Best Hydraulic Scissor Lift Table

Hydraulic tables are used for different purposes, ranging from common industrial heavy duty jobs to animal grooming. The basic function of this table is to lift things up and lower them down to desired height. Basically, hydraulic scissor table comprises of five parts, including platform to put things on, base where legs of the scissors move, scissor legs, hydraulic cylinder, and motor or power source. This product is available in various different kinds of sizes, depending on the need of the users. To choose the right hydraulic scissor table, you should first know your need and then check the availability of on internet. Comparing one table and others are extremely important to help you decide. Therefore, I try to give you some reviews to help you decide which one is the most suitable one for your need.

Top Rated Lift Tables


xilinThis product is made in China with load capacity of 1760 lbs or around 800 kg. With this specification, this hydraulic scissor lift table is a perfect one to be used in shops, garage, factory, or warehouse. This valuable item is also suitable to raise cargos or position them to your desired height, so that you can save a great deal of time and energy to perform your tasks.

The dimension of this hydraulic lift table is 40 in. width and 20 in. length or 1 m x 0. 5 m. With this size, hydraulic table will be easier to handle and make maneuver, even in a small space. It has four 6 inches casters to roll smoothly which are completed with brakes so that hydraulic lift table will not roll away. It can lift things or rise up to 1 meter (40 inches). The color of this scissor table is yellow. It is a good color choice because bright color will stands out in working environment so that it can easily state that is a safety vehicle.

Xilin weight 228 pounds (approximately 100 kg), and when you think this one is the best hydraulic scissor lift table for you, you can request a purchase with total shipping weight of 252 pounds. Warranty of the product is 1 year, especially for hydraulic pump.


jet-slt-660fIf you are looking for heavy duty equipment that will help you to adjust height and transport things around your shop, garage, factory, office or warehouse, you can choose this JET SLT-66oF. This scissor table has a sleek and ergonomic design, which will prevent you from having backache or back injuries because of lifting heavy things. Both table and frame are made of heavy duty steel which makes it strong and durable. This hydraulic table features rugged poly over sleet casters with two swivels and two fixed as well as parking brake that make table roll smoothly yet easy to brake.

One great advantage of this hydraulic scissor table is its easy-to-use hydraulic foot pump that can rise quickly, so that you absolutely can save your time and energy to lift things up. Product dimension is 37 x 21 x 16 inches and the weight is 165 pounds. It can hold things up to 1,650 pounds. One thing that is outstanding about this product is 5 years warranty that the manufacturer give. This is a great thing that every customer want, a good quality product with exceptional warranty.

Grizzly H6240

Grizzly-H6240Need a hydraulic scissor table that is in a compact size but in best performance? You can choose Grizzly H6240 that can accommodate all of your need. This scissor table is 38 x 22 x 11 inches in its dimension, and 110 pounds in its weight. However, although it is small, this hydraulic table can hold things up to 600 lbs. If you are looking for an affordable item to help youfinish your tasks, this could be the answer.

This scissor table incorporates 4-1/2” rolling casters that make this table move easily. There are two foot pedals that can help you operate the table to raise and lower hydraulic table by 19-3/4”. For a small warehouse, store, office, or factory use, this item is just perfect. If you are an individual who likes to work in your own garage, this piece of hydraulic scissor table is also necessary and affordable. This thing is available for shipping across US, although international shipping is no longer available. When you can purchase a hydraulic lift table with a great price but with good specifications like this, you will not consider other brands.

Baileigh B-CART

BaileighOne best feature from Baileigh is table top size, which is the widest in its category. The dimension of table is 32 inches x 20 inches. This scissor table can lift 660 lbs up to 64 inches high. The operation system is equipped with foot pedals. Overall height of the scissor lift table is 30-45/64”, whereas overall length is 60 inches, and overall width is 44 inches. The weight of Baileigh B-CART Single Arm Hydraulic Lift Cart is 143 pounds (with shipping weight of approximately 173 pounds).

Many customers are looking for a stable scissor table which enables them to carry heavy things around without fears of unwanted incident. For your information, manufacturer stated clearly that this product has stable dual scissor system to assure you about its great performance and stability. You don’t need to lift anything for this table can be lowered to pallet size and can be lifted to table size. The pedal is easy to control and the brake is also smooth. This hydraulic table will definitely suitable for your daily operation of your office, garage, warehouse, stores, and other places where lifting things become a daily need. You won’t get disappointed by the performance of this hydraulic lift table.


z-liftA different hydraulic scissor lift table is designed for a different uses. Particularly for a grooming scissor lift table, you need to have one that is comfortable for pet when you are going to apply certain grooming treatments for them. Not only that, you also need a table that is strong and stable enough, especially when lifting up a very big dog. This table is the answer. This hydraulic table has dimension of top surface of 42” x 24” x 1. 2”. With this space, a big dog can sit or even lay comfortably on the table while you are lifting it up for giving him some treatments. Moreover, this scissor lift table can lift up to 500 lb weight capacity, so that almost all animals can be handled by using this table. This table is suitable to be used by veterinarians, dog or animal lovers, as well as those who have animal salon business.

In terms of cleaning, you can easily clean hydraulic table after using it by simply removing table top. The top is lockable so that you can unlock it for regular cleaning. Moreover, the board is waterproof and not slippery, so that animal will feel comfortable and easy. In addition, there is also a thin foam layer on the underside of table top so that whatever sits or lays on it will feel the best treatments. It has a lifetime warranty for its frame, and 1 year warranty for hydraulic pump. Doesn’t it sound great?

Groomer’s Grooming Table for Pets

groomerAnother great product for a grooming lift table is Grommer. It comes in 42” x 25” x 20” in its dimension, with weight of only 95 pounds. The table can be adjusted from 19” to 39” by a foot pedal that is operated by a heavy duty hydraulic pump. This scissor lift table has an attractive powder coat finish, accentuated with stainless steel look.

One great feature from this hydraulic table is it is durable and maintenance free. What is more special than a grooming table that last long and easy to operate and maintain? I believe that this table is a perfect match for any animals’ lovers. Almost all features that every groomer needsare available in this table, such as a non skid surface and two scissor holes and clipper blade holders which are placed under table top. Its hydraulic pump also produces soft sound so that it will not scare the dog when you operate it. This tool is not only suitable from beginner groomer, but also veterans. When you own a grooming and day care business, I recommend this one for you.

TMS 1000 lb Hydraulic Motorcycle Bike Lift Table

tms-1000When automotive, especially motorcycle bike is your hobby, you should own this one. Or, when you are owner of a motorbike garage, this item is a must have thing. This hydraulic lift table is indeed dedicated to those who love motorbikes. Whether you want to lift your motorbike for a regular cleaning, maintenance, reparation, or simply to display your motorbike, this device can help you do that.

This hydraulic table has a foot pedal so that you can pump and raise its height without bending over. The capacity of this scissor lift table is to lift your motorcycle bike up to 1000 lbs. One extra feature for this hydraulic table is oversize front wheel clamp so that it gives extra security and table will not move while you give treatments to your motorbike.

I can guarantee that all bikers will love this one. With the ability to lift from 10” (205 mm) to 31” (780 mm), this scissor lift table will help them a lot in taking care of their bikes.


So, after reading about all of descriptions about several best hydraulic scissor lift tables, I would like to give some guidance to help you make your mind easily on which scissor lift table you are going to purchase. Here are some of the guidelines.

Lift Table Buying Guide & FAQs

What is a hydraulic scissor lift table?

It is basically a table that you can adjust so that it will enable you to perform several different kinds of tasks on a desired height. You need No more lifting and no more bending if you have this item.

Who should buy it?

This hydraulic table is actually designed for variety of different purposes, range from animal grooming, stores and warehouse daily tasks, garage usages, and many more. So, depending on your need, anyone from individual user to industrial workers may find this device useful to help them work faster and better.


Some of the advantages you can get from purchasing a hydraulic lift table are:

  1. It is made of structural heavy duty steel construction
  2. It is operated by foot pedal to raise or lower the table to desired levels; no more lifting, no more bending
  3. It prevents backache and back injuries
  4. It is movable; can be moved by hand operation
  5. It is easy to handle wheels with brakes (see specification of each product; some products offer extra brake to add safety)
  6. It has robust construction that makes it stable when we move it or put something on it.
  7. It can be used for variety different of functions (a certain table is made for certain purposes).
  8. It has easy operational system so that you don’t need to provide a special training.
  9. It is cost efficient, because it will lower the cost of labors and can help you perform many tasks quickly.
  10. It has high durability. Even when it broke, spare parts are available.
  11. The machine has low maintenance cost.
  12. The price is relatively affordable, even for individuals to purchase it.

Buyers Guide

Similar to when you are purchasing other items, you need to keep many things in mind as a reference before you finally decide to choose some products.

Think about purposes. Why are you buying hydraulic lift table? Like what have been stated earlier, the hydraulic table comes in variety different types. You should match the type and style of tables with your needs. Read product description thoroughly so that you won’t get disappointed.

Think about space you have to keep and to operate hydraulic table. Reading dimension of the product is as important as thinking about purpose of purchasing the table. If you have enough room to keep and operate the table, then you can buy one with bigger size. However, never buy something that cannot be placed and stored easily in your space. In addition, you also have to make surethat hydraulic table you buy can fit doorways and/or alleys you have in your place.

Think about capacity. How much weight you can put on the table is next thing that you should consider. Take for an example,if you are looking for a grooming hydraulic lift table, measure the weight of your pet. Don’t buy one with small capacity if your dog is super big. For those owning a grooming business, purchase the biggest capacity of grooming scissor lift table for you don’t know what dog will use your service.

Decide about mobility. It is also important to think whether or not you need to mobile with hydraulic table. If not, then choose one without wheels. However, if you need something to help you move things, find one with best casters specifications. Findscissor table with the strongest casters but are easy to handle.

Decide about height. In deciding the height, there are several things to consider. First is your own height so that you don’t need to bend any longer. Second one is desired level of the working environment. You need to calculate them both to get the best hydraulic table that will help you finish your task quickly.

Determine quality of a hydraulic lift table. You must always keep in mind that safety is one major consideration in purchasing any devices or machineries, including a hydraulic table. There are several components that you should focus in determining quality and safety of the scissor lift table.
a. Strong and stable casters that can hold the weight of things being lifted.
b. Material thickness, including thickness of the metal used to make hydraulic table.
c. Hydraulic cylinder seal must be in a good quality for the bad ones will create leakageand make operational failures.

Do not hesitate to ask questions to the manufacturers about the specifications. Each of the links provided above can direct you to a page in which you can ask any questions that you have in your mind related to the product you desire. You can also read some questions that have been submitted by other users and also the answers that are given by the company and other users as well.

Choose only trusted online platform. When you buy any products online, you should be certain that you are buying from a trusted platform. All the links provided in this article are taken from trusted platform with many verified buyers giving honest reviews of the hydraulic scissor lift table they have purchased.

What color should I choose?

For heavy duty equipments, colors are not something you choose simply because you like it. Many of heavy duty tools are having typical color like yellow or red. They are chosen for particular reasons. When color options are available, you can take some of our suggestions below:

  • Yellow or orange is usually used in construction or earth moving equipment. Moreover, yellow is bright, so you can easily collate the table when it is somewhere in your vast warehouse. In addition, when you put small parts on it during your work, you can find it easily against bright color. This color is suitable for warehouses, garages, or stores.
  • Darker color like black, dark blue and grey also have some advantages. First, when you are working with dirty substances or materials, some spots that may spill on the table won’t be noticed. Especially for grooming lift table, the black color can make the animal fur to be spotted clearer, so that you can easily clean it. In addition, darker colors will also give you a sense of a stronger and more durable material. It is one of the tricks manufacturer does to play with buyers’ psychology.

What kind of casters or wheels should I choose?

Many don’t care about the quality of casters or wheels while purchasing some heavy duty equipments. Although casters or wheels are simple things compare to the size of the overall hydraulic lift table, they play important roles in the functionality of the hydraulic table, especially when you need movable equipments. When choosing the casters, there are several things to consider:

  • The cost of hydraulic scissor table should be weight to the cost of keeping the table in an operating condition. Don’t hesitate to ask the manufacturer about the casters, for example how strong it is and do they provide you with some spares.
  • Think about your working area. When you need a movable lift table, you have to make sure that the floor is leveled and has no crack. In addition, casters cannot be operated well in certain kinds of flooring materials, such as stone and brick.
  • Ask the manufacturer about the type of casters they use to make hydraulic lift table. Make a little research about the capacity of the wheels, then compare it with the capacity of the table you like.
  • Because floor is expensive to repair, choose casters with the best floor protection. Always read the details and specification of the product.
  • You have to make sure about the safety and ergonomic features. When you need a hydraulic lift table, you must be dealing with heavy things. So it is important to consider about the two.

Some mechanical factors to consider

  • Do you think to have some oversized platform? Some hydraulic tables offers you options to widen and lengthen up to additional 24”
  • Do you think you need beveled edges which increase standard platform size 4 on each side?
  • Do you need a turntable? Some product types have this feature if you need it.
  • Some other features available are conveyor tops, ball transfer platforms, and special fixtures. Ask the manufactures for their availability.
  • There are two types of casters, fix and swivel. Which one do you need? Some products also features both fixed and swivel wheels. You must read the description or simply ask the manufacturer.
  • Some hydraulic lift tables offer you with optional materials, such as stainless steel skin, diamond plate, or special covered top.

Which table is suitable for who?

The seven items above are best hydraulic scissor, lift tables that you can find online. Each of hydraulic tables above are intended for different purposes. Therefore, to make you easier to make decision, we will try to sum up the seven hydraulic tables above into several categories.

First, if you want to purchase a scissor lift table for office, warehouse, store, or garage operation, you can choose among Xilin, JET SLT-660F, Grizzly H6240, and Baileigh B-CART. Among those four, there are also some distinctive features. For a small warehouse, store, garage, or office, you can get Grizzly H6240 which can carry up to 600 lbs with relatively a reasonable cost. However, if wider table top is the thing that you are looking for, you may select Baileigh B-CART, although its capacity is only 660 lbs. The one with greatest capacity is Xilin which can lift things up to 1,760 lbs. When durability is the thing you are searching, JET SLT-660F that can give you up to 5 years warranty may be best.

Second, if you want the hydraulic table for grooming purposes, you must choose between Z-Lift and Groomer’s Grooming Table for Pets. Both of them have some advantages. Z-Lift is suitable for big dogs for it can carry things up to 500 lbs. Moreover, it has a lockable table top that make the table can easily be cleaned. The table top is also comfortable for animals to sit or lay while receiving treatments. One great advantage of this product is that it has a lifetime warranty for its frame, and 1 year warranty for its hydraulic pump. On the other hand, Groomer’s Grooming Table for Pets weight lighter but has good performance as well. It has a more attractive appearance and it can accommodate most of groomers’ needs, including inserting 2 scissor holes, clipper blade holders, as well as a non-slippery top.

Lastly, if you are a biker and you need a hydraulic table that can help you do your regular maintenance and cleaning activities to your motorbike, the only option you have is TMS 1000 lb Hydraulic Motorcycle Bike Lift Table. This is the best in its type. You can read more in the link provided above to see how people feel satisfied after purchasing this item.


After reading thorough explanations about the seven best hydraulic scissor lift table above, you will now easily decide which one is more suitable for you. Having a hydraulic table will absolutely help you perform your tasks more effectively and efficiently with a relatively affordable price. You can say goodbye to backache and back injuries once you have this item because there will be no more lifting and bending.

The hydraulic lift table can be a huge investment you have in wherever you are. You can now perform your tasks in a desired height, so that you can work quickly and easily. You deserve to know what is best for you; therefore we create this article to help you decide hydraulic table that is suitable for your needs. This article is also made so that you can get not only information, but also your desired item in a trusted online platform.

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