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Throwing back memories on how people wax their hair and hurt comes everywhere, there it goes epilator to give more ease on removing hair. Removing hair like on legs, armpit is daunting when it is hard to do because it is painful but with this hair removal device, pains are reduced well. It makes sure that removing hair becomes so easier than before. Waxing comes with manual work and this device comes with electric power where we don’t need to do it manually. That is why the speed is faster. Hair removing is done faster than using waxing. There are many types of epilator you choose although various types go with various prices too but to find the best one is important to invest further needs. Finding best one is hard but choosing better one is easy. That is why review is made and now turns come for epilator review.

Types of epilator are spring and rotating. It is good since buying comes easier with tow flexible option. All the needs is just to stick on necessary and primary thing that will be done in hair removing. First step in choosing is widening knowledge about this device. Although it is not limited but the more thing on masteries, choosing best one goes faster and firmness in front of you. Somehow there are many people who only need to buy because they really want the device but actually have no idea to choose because knowledge about pros and cons are limited. To make it sure and strong to be stick in one good selection, read all reviews here and make sure that there is no upset in further investment in hair removing device selection.

What is an epilator

Having no idea on epilator is worst fault as it is very first step to use the device. We all know that removing hair is done with waxing but as technology comes faster and more advanced, waxing in now done and replaced by new device. Believe it or not, fact tells that now people used wax is reduced and move to use this kind of device. Many of them have found this device is more powerful than the conventional one. So there is no doubt when device for epilating hair becomes one of most wanted product in beauty categories in every shop. If you are still having no idea on this device, just sit and read a little introduction of this device. To be true, as this article is so opened and enlightening, we show some clues on this epilator.

First thing first, this is electric device for removing hair. Root is first thing that is removed and of course it’ll give more pain. What makes it different from waxing is its electrical that comes with more advances. We don’t need to do it manually and just turn on button and get our hair shaved. As it is same with waxing, epilator indeed do from root and pain will be felt as hurt as wax does. Another difference is from durability of smooth skin from result on waxing using electrical device, it’ll last longer and smooth. That’s reason why people prefer to have these hair removal devices than manual waxing tools. It comes faster and better as there are metal plates as removing tools in epilator. No need to worry one deciding which one is best but before it go with greater one and this epilator is only reason and answer you need to buy for making up tools completion.

Best Epilator for women

Braun Silk-Epil

Braun Silk-Epil

Hair removing problem won’t be a problem since Braun Silk Epil solve it for you. It has so many features that will captivate your desire. Remover device designed with detailed precision clearly becomes strong consideration, remembering there are too many fails you commit. See these specs below:

  • Working with double AA battery, Braun could stand at least a month once it fully charged, Generating fastest speed you can’t imagine, epilating result committed by Braun is very fantastic.
  • Counting its 40% wider covered area when using it for hair removal in one stroke, give us belief with them is the way to gain satisfaction. This g*damn best epilator removes any hair in 4 weeks only, you’ll have smooth skin, either arm pit or pubic area.
  • Braun applied craziest innovative microgrip tweezer which is designed as advanced technology that suddenly take hair off with 40 percent higher precision even cleaning shortest hairs in your pubic area. Shocking because waxing treatment cannot solve it for ya.
  • This cordless device made with wet & dry usage It is virtually painless but in purchasing package, regular use level choices are available.
  • Braun seems like the only device that captivate girl anytime they need.
  • Silk-epil provided 9 wet and dry epilator bonus edition in purchasing package only if you take complete package including facial cleansing brush
  • Trying fastest epilation speed compacted with plus cleanses face in 12x far away than manual edition.
  • Talking about Braun, it brings Silk-epil 9 cordless technology that applies new standard process to obtain excellence result for us. Epilation head is wider, able to epilate faster results
  • Braun will get MicroGrip tweezer technology.
  • Braun dimension has 10.2 length x 3.7 depth x 7.8 width inches, very compatible for all purposes even when removing pubic hair, there won’t be painful moment.
  • You can ship it everywhere, it weighs only 1.8 pounds. You’ll get AA double power battery, AC Adapter and mobile adapter for instant recharging. Not forget to count extra box in case of traveling and makeup outside the house.

Talking about best product makes us understanding about benefit we got from what we purchase.

Philips HP6576 Satin

Philips HP6576 Satin

Philips has more attempts for helping women to make them beauty. Beauty doesn’t come along with smart, it should be brought by you whether you take it directly or not. To discover Philips best epilator series, see these thins below:

  • Super ethic technology installed on Philips HP6576 Satin makes this stuff considered as futuristic technology for better future. It’d be seen from the design, where hypo allergenic technology applied to prevent skin from itchy or skin rash. Such problem like wound won’t come since using Philips HP series for womanly business. Taking it out directly has answered your choices, even after gaining simpler production.
  • It’s shaped with textured ceramic creating discs catch point in quicker manner, also removing hair, even shortest hair like arm pit hair and pubic. No need to worry if you have no time to clean skin. Making face, skin, head anypart of body’ll be beautiful. If you wanna get shifting brightness, clean unnecessary hair like arm pit and legs.
  • Active hairlifter system will vibrate during removal process, thus even flat-lying hair could be erased easily. No hair could hang on after stroke by Philips HP series. Its blade is sharp like Excalibur.
  • It features active massage technology, an advanced system working on 12 volt that stimulates softness for any skin type. It won’t be blackened after removal process done.
  • Shaving beard also allowed with double blade head. You’ll get additional head that could be used to trim and shaping any hairstyle.
  • It attaches last longer than you could optimally think, that’s why ultra close result may get different than ordinary way result.
  • For optimal usage, hygiene device, epilation head is washable. Washing it twice a week, or everytime using it. That’ll be better than doing nothing.
  • Speed transmission available at 2 speeds, shifting from level 1 till 2 is easy to do. Need easy answer for making it easy shaving and removing hair.
  • The cordless devices will work for 40 minutes without distraction, non stop, and it gives best result.
  • In purchasing package, 3 years warranty will be yours. Including free part replacement and free service.

Panasonic ES-ED90-P

Philips HP6576 Satin

Panasonic not only compete in TV, LCD, Fridge and home theatre set market, but also put toes on best epilator products since 2010. Panasonic planned it in long time before directly jump to the market. The result, they have Panasonic ES series which have great design, advance technology and most important, eco friendly.

  • When designing Panasonic ES series, 60 degrees angle head is automatically working easily for clean skin surface from any dirt like hair or even black spot. When turning the speed in low level, ES series could give detail shaving or epilation. The head made with double scissors, very effective to cut off any dirt. The head so called as dual disc scissors make it easy when shaving arm pit and gaining double drifting blade. Side by side gliding head is heading us to enjoy 48 degrees rotating, it also tweezes like the discs for removing hair on any part.
  • Panasonic applied standard technology for making ES series, using nickel-free hypo-allergenic material used to build sharp blade, user will not get itchy, sneezing, and other allergic. Shaving for stay clean and safe could be done perfectly, especially for sensitive skin. Skin is very smooth, don’t do any harsh thing.
  • Either using it in wet and dry, the cordless will be used to complete your mission even if getting all around removing process, the machine won’t get wet. Protected by special waterproof system that prevents any leaking. Using foam, smoothing gel will give you gentle experience. No one experience bad thing, so your worry is unreasonable.
  • Purchasing package will include 6-in-1 attachments. You get double epilation head with different sharp level, epilation cap to protect you from incidental wound, foot care head clean hair in foot, shaver head to clean your jaw, bikini cap.
  • Counting about dimensions, the height reaches 5.3 inch x length 1.6 inch x weight 2.3 inch, it weighs 6 ounces, it has Pink and White colors.
  • When considering to buy ES series, don’t forget to sign warranty agreement to protect your stuff for years. You’ll also get free part replacement. Anything you want could be done.

Emjoi Soft Caress

Emjoi Soft Caress

Emjoi Soft Caress doing really good job when talking about how effective the best epilator could cover all surface of your skin? What did you expect more? Emjoi is designed with sophisticated shape, forming excellence without defect, even technology installed has given quite manner for your safety line. Driving up the joy in special term will release cohesion.

  • The real 24 karat gold used to enhance the quality of Emjoi. Called as Gold plated Hypo allergenic technology, Emjoi could remove hair (any hair types including thick, curly and bold) faster without leaving negative effect like itchy, allergic, or other problems. When removing hair, the blade cut quickly without distraction so you feel comfort and satisfy. Even touching on certain case, Emjoi reach it well.
  • Another features should be considered is Antimicrobial Protection. This technology is applied to maximize protection against some negative virus and damaging bacteria. E Coli, B Coli etc will not alive after facing Emjoi. They will be killed in single stroke? So what point still make you confuse? Special features like bacteria protection has fulfilled international safety standard, no matter how much money, you should afford it.
  • This luxurious shaped hair remover comes with alloy framed cover and 36 patented tweezer-discs. Using sharp blade for removing hair, no one of you will stay longer. Any question will be delivered through different material, counted in single paradigm.
  • Talking about ability, Emjoi enjoys its duty in removing hair any part of your body, including legs, bikini line, arms pit hair, even very short hair with 0.5 mm length could be cleaned. Pubic hair be more beautiful without black spot.
  • Emjoi has two types, either using cord for shaving or cordless in case you head somewhere. It completed with Rechargeable instant adapter, double Li-On battery and mobile adapter.
  • If you consider purchasing package, 3 years warranty fill satisfy you fully. Covering full part replacing, free service around the world, additional tool like washer and so on. Importantly, it’s painless system will reject any anxiety. Claiming warranty is very easy, just sending claim in sub office, they will assist you to solve it.

Epilady EP-810-33A

Epilady EP-810-33A

Epilady seems to be major choice when interviewing some correspondents to discover which products have biggest fans. After thousand people interviewed, we suddenly find that Epilady EP has become best thing ever. According to its specs, Epilady EP series gives lot of satisfaction, mainly because removing process works faster and easy. Argument through this product appears on several websites, but we make it clear:

  • Why using corded or cordless becomes important manner? The answer lies on several point. Including flexibility, so in case you take a look over several process, when using during travel, hiking, far from power supply, you still able to use it. That is main reason why corded or cordless be important discussion. Epilady designed in two different types. It’s up to consumers if they want to buy cord or non cord. Each has pros and cons, comparing both in term of instant usage and flexibility may reduce its quality discussion. Just match with your own purposes.
  • Made with new design epilating head, the blade is sharpened with modest stone to ensure that its sharpness level enclose diamond. glaring with perfect angle, this best epilator will guide you to cover perfect angle only. So you can shave and epilate best result.
  • What kinds of hair could be removed? Any hair, involving shortest and finest hair, even very thin hair which invisible for bare eyes. Not mentioning leaving skin smooth that stand for until 5 weeks. You’ll really get different perspective over this thing.
  • Dual voltage adaptor used to maintain electricity. You’ll not run out power during traveling, also, you get more saving capacity. The voltage needed around 110-240v, not difficult to use anywhere, but you still need guidance to shave in best way.
  • Epilady runs on 1,2 different speeds. Shifting speed feels easy as doing transmitting. Remember that you’ll get lot benefit.
  • When purchasing it, you’ll get several benefits from its warranty coverage. It works for 4 years, in that range, free service, full compartment service and replacing, anything you want is free.
  • Extra 50 inch cord added to remove hesitant during thinking process. Washer and wiper, hair head cap and so on.

Remington EP6010

Remington EP6010

If Remington taking its crown on best epilator reviews on 2015, we proudly present Remington EP6010 as the only choice for you. Imagine, with so much development, added with special technology and features, no one excess will kill you even though you have several discussions here. These are something important matter to discuss about the new Remington EP series.

  • You will lose insanity after using 2 Speeds model; even clearing process for clean excellent quality seems fair if you have enough reason. Remington stand as best choices, other value we should consider may reduce comfortably and shock entire market. 2 speeds model make you easy in choosing which method to use for shaving or removing hair. That’s why it’ll be useful. It can remove coarse, thin, shortest, smallest and fine hair.
  • For blade head, it’s available for you including curved epilation head, sharp double jaw head, saw head and other heads for greater comfort. Another head included on package is double blade jaw, used for any hard job.
  • The head has 42 tweezers discs, that ensure you to move fastly without any compartment; even raging out of water may diffract hair. so faster epilation could be done. Previledged choices have given different sight, the angle to shave is very catchy, cover all surface and any hair will lose as you expect.
  • The Remington design makes you possible to use corded epilator for long distance away of power source. Plug in power in different manner will be better, but using it cordless not good either. After trying corded use, we see no distraction. That is benefit for having such a good stuff.
  • For personal use, purchasing package covers 2 years warranty. You still guaranteed with full part replacement and service all over universe if you want. Taking it out somewhere may give you hesitant and exhausted, but designing epilator as you want, may enhance spirit once more.

No matter the difficult level faced, as you nail your will on Remington EP6010 series, there’ll be no regret, no sorrow, no painful. A promise for satisfaction is given to you. Trust me.

Beautyko GS-243

Beautyko GS-243

How can Beautyko GS series be in the top list product? Some say that its quality has proven more words than anything. So Beautyko deserve or not, you decide. Before giving any suggestion, better for you to take a look our best epilator reviews for Beautyko. It will enlighten your mind about this product. Specs designed to captivate you, faster epilation, clean shaving, any pros you imagine are here. Including easy affording and having no loss to buy.

  • What makes Beautyko different? Nothing unless built in gold anti allergenic plated for tweezers It has function as smart blade that will cut off hair, shortest hairs, fine and smallest hairs easily without pain. You will not itchy, allergenic, having skin rash and any other problems. Mainly, this gold blade gives extra protection for bacterial exposed during removal process. That’s why cleaning process seems a bit different than clarifying any choices. Completed with LED eco friendly smart light, enlightening skin surface and get better result.
  • Shifting speed to ease shaving is possible by 2 speed setting. You can choose slow or fast depend on removal process you try. Even when taking lot intention for what so called as shaving, but for sure there is no evidence to get back any long lasting rechargeable battery. Main reason you stand over it is because the quality is incomparable.
  • Using it for traveling is easy, you may get cordless package for Beautyko. You get double Li-On battery to stand full as normal attention, while another case occurs during rendering process. That will be different, another chance you have right now not good enough to protect your skin. Instant recharged technology is applied to support your desire for improving clean result.
  • After doing some research, Beautyko could erase any hair types including finest, smallest, shortest and invisible hair. Shaving will no longer be hard since you get Beautyko to accompany anytime anywhere.
  • Purchase it now, get 3 years warranty with easy claim for replacing broken parts. Free service guaranteed broadly over the world and you still save 40 percent energy because it is very eco friendly.

General Features

Having talked a bit about this epilator on above paragraph, there is something missed on common features we should know before choosing best product of this device. As this comes with electric power, hair removal with epilating way does faster and more painful. This gives quick result.  The way it works is same with common waxing or plucking. It is able to work on many parts of body with unwanted hair like arms, legs, armpit and many more as you wish to shave or wax. What makes it different is that this device using spinning and springs to get and pluck hair straightly from root and smooth skins are left. Once this device pulls away hair, it’ll last longer like a month or more. It depends on your speed of your growing hair. No matter durability, it’ll be so depending on hair type of growing. Although it is claimed last longer but when hair growing is abnormal, it is different too. Make sure that we all know every single feature and caution on this tool

Although this epilator comes more painful, but ease of this device is so desirable. We do need quick result and no more times for doing simple things like waxing. Shape and body is light. Most of them are affordable too. You can catch it with cheap price and it’ll save more dollars than using common waxing. Most of them are sold in beauty categories and comes with various types and prices too. If you want to have with rechargeable, just go buying with epilator with rechargeable battery. Some of them are with replaceable battery too. It might be cheaper but if you need cordless one, there is cordless epilator too. All of them are suitable with needs and budgets. It’ll be more worth it and good to buy.

Epilator FAQ

Who is this for?

Thinking about beauty category, people seem keeping to go with sexism. This category is not only for women now but for men too as they also need to get more beauties. Beautiful does not tend to women but for the whole people in world. People need to have beauty both outside and inside. So it is same with epilator. This device is for everyone that needs to remove their unwanted hair like in armpit, legs and many more as they wish to remove. Although this comes with more pain but the demands are increasing too since the device is giving more ease and great features. No matter how price of this device, fact tells that all shops have great selling with this device.

Talking about the purpose and to who this device is for, yes it is for everyone who needs. Although most of consumers that buy epilator are women but survey also tells that men need this device. In beauty, we should not do sexism as having more beautiful appearance is a must for everyone. As price comes so affordable, we are able to conclude that this device is must have one. Therefore, buying such hardware like epilator is a must too. There’ll be no regret as price is low and function is wide and recommended for making up tools. Makeup is not only about mirror, powder and lipstick but this tool too because every single thing related to beautiful appearance is something we need to care on. Conclusion to decide who this device is for is for women especially and users that need in general. No need to get a debate on beauty tools as beauty is for everyone’s rules.

Benefits of having epilator

Asking about benefits of epilator, it has to be with one by one discussion as there are many features provided by this device. From the basic function, epilator can pull unwanted hairs faster than manual waxing. If manual waxing does harder and sometimes still leave unwanted hair and users need to do twice cleaning, this device only leave smooth skin and make sure that there is no more hairs left in your smooth skin. This works better than other devices in this segment area. This one is recommended for people need to remove hair and hairs that grow crazier than others.

Another discussion is speed. Speed is of course faster. It’ll work within minutes to remove whole unwanted hairs especially in legs and armpits as this epilator does with electrical power that no other device has. Result is better too as it only leaves smooth skin. Moreover, it is not only on speed if we are talking about benefits. Energy of this tool comes longer and more durable. If manual waxing needs no energy, this tool needs energy that becomes thing to vary prices. Higher energy makes higher prices too. Rechargeable battery in epilator will make price going high.

Although there is rechargeable one, to save more money some users prefer to use replaceable battery epilator to make further saving since battery is cheap too and it is not as expensive and rechargeable one. Frankly speaking, all kinds of epilator are affordable and no more reason not to but this superb tool for your make up shelves. Imagine when there should be fast cleaning hair in legs and dressing with gown is a must, showing up awkward hair in leg is totally a mistake, there it needs this superb epilator to remove hair faster than manual waxing in common. No reason not to buy this device for makeup tools.

How to use epilator?

To use this superb device, just need single click on “turn on” button, plucking or waxing starts. It is different from common waxing spent more times and sometimes wasted more opportunities to do other useful things in your daily activities. With this device, you’ll save more times as this gives faster speed on waxing undated hairs. One hour is common time for manual waxing but epilator only needs 10 minutes to clean hairs in whole body you need to shave. It is painful tough but there is none to compare how this tool works better than others. Somehow you only need to move this tool one way based on location of unwanted hairs and it is done within minutes. What makes it longer is pain from result of smooth skin left due to holding on the pain. It is also painful because your skin still don’t get used to feel hair pulled out in multiple numbers

After turning on and moving tools to remove hairs, you also need to clean device as maintenance to keep it durable and saving more money as no need to buy more devices when old ones still best to provide good and fast epilating. That is why maintaining epilator after getting done cleaning hair is important. Although price is so affordable and there is no problem to buy new ones but saving is better than wasting money. It is your decision and choice to buy types and energy one as the way to use this device is all same.

What types of epilator are available?

At least there are three types of epilator are available in market and all of them were invented in separated times. Technology comes faster and it does with this device too. In last 3 decades, there are three advances in making this device more efficient and effective. We all know that to get more modern and more functions in features, we need to upgrade this device. Let’s just discuss those types one by one. First is spring type that comes with coiled springs. It is firstly invented in 1986 by an Israeli designer. More days come, more technologies come. Spring one has lowest effective function as spring move with coil and flex constantly so there is failure in cleaning hairs. This type now only used for removing hair after facial. They are available in both manual and electric.

Second type is rotating disc epilator. There is disc with metal plate moving around on surface of body that needs to be cleaned. It works by rotation metal disc rapidly so it goes more effective than spring types. This disc comes to replace spring and every tip of metal disc will come closer and together to remove hair. Last type is tweezing. It goes with similar design to epilator with rotating disc but there is difference in head of epilator. Tweezer epilator comes with less plates and disc. There is incomplete disc but the way it removes hair is refined with moving plates and head. It has been claimed that tweezing ones are more effective than previous generations.

Consider the perfect size, shape and materials

In choosing epilator, there are some considerations. Make sure that you have known all of types in epilator so it will be easily known to decide what kinds of tools or devices that’ll be perfectly matched to needs and budgets although all devices are affordable and almost all people are able to but this device but saving more money on further need is important too. That is why we should consider on size, types, shape and materials in choosing epilator.  First is size. If having smaller one is more favorites, than choosing smaller epilator is good ideas as it’ll give more flexibility in moving. It is so suitable for users that just need certain area on hair cleaning. No need to worry on size because it does not effect on price too much. It is different from styles as it affects so much on price.

Having told in previous paragraph, it is easy to know that spring one is cheapest one. The lowest effective epilator as it is oldest technology on this hair removal device, so no doubt that it comes cheaper than others. The second most expensive is rotating disc epilator and first most expensive is tweezing epilator. Just decide needs and speed needed when buying epilator for makeup tools. Material is last consideration; most exclusive one is with high quality on durability of certain epilator. Most of them are made of plastic and metal plate. Plastic is various too. Choose most expensive one as it will provide good durability too. Although it depends on maintenance but expensive one provided better features too.

Tips: How to choose the best epilator for women

In choosing best epilator for women, it depends on need. First is growing speed. Decide whether your hair is type with fast growing or not. If it is yes, buy tweezing one as it has highest effective result. One day you will know how much effective when you have bought this super device. Tweezing type is typically and identically with last longer smooth skin and hair does not come growing faster than using manual waxing as it works to pull straight away from roots. No need to worry on more hair growing but just use this device as it is told in manual book and all articles that tell to keep your leg and area of body cleaned from hair.

Second way to choose best epilator for women is depending on how it works. When it need to fast result, go with tweezing but when it needs slow result and your hair is not type of fast growing, just use spring one. It is cheaper than other types because oldest technology is there. It is supposed to be best one in first invention in 1986 but then there is rotating disc one that comes better. Epilator with rotating disc is suitable for women that just need medium work and results. It is imagined where women need to shave hair in area they want, but just need slow movement of epilator. It is good to choose medium one. The last is choosing tweezing. It is best for everyone but it will cost higher than others.

Our Pick

Braun Silk-Epilator
There are recommendations above paragraph on choosing best epilator for women or for everyone. It depends on needs and technology you choose. The higher technology in epilator, the higher price it will be. No matter on price, most of devices is claimed affordable and everyone can reach price available in market. Even there has been tip on choosing but we still give our best pick in this device. Good device can cover needs needed by users including speed, result and pain reduced. All users and buyers know what they really need and spend budget. To be true, Braun Silk Epil is one of most underrated epilator in market. It is seen from smooth result, fast working and saving more energy.

Most of reviews tell that this device can stand more than 4 session of cleaning hair in all of part of body including bikini area, arm, legs and others. Design is available with ergonomic view. It is easy handling and users are going to enjoy all of session. Although skin does not get used to pain in multiple hair removal, one try is enough for making habit and getting used to pain in using epilator. Braun Silk Epil comes with very different effect on pain, it is claimed as least pain result on epilating. It is clear that choosing Braun Silk is best decision for everyone. Price is affordable too. Make sure to have read all of reviews to firm decision on choosing this brand in epilating tools. No doubt to buy further investment on making up tools.

Braun Silk-Epil


Beautiful in appearance is not only for women but also for men. Everyone needs to be beautiful in every moment as every human is designed beautifully in its own way. It is also for sectional or segmented product like epilator.  Epilator is identically with women needs and most of stores tell that more than 50% women buy epilator but there are men too buying epilator. Technology is indeed increasing time by time and we need to upgrade every single technology especially in making up face. It is included in epilator that has three types of technology in metal of plate. There are three different functions too. The more modern technology they has, the higher price too in there. Having known all of technology, it’ll help you to choose the best one. It depends on needs of speed, time and type of growing hair.

No matter you are man or woman, appearance is important. If you are not confident on having too much hair, shave it and wax or epilate with epilator. Choose based on needs and budget, although all of types of this device are more affordable than other devices but make sure that you choose with best one as it will invest more in further time. No need to worry on technology since all of epilators is going to be upgraded. Time will tell technological advance including in making up tool like hair removal tools. Sometimes sexism still exists in buying this device. Just make up mind and keep refining appearance.

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