Best Modern Leather Bar Stool 2016

Modern stools or any other stools for bars would be interesting addition. For quite a long time, people used to see stools at pubs, bars or even restaurants. Recently, a lot of people try to bring the charm and style of old pubs into home interior by putting stools around home bar counters or the kitchen islands. Hence, more options can be found at today’s market.

Enhancing style of home interior is not the main reason to pick up these high chairs. A lot of people use them as alternatives or replacements for kitchen chairs. They might as well serve their purpose as the chairs to serve and entertain the guests of the house in the more relaxing, fun and comfortable way. Thus choosing the best stools become an important matter.

Buyers will naturally want the best options. Amongst the available options, top rated stools become real good choice to be checked as the starter in the journey to find the most suitable ones such as the real convenient swivel bar stools or the luxurious and premium leather bar stools. Top rated bar stools are commonly easy to assemble and live up to buyers’ expectation. Here in our buyers’ guide, we will try to help you, the confused buyers in choosing the best option worthy to be taken home.

What is Bar Stool?

These are known as a type of tall chairs. They often have a foot rest that will be useful to support feet while sitting. People usually see them at commercial spaces such as pubs or bars. However, since 2010, they become more popular to be used at home usually at the home bars or around the kitchen islands. Sitting on top of a bar stool allow someone to have higher view while eating, drinking or even socializing with other people.

There are numerous different designs, styles and materials used in the production. As buyers, you will find a wide range of options. You can choose backless traditional stool with comfortable padded cushion or choose modern stools with height adjustability and swivel capability. You might as well try to check leather stools or even leaning more towards the ones made of plastics or acrylic.

You can find them at the furniture shops that can also be found online. If you decided to get one set, make sure that you do a little bit of research to get the best bar stools. Check available options as much as possible and compare them before choosing which one to be purchased.

Top Rated Leather Bar Stool

Apontus PU

apontus-puComes with the elegant modern design, these products of Apontus PU are capturing attention just by looking at it. That said, the appeal comes not only from the look. These are modern bar stools with durable chrome steel and trimming on the pedestal base and frame. Aside of being durable, the pedestal base and frame of the stools are made sturdy and steady.

They can be considered as one of the best tall chairs if not the best. The leather seats and backrest are comfortable and easily cleaned and maintained. Molded in pedestal modern design, the stools also come with height adjustability. The height can be set from 24.5 inches to 33.7 inches. To make it even better, these are swivel bar stools that fully capable of spinning in 360 degrees.

Swivel capability and adjustability become one of the main greatness of these stools manufactured by Apontus. Assembling is also not a difficult thing and it took less than five minutes. On the downside, the base is not steady enough upon a carpet floor.


gudcraftTalk about a rather unusual styling, this one manufactured by Gudcraft will certainly make the discussion warmer. It is one of real good leather bar stools made for comfort and able to win the heart of many people. The cushioning looks like a saddle of a bike and made of black leather and will guarantee comfort to whoever sitting upon the stool.

This one is designed to have the heavy duty caster with optional stationary feet. Being a heavy duty means that it’ll be one enough to be considered for commercial purposes at the commercial bars, pubs or restaurants. It certainly looks sturdy and comfortable despite of its unusual design.
It has heavy duty base made of steel and polished with beautiful chrome finish. Its height is adjustable from 22.5 inches all the way to 31.5 inches. This is a real good and durable choice to be considered. Another unique point is the 2-way adjustable backrest. Unfortunately though, this unique adjustable backrest feature is not working as expected. Some people find it as rather disappointing.


jovecoMore modern tall chairs with sleek and elegant design are presented by Joveco. These modern stools with pedestal base coated in chrome trim look sexy and inviting. The sleek and smooth silhouette becomes even better with the addition of comfortable foam cushion. The saddleback design adds in fusion of ultra modern style into the interior. There is no doubt that there are the one of the best bar stools to spice up modern and contemporary interior style.

Do you want more colors? They have a variety of colors from the dark black color to the cheerful yellow color. These stools with modern look are designed to not only looking good but also functional. The frame and base will support the weight of anyone who sits upon it firmly despite of its lightweight.
It has the feature of height adjustability and swivel. The height can be set accordingly from 17.32 inches to 23.62 inches. Assembling all parts together is not something particularly difficult and quite easy to be done. Many people already received compliments from having these stools though some people also encounter minor issue with stability of the base.


roundhillComfort will still become the one thing searched the most in choosing furniture. These leather bar stools from Roundhill are looking very comfortable. They have the comfortable padded PU leather seats those look thick and of course comfortable. These would be perfect for modern and also contemporary styles of interior and available in three color options.

The design itself is quite a simple one. It features the pedestal metal base with the bar-style footrest trimmed in glossy chrome. The base is certainly manufactured to provide steady support to the people who sit on the stool. The stainless frame is topped with leather padded cushioning on the seat and on the backrest. The final result looks fashionable and hot.

Stool parts will need to be assembled once the package is unpacked and assembling considered being ridiculously easy. It takes just a few minutes and with only four screws. Additionally, they come with the swivel capability which will allow the stool to be spun around conveniently. It is even better with height adjustability from 24 inches to 31 inches. This feature is not particularly smooth but works quite well.

Jersey Seating®

jerseyStability is one of the most concerning issues associated with pedestal bar stool base. In the case of these stools by Jersey Seating®, there have been a lot of people agree that they are indeed steady enough despite of its light weight. These leather bar stools have rather simple design and sleek pedestal base in chrome trimming with footrest to add more comfort while sitting.

Being the ones with pedestal base, these leather stools have the really good and sturdy frame and base. Unfortunately though, these stools are not heavy duty and not recommended for people with weight more than 200lbs. The seats of these stools are made of PU leather with backrest as well as armrest. The seat itself is the padded leather seat that looks very comfortable.

Added feature for more convenient into the bar stool is the height adjustability. The lowest height will be 30.6 inches while the highest weight will be 38.9 inches. The side lever will make height adjustment an easy thing to be done. These swivel tall chairs also have the capability of swivel which means the stools can be spun around with ease.

Lumisource Master

lumisourceSimplicity in design is not something bad at all. Take these modern bar stools from Lumisource Master as examples. They look neat and very nice despite of simple design. At a glance, they look as if they are the mini version of padded recliner being put upon a frame and base of stool. Angled and curved seat with backrest doesn’t seem to be particularly interesting but seems to be sturdy enough.

The square base is certainly an interesting thing because most pedestal bases have round domed design instead. Certainly, square base will add more balance and not just looking pretty in chrome trim. The built-in footrest is adding even more comfort as people can rest their feet at ease while sitting on the stool.

The height is considerably high with 37.5 inches as lowest height and 46 inches as highest height. The height can be adjusted accordingly and the entire stools can be assembled easily. Swivel functionality makes it even more promising. Some buyers found problems with height adjustability feature. The height keeps on getting lowered and not holding out as if the gas shock isn’t working.

Modern Home Bombo

modern home bomboBeautiful leather trimming is the most obvious feature of them. Taking a glance on these modern bar stools, they look pretty normal (some people might even say they’re boring). When taking a look at them further, it becomes obvious how these stools are different from common pedestal stools in plastic or acrylic trim. As the matter of fact, they actually look stylishly expensive with the fine leather finish.

These will be the perfect choice for the people who wish to add more luxurious touch into home interior. Expect extra flare from these seemingly boring but actually interesting stools. The fine leather finish is paired with the good swivel functionality as well as the height adjustability. The addition of these two features alone certainly increases their value. Add further the full white color with chrome trim at the base and footrest.

The beauty and quality will be shown in every single part of it. Assembling every part into one whole bar stool is also an easy thing. One downside of them is the comfort. They are not as comfortable and that’s quite a problem.

Zuo Synthetic by South Mission

zuoBeautiful leather trim and the seemingly comfortable cushion make the stools of Zuo Synthetic by South Mission interesting to be checked. The modern style with the touch of luxury from the faux leather blend very well and completing each other without fail. At a glance, they seem to be very comfortable and the foam of the stools seems thick enough to provide better comfort but bar stool cushions are not the only thing affects comfort.

Base and frame play important part for sturdiness, steadiness and certainly comfort. These good looking stools are designed to have the pedestal frame and base. The base is a round domed base made to be sturdy and able to steadily support the weight of the cushions as well as the people who sit on it.
These stools increase their comfort with the good footrest to let the more relaxed feeling flows easily and neatly. In addition to that, the height can be adjusted easily with the hydraulic piston and level. The height can be set from 24 inches to 33 inches. Although that it seems to be comfortable, a few people find the stools not steady enough to be best bar stools.

Baxton Studio

baxtonA unique combination of wood, metal and leather is certainly an interesting one to be checked. Better yet, the combination turns out to be very good and intriguing. The warm effect color of walnut veneer over plywood combined with the faux leather in black color creates a treat to the eyes. The pedestal base and frame with chrome trim look sturdy and capable of steadily stand with weight of particular people. At the bottom of the base, the protective plastic ring can be found protecting the floor from metal edges of the leather stools.

These stools can be considered as one of the best bar stools in term of very appealing design and overall built. Beautiful design with ease of usage and easiness in cleaning and maintaining certainly will be loved. These certainly look great and confirmed as comfortable and also steady while still being lightweight.

Setting up these gorgeous swivel stools will be easy and won’t take too much time. The swivel and height adjustability (maximum height is 32 inches) features work very well and smoothly together adding more values. Enjoy the time of entertaining guests or simply spending time relaxing during the free time.


safaviehModern bar stools are almost always guaranteed to come with pedestal base and frame. The ones by Safavieh are no exception. They have the modern and sturdy stainless steel pedestal design with the chrome trim. The sleek design of the stainless steel base blended very well with the art-deco style to complement the luxurious Bi-cast leather seat in several options of cool color.

The design makes the stools perfect for many rooms of a home including kitchen, living room, home bars, dining room, family room or the game room. The design is considerably uncommon and that alone attracts the attention of a lot of people who search for best bar stools. These are great with adjustable seat. The height can be set at the maximum of 32 inches.

Comfortable cushioning and sturdy frame or bases make the real good leather bar stools. They have just the right proportion aside of the good and considerably uncommon seats. The smooth height adjustability makes everything even better. One thing that needs to be realized is the size of seats is actually smaller than expected and left some buyers disappointed.

Bar Stool Shopping Guide & FAQs

General Features

A variety of designs, styles, features, measurements, materials and colors are available. In general, there will be a base and a seat that will work together in supporting weight of someone who sits upon the stool as well as providing comfort. Sometimes, leather bar stools will have armrest as well as backrest or just one of them. Aside of these obvious features, also present a few other neat features.

  • Height adjustability. The ability to adjust the height of stools has always been a neat thing. Some people even consider the ability as the best feature thus the best bar stools will be the adjustable ones. With the addition of this feature, height won’t be a problem. The height can be adjusted to match the table or counter height.
  • Swivel capability. Swivel bar stools are ones that can spin around. It adds more convenience. People can sit back and relax while chatting or enjoying a meal or beverage.
  • Folded stools. Exactly as indicated by those two words, these ones are designed to be compact and easily stored.
    As buyers try to find best comfort multiple features become popular choice. For this very reason, modern bar stools with height adjustability and swivel capability are hunted by a lot of people. It’s almost guaranteed that these are best bar stools (other factors will also matter).

Bar Stools vs. Counter Stools

A lot of people confuse bar and counter stools as similar thing when the two of them are actually different. There is only one glaring difference and that’s the height. Average stool height is around 30 inches. It’s higher in order to accommodate the taller or higher bar counter. Meanwhile, average height of counter stools is slightly less than 27 inches due to kitchen islands or counters being shorter. Aside of height difference, they are relatively similar to one another.

Height difference in this case is supposed to be simple. However, this is not always the case. Interior design is not as simple. If we to apply the simple height difference of the two stools, 2-tiered kitchen islands suppose to be good with using counter stools. However, these kitchen islands are just as high as standard bar counter which makes bar height the better choice. Considering this situation, naturally the difference becomes blurrier and a lot of people confuse the two of them. But this does not matter anymore considering the availability of adjustable stools those height can be easily adjusted to accommodate the counters or tables.

Who is This For?

Before you go and purchase the best bar stools in your opinion. It will be wiser to stop and think whether these leather bar stools will be needed. A buyer needs to come clear with his purpose of purchase. Commercially, swivel bar stools are often used at the pubs. Nowadays, plenty of people like tall chairs to spice up the interior or even exterior of a home.

For home usage, the most common stools will be bar and counter stools although sometimes, the extra tall stool can also be found. Counter stools are perfect choice for many people who expect perfect stools for the kitchen island. These stools are manufactured to accommodate the kitchen island and the convenient idea of using the space around kitchen islands as center of activities. By center of activities, it means that the homeowners will use the counter stools very often to do a variety of activities such as reading magazines, chatting with family members, serving guesses or surfing with tablet, laptop or smartphones.

A lot of people also fond of the idea of using stool at outdoor kitchen. The idea of fun time entertaining the whole family or friends during a barbecue event is irresistible. Swivel bar stools those can spin around would be great to be chosen for the convenience during chatting with others.
For those who have home bar, choosing the suitable ones is an obligatory. Plenty of choices with a variety of designs and styles can be chosen. In some houses, there might be pub tables waiting for the suitable swivel bar stools.

There are plenty of different reasons to one amongst many. In order to get the best bar stools, consider the space where the stools will be used and consider the features as well. Many places at home can take benefits of more comfort, flexibility and enhanced personal style. It’s not just the kitchen, it could also be the living room or by the pool side.

Benefits of Having Swivel Bar Stool in General

It’s a natural thing to ask the true benefits. For a commercial bar, pub or restaurant; the functions and benefits are as clear as summer sky with no clouds. What about swivel bar stools for home usage? A lot of people understand that stools are used to sit on. But is it all? Are there any more benefits for stools into an interior or exterior of a home?

Nobody will take something without any benefits or merits whatsoever. Leather bar stools are not just trendy, they do have functions those won’t be limited to sitting. Style is the most popular reason of putting stools around home bar counter and table as well as around the kitchen counters or islands.
It could be modern bar stools or the others. The idea of enhancing style at home is irresistible. Aside of the stylish look of interior, there will also be fun. Some people have fun serving the family members during holidays or guests of their houses around the kitchen islands or home bar counters. If a home already has a space to be used, you can simply search and choose the best bar stools that match the style of your interior. Matching style or design is the golden rule of interior design including when choosing. Aside of the general benefits, there are also the more specific benefits of particular features.

• Swivel
The ability to spin around makes swivel bar stools the best choice in term of its ease of use. They are more versatile and comfortable. These are perfect for businesses. Customers of commercial bars, pubs or restaurants will feel relaxed as they are able to spin around comfortably while chatting with their companies sitting in all direction.

• Adjustable
Height can be a problem. Thus If there is a feature considered as the best; adjustable bar stools will win. As many people know, kitchen islands and bar counters come in a variety of heights. Matching the stools and tables or counters can be quite troublesome but not again thanks to the height adjustability.

• Benefits of Swivel and Adjustable Bar Stools
Obviously, it will be the best option because upmost versatility and comfort. Many modern high chairs have both the ability to spin and the ability to adjust height.

What Types of Bar Stool are Available?

There are a lot of options can be found out there such as leather bar stools. However, there are only two main categories for considerations:
• Commercial
These are designed and manufactured to handle the heavy usage associated with public spaces such as bars, restaurants, pubs and others. Thus commercial grade stools are more durable and often come with manufacturer’s warranty.
• Residential
These stools are less durable but that does not mean that they will be bad choice. High quality residential stools will be durable enough for a home and its residents or even the guests of the home.

Both types come in a variety of designs, styles, features or functionalities. As buyers, you’ll get to choose the height and width options, padding, backrests, swivel, height adjustability and other details.

Basic Designs

There is no way to avoid checking the designs when attempting to choose. In order to create a harmony within an interior of a room, the designs need to come in a line with the bar counters. Basic designs here refer to the features’ designs those are varied even at its basic idea.

Arms – A bar stool might have armrest or even armless. Both are great choice to be considered and both will be comfortable. From these two differences alone, there are plenty of swivel bar stools options can be found and checked.
Back – Basically, stools might have backrests or even backless. The backless swivel bar stools won’t have backrest and rely on cushion for comfort. Excluding the ones with low, stools with backrest are popular choice because many people wish to rest their backs and feel more relaxed while sitting. There are several basic designs of backrest can be found from low back to high back. If you wish to get better sense or feel of stability, choosing stools with back rest will be great.
Base – Bases are varied in number from just one footing to multiple legs. The single footing is often referred as pedestal. This is a very common base found in modern bar stools with metal as the frame material. The base of the leather bar stools might be round domed base or flat base.
Meanwhile, the multiple-legged bases are common for wooden frames. The number of legs might be three or four. Four-legged stools are generally more common and more popular choice.


Style refers to the theme of a design used in a design. By choosing just one style, furniture designers will be able to elaborate their design further while staying in one circle of style. There are a variety of styles that can be found easily on leather bar stools.

• Modern – These are very popular choice. They are searched and wanted by many people and often receive high rate on today’s market. Usually, modern bar stools are molded designs with the pedestal bases.

• Traditional – The best those who seek for the more classic look, the traditional bar stools will be great.

• Rustic – Stools with rough finish that will give them more natural features and look warm and perfect for rustic styling of interior.

• Barrel – It’s a unique design where stool legs are made and arranged to look as if it’s made by cutting wooden barrel.

There are also the other styles to be chosen from the saddle, retro, mid-century, coastal, country cottage, Tiki, Scandinavian and other styles.

Consider the Perfect Size, Shape and Materials

Three things need proper considerations are measurements, shapes and materials. These are important things to be considered in order to acquire best bar stools for the best style of interior.


In term of measurements or size, there are two important things. They are height and width. Heights of leather bar stools need to fit the bar counters or tables. The followings are the available standard heights:

  • Counter stool average height is commonly around 23 inches to 28 inches. They will be perfect match for kitchen islands or counters with standard height around 35 inches to 37 inches.
  • Bar stool average height is ranging from 29 inches to 32 inches to accommodate the standard height of bar counters which will be around 41 inches to 43 inches.
  • Extra-tall bar stool is higher than any other stools with average height around 33 inches to 36 inches that will be paired with extra tall bar counters or tables with average height around 44 inches to 47 inches.

Standard width is the next thing matters in choosing the best bar stools. When it comes to width, wider is better and more comfortable. Keep in mind that wider also means that more space is required. It’s also important to remember that there must be ideally 6 inches space available especially for swivel bar stools. There are three standard widths can be chosen: 15 inches, 17 inches and 21 inches.


A variety of materials are being used in by the manufacturers of best bar stools. Woods, plastics, metals and more can be found. Woods and metals are the materials to make sturdy bases. Amongst all of the possible materials, the followings are the most common materials to be found.

• Wood
Most popular type of wood will be hard rubber-wood which is known for its durability. But more can be found out there including the Oakwood, cherry wood, walnut wood, teak wood, rattan, wicker, pinewood and a lot other wooden materials can be used to create the classic and durable stool. Wooden stools will make a room look warmer and more inviting. Cleaning and maintenance will also be easy.

• Metal
The option of metal becomes more and more popular especially for the contemporary styles and for outdoor usage. Stools made of metal will be durable, easy to get cleaned and maintained. For outdoor usage, the ones made of wrought-iron are best bar stools very popular due to its resistance on weather, high durability (thanks to its heavy-duty material) and safe for outdoor. The only drawback is its heaviness. Of you seek for lighter metal bar stools, stainless steel or aluminum can be great choices. Lighter metal is commonly chosen for indoor usage.

• Plastic
If you want modern bar stools, plastic or acrylic is one of the most common materials used. These plastic stools will also be great to add contemporary feel and also known to be very durable. There are various colors available and the stools will be cleaned and maintained easily. Simply wipe them with damp cloth and they’ll be clean.

• Upholstery
Upholstered stools are really good for both style and comfort. Stools styled in upholstery will usually clad in leather (faux or real leather), linen, vinyl and faux suede. Expect an interior to have the enhanced level of sophistication and class inside of a room. There will be more inviting atmosphere added. Leather bar stools are relatively easy to clean and maintain the upholstery from time to time. If there are spills, the stools need to be wiped right away.

• Recycled materials
Exactly as implied, the materials are recycled aluminum, plastic, wood, metal or any other materials. Recycled stools are new trend found. Many people love the idea of stools made of eco-friendly materials.


Depending on the basic designs and styles, the shapes of stools will also be different from one another. In term of shapes, rectangular or round shapes are often found. Take two modern stools as examples. Let’s say that both are swivel bar stools and have pedestal base. Although that there are similarities, the final product will be different. One may have square shape while the other will have round shape.

Buying Guide: How to Choose the Best Modern Bar Stools

When it has been decided to buy stools (in a variety of styles) for home (or even for commercial usage), you will find plenty of choices. There will be a variety of styles, colors, features and even various prices. Which one of them will be the best bar stools? Follow the following guides in order to find the most suitable options for an interior or exterior.

• Stool Location
First and foremost thing of consideration is to know the room where leather bar stools will be put. Is it in the kitchen or game room or maybe outdoor? Or maybe it will be put in the commercial pubs or bars? Metal stools are great choice for outdoor as well as indoor usages while the wooden stools will be better indoor. For commercial usages, you need to consider commercial grade stools designed to handle constant use by many people.

• The Most Ideal Size or Measurement
Size or measurement includes width and height. In term of width, it is important to check and measure the available space. How many stools would be arranged around the counters, tables or the kitchen island? Try to calculate the ideal width by also considering 4 inches to 6 inches gap between swivel bar stools. As for height, there are standard heights that can be used as references. However, it will be a better thing to measure the height of counters or tables properly. Adjustable stools will be great as the height can be adjusted easily. One more thing to be remembered is stools often being offered as one set (a set of two, three and etc).

• Materials
It is not just about the frames but also about the cushions. A lot of people prefer comfortable padded leather bar stools. Cushions are usually being made to match the frames and legs of the stools. Wooden stools are often made entirely with woods concluding the combination of woods with wicker. Metal stools at the other hand will be usually covered with different cushioning such as upholstery and plastic. Upholstery is a very popular choice. Aside of being comfortable, cleaning and maintaining will be easy.

• Designs and Styles
What kind of style will be suitable? Naturally, it will go along with the styling of the things around the bar counters or tables. Rustic styled kitchen will look better with rustic stools. Modern bar counters will look better with modern bar stools and etc. When the style has been made clear, choosing design will become easier.

• Interesting Features
Considering the interesting features of the tall chairs is recommended. Everyone wants the best bar stools and naturally, these features are necessary. Features here are not limited to backrest and armrest but also about adjustability as swivel ability. Swivel bar stools are convenient and easily the favorite choice of many people. That said, many people still think of adjustability as the most convenient feature as there are no worries regarding height. Swivel bar stools that can spin and adjusted will be undoubtedly the best.

Tips in Cleaning and Maintaining Different Types of Bar Stool Seats

Taking care of the purchased stools is an obvious thing. Naturally, people wish to keep them in good condition without any stains or other visibly disturbing flaws. Thus keeping them clean and very well maintained will be a necessary thing. Every part needs to be kept in good condition. Pay attention and the best stools will remain the best for long time.

Frames and bases are easy to be cleaned. Whether they are made of wood or metal, using slightly damp cloth to wipe out the dust occasionally can be done. For lighter cleaning, using a duster to shake of the dust will be enough. For the bases, the leg rest as well as special features (swivel and adjustability), it is important to check on them regularly to ensure that they work perfectly fine. If there are problems, they can be quickly fixed.

Next is to take care of the seats. There are a variety of seats used and these seats considered as very important parts to be taken care. Upholstered stools will have different types of cover and paying attention to each type of them will be necessary.

Fabric Seats
Maintaining upholstery with fabric as the cover is relatively easy. There might be people out there who don’t realize how durable fabric upholstery. The most important thing is to try to avoid any kind of stains that will ruin the beauty of fabric used as cover of bar stool seats. For fabric seats, it is important to quickly wipe spills immediately with using damp cloth. If the spills are persistent, use a little bit of soap and water. Using cleaning products might be useful as well. For the more practical and easy cleaning and maintenance, use scotch guard on the seats right after unpacking the purchased stools. Scotch guard is very useful to help repelling liquid and thus minimizing the chance of stains.

Leather Seats
A lot of modern stools come in leather upholstery. Whether the leather is faux leather or real leather, both of them look great and will give a touch of luxury into the room. Both of them are durable with the relatively minimum maintenance. Faux leather is durable enough and more waterproof compare to real leather. To keep it clean, simply dusting the dust will be enough. If there are spills or marks, use a damp cloth to wipe it. Use water and soap for more persistent stains or use a baby wipe.

Real leather is a premium choice with excellent durability and resilient towards cracking, peeling and tearing. Leather might age and worn out but proper maintenance will make it last for long. Dust can be lightly brushed off by using duster. If there are stains or marks, use slightly damp cloth to wipe the trains. If the stains are persistent, it is wise to use special leather polish or cleaner. This way, the surface of leather bar stools will be clean and also moistened to avoid cracks.

Plastic Seats
Plastic seats with remarkably tough acrylic Perspex or high gloss ABS are widely popular due to great colors and practicality. Plastics are durable and will not wear out easily. Dust can be easily brushed off with duster. Stains can be wiped with damp cloth or baby wipe. Gently dab white spirit can be done for persistent stains. If there are scratches, special polish will help removing the scratches. Depending on how deep the scratches, they might or might not go away.

Wooden Seats
Just like taking care the wooden frame or base, wooden seats can be easily cleaned with wiping a slightly damp cloth or brushing the dust with duster. Occasionally, the stools can be properly polished with special polish for wood.

Our Pick:

Looking for an elegant stool clad in leather with a good modern style, Apontus PU Leather Swivel is the one. It has all the qualities wanted. It has sturdy metal frame (sturdy stainless steel frame and durable chromed steel base). The seat is finely trimmed and available in a variety of colors. The most pleasant thing about the stool is the availability of swivel capability and adjustability. In addition to those things, assembling these modern stools is also easy and won’t take too long.


Bar stools are great additions to an interior or exterior. They offer great comfort, style as well as flexibility. There is an extensive range enough to make you feel confuse in choosing best bar stools. That said, you simply need to consider several things in order to most suitable options for your needs.

One important not, stools are commonly being offered in one set. It could be a set of two or even more than that. Buying just one stool is considerably rare thing. Considering the offers in sets, naturally, buyers need to properly consider every aspect. Will swivel stools be the better choice or maybe the leather stools will be good even without swivel capability. All in all, focusing on comfort is not a bad idea. Think carefully before buying.

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