you are going to measure DC voltage, set the knob where the V has line that is straight.

Second try is about to measure resistance. Pick resistor randomly, and then set into 20k ohm. Make sure to hold probes against legs of resistors with same pressure as you press key on keyboard. It’ll read one of three things.

What to look for when buying or comparing digital multi-meter

When you are looking for best multi-meter, it actually depends on what you need them for whether you will use it for measuring temperatures, or others. Some goes with different price and different features, but there are several main points in choosing best meters

  • Accuracy is the primary thing in choosing this. Standard one is wise enough to buy. It has range from DMM one to analog that has had accuracy 2,5% or lower than that
  • Input impedance where it becomes the second consideration. If you go to DMM, so choose ones that have 10 Mohm or 1 Mohm for AC.
  • Features of measurements are also coming for good consideration as they are important to know worth of certain multi-meter. Do they measure AC, DC, resistance, diode check, temperature, humidity or others? It all depends on your need
  • Switch range way is not too special in basic needs, but it can be good consideration to take account. Go with automatic will be nice because this feature can be safe and useful for knowing high
  • Range measurement is also important due to its vital function. The wider range will be better.

Should we go Digital or Analog? 

When we are asked whether you should go for analog or Digital, you should ask yourself first. Both analog and digital are legit, and it all depends on your needs. Analog one is usually called as VOMs, and then digital one is DMMs. To know the difference, here are our brief explanations about both types. VOMs are actually good because the way reading it is much easier than DMMs. It also gives ease to see changing value in multi-meter. In DMMs, it is quite different because it has graph that tries to do a similar reading out as well as in VOM. In this modern era, it seems that everyone now goes to digital multi-meter because VOMs have several issues like lower input impedance. DMM has good impedance. Although it has no big effect when it has been doing in many circuits but sometimes it could be thing to watch out. Another reason why DMM is better than other is because additional features that VOMs don’t have. In time when technology has been growing so fast, finding best VOMs is hard because DMM manufacturers are bombing the product in the market. The conclusion is that DMM is better to get more features and ease.

What recommended features should be taken?

So it’s been a while after giving brief explanation why people should go for DMMs. It is quite a hard question as many people still believe that VOMs do better than DMMs but to be true, it talks about feature when it has come to consider before buying best multi-meter or picking best digital multi-meter. Basic things in having this meter are about accuracy, functionality, build quality, and calibration. Poor accuracy actually is not really a thing, but when it has become to make it better in term of working, accuracy gives better help. Regular calibration is able to give better accuracy. Third thing is functionality where it surely visits on additional feature on measurements like measuring diode, capacitance, temperature, and frequency. The last matter is about build quality. It’s all about safety issue. Fit and finish are a thing on high-quality meter. Unit should be guaranteed on durability. It’s quite hard when budget has become a matter of choosing, but it ignores some recommended features that have been the basic thing in choosing meter. That is why build quality is able to prove after years when it’s judged as most expensive one. You’ll get what you pay. 

How about Bench Meter? 

What is a digital multi-meter used for? It’s a simple question when some people have already VOMs or analog meter. Handheld multi-meters are various but when it’s been advanced, and you’re not satisfied with performance of DMMs, some improved or refined tool is bench meters where it used to be used by professional engineers. Some of them prefer to use bench meter than VOMs or DMMs. High-end handheld multi-meters offer superior features. It’s the best option after DMM. To choose more advanced tool in measurement, don’t ever take cheap offer. In electronic or even serious tool like meter, don’t take seriously on offer less than $800. Money talks a lot about quality. Choosing bench meters that come less than $1000, it’s too risky. Most recommended handheld meters come from Fluke multi-meter or Agilent. Some people may ask why regular DMM is not enough. This is all about refinement and better result of measurement to get best fixation in your car or electronics. Once we know more about details like frequency, temperature or others, it’s more delightful. Some engineers agree that buying high-quality one is far better and saving more budgets as it offers high durability and good functionality. 

How much safety should we consider?

Almost all people or even engineers never want to take any risk in refining something especially in electronic stuff. When it’s come to test circuits that have more than 30 voltages, it needs to think a lot about the best multi-meter that has been designed with high safety. It starts from unit. Does it stand years and it’s far from corrosive or impacted danger? In choosing best meters, looking for and thinking measurement rating is indeed good and giving good impact on being picky in accuracy and result but before thinking about rating, CAT III or others, you’d better go to see design of meters you’ll choose. You have to see how the internal shields are and do it have internal blast? Do they have wide flanges preventing fingers from slipping? It actually can be seen on probe to see how much width of flanges. All of parts in meter have sensitive effect on every single thing you do with meters. Everything that runs in electronic and AC/DC will always have risks but with high safety and high standard of safety designed in handheld multi-meter is going to prevent any worst risk happened when running work about checking voltage, frequency and others.

Important Point to Consider on Using Digital Multimeter

  • Using smallest scale: To measure resistance, use smallest scale to do more accurate readings. For example, measure the 100 Ohm Resistor, use a scale of X1.
  • Concern on Polarity: To measure DC voltage, note polarity, not to reverse. Adjust large scale of measurement with measured voltage. For Example on measuring voltage of 15V, 30V range use, don’t use 12-volt range, because the needle will hit the limits of its measure.
  • Polarity allowed: To measure the AC voltage, polarity doesn’t matter. Adjust large scale of measurement with measured voltage. Example, for measuring voltage of 220V, 300V range use, don’t use 120-volt range, because needle will hit the limits of its measure.
  • Measuring limit, concern on polarity: To measure DC current, note polarity and measuring limits. Be careful when measuring flow, because at this time hold on table in multi-meter be very small. Procedural errors can result in broken or burned at least multi-meter fuses broken.
  • Consider measuring point: Remember that voltmeter in parallel with measuring point so that ability to hold voltage is infinite while the ammeter in series with measuring point so that it’ll be zero. Always be careful in making measurements, estimate acquisition of voltage or flow/influx before measuring it.

HVAC vs. Electrician? The Role of Multimeter in their perspectives

Related with using multimeter discussion, you must be able to distinguish between those who’ll use multimeters. Usually, there are two professions that require person to use digital multimeters as main weapon. They are HVAC technician & electrician. Although sounds similar because both are related to building construction process, but there is quite a fundamental difference distinguishes the two professions into single opposite polar.

Air System Administration or more commonly known as HVAC (Heating, Ventilating & Air Conditioning), plays an important role in a building. This is due to provides protection for surrounding environment, protecting families from dangers coming from air. HVAC is a reflection of implementation of GMP and one of critical supporting infrastructure that makes role of home or building important. Air System management is system that arranges / manage environment through controlling temperature, relative humidity, air movement and direction of air quality, including controlling and disposal of contaminant particles on air (such as ‘vapors’ and ‘fumes’). An HVAC technician requires a multimeter to investigate pressure of air emerging from static electricity. Usually, the shock waves such as static electricity will spur explosion when positioned close to a gas leak. Therefore, HVAC technicians have to carry the device all times.

In contrast to electrician, though they should bring multi-meter or any other measuring device anytime, but function of tool instrumental in installation of electricity may be different. Thus, electrician can determine safety of electrical installation using multitester. Prevention of surge should be primary consideration in work points. Multimeter able to provide accurate information for preventing short circuit. Comparing electrician vs. HVAC in connection with digital multimeters usage not directly related to functions and benefits of this tool. But for engineers, it becomes crucial given directly related to their work. 

How to Use Analog Multimeter

For technicians, using analog multimeters is probably already familiar. But for amateurs, ordinary people or those who rarely associated with such tools, they’ll find difficulty in using. Especially when come to reading needle on panel display tool which shows some very strange number, code, and value for you. Start working with both of them in a short time learning, see our explanation of how to use analog multimeters:

  • The first step in using a multimeter course, we should be familiar with these tools and learn function to measure ohm (resistance), volts (the voltage) and ampere (current). Note the stylus on multimeter; it  shows measurement scale, and above it, there is usually some sort of glassy surface used to minimize error readings.
  • Note the switch or knob on multimeter, This is to change function between volts, ohms, and amperes, and change scale (x1, x10, etc.) on multimeter. Thus becomes very important before using a multimeter, (should be calibrated and set correctly) to avoid damage on multimeter and usage errors in reading final results. Some multimeters have the switch “Off” so when not in use make sure the knob multimeter set to Off.
  • Find a hole on multimeter, usually some multimeters have few holes, which later included jack cable to probe or multimeter terminals, this hole used for several different purposes. One hole is usually labeled words “COM” or (-), which means commonly that hole be used to probe cable or terminal in black. And almost every measurement used.
  • Other sockets are usually given a “V” or (+), this is usually later used in measurement of voltage and resistance. Symbol (+) and (-) indicates polarity of probe or voltage. Thus red cable input socket on the hole marked “V” or (+) and black on the hole marked “COM”.
  • Check whether the battery in multimeter attached or not, and in a good condition, because battery will be used when measuring resistance, so to measure resistance, good to use good condition / full indicated battery on multimeter, and ensure getting fuse on device, in which fuse used to protect component or multimeter when measuring currents or voltages in case the multimeter capabilities over limitation, so if fitting is used to move needle on multimeter cannot be used means battery is damaged or begins to run out. Replace batteries immediately.

It could be applied for almost all technician work. You just have to try in different activities including research continuity, battery testing, frequency and other work. 

How To Use A Multimeter To Test Continuity

Using multitester for measuring continuity or track is quite difficult. Especially for amateur, they must understand the difference between voltage, amperage, and electrical lines. Get all three in different roles would require us to learn in short time. Actually, there are easy steps to resolve issue and do not spend much time.

  • Select Scale Buzzer, Sound icon or LED indicates scale. If red tester and black wires attached directly, then multitester will sound a beep signal means the line doesn’t have a problem. Values ​​without resistance (<50 Ohm) is the first indicator that should be recognized by user.
  • Select object measurement. Suppose technician will measure ON Power lines on electrical circuit, you should find whether electrical lines on On-Off switches have a barrier or not. Attach one wire; you’re free to use any cable used on switches feet, other on IC UEM P7 diode feet or nearby capacitor. The indicating sound of “beep” indicates that the line functioning perfectly. The absence of “beep” signal leads technician to check electrical lines again. Whether both already functioning optimally or not.

When finished with searching issues, your work will be completed quickly.

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