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Time flies so fast and so does technological advance. Human lives in era when technology has been almost perfect because its existence now seems essential and irreplaceable. If there are some people that get nomophobia as a phobia for being far from mobile phone, so there must be technophile too. Technology is indeed powerful as it gives so much ease and saving more times and works. In communication, smart phone comes for everything. In entertainment, TV has been another smart phone that will let humans stuck with genius thing on TV. In transportation, there are more things to do with technology ranging from safety of car that does improve so fast till replaceable transportation like skate board. If some people think that this transportation tool is just for fun then they are wrong. Actually it was made for making easy of commuting and walking so people prefer doing with skateboard instead of walking. Besides, it reduces tiring walk but it also has better speed than walking. Since this board is wide of selection so there has to be thing to choose like whether you need electric one or not, whether you need fast speed and balance or not and many more.

Overview of the Best Electric Skateboard reviews

It’s been mentioned above that choosing hoverboard is not only about what It’s for but It’s also price, feature and performance. That is why there is review to help customers to choose best electric skate board. Review helps users to choose and avoid further regret due to wrong selection. Most important thing on choosing this is to know all about this cool board where It’s wide in term of knowledge of feature, benefit and performance. Make sure that users and buyers are serious in considering things in choosing best one because money spent will not be that cheap as It’s powerful use in your move. Some electric board gives cool speed as good as buyers use bicycle or motorcycle. Electric one is indeed powerful, but there should be many things to do with it like fixing, maintaining and setting. If you are choosing to buy this for giving ease in transportation in commuting, chosen power should be big and It’s different for people who will choose to buy this because of having fun in weekend. If use of skate board is not really massive, buying manual one is better than buying electric one.

Top Rated Electric Skateboard 

Boosted Dual+ 2000W Electric Skateboard

Boosted Dual+ 2000W Electric Skateboard

Most wanted Electric Skateboard or hoverboard is coming, you can’t wait any longer because Boosted Dual aim to shake entire market with powerful engine, massive result and so on. With much different strength, Boosted Dual+ considered as best electric skateboard for most skater. Even though other competitors repel it as greatest choices but yes, it’s still good as always.

  • Unbelievable because Boosted Dual could run fast like a supercar. 2,000 watts of power included in super massive engine gives different act where you can’t feel like a real rider. When turning into best performance, you won’t be so eager to stay. It’s called as dual-drive system, the only one the universe,enabling us accelerate to small mount and braking to a complete stop when going down.
  • It’s designed either for amateur up to real pro skater. The advanced software & technology enabling us to seize power as we want, speed level is adjustable. Just enjoy your riding without disturbed. Gain highest performance with.
  • Shape similar to snowboard, with total bamboo material for long board with very flexible deck, indeed the handling, ride quality, maneuverability and so on. Everybody could enjoy, skiers, snowboarders, kite boarders, walker even surfers.
  • Made with high-quality standard for constructing, Boosted Dual+ is a mean of perfectness.

Yuneec E-Go Electric Skateboard

Yuneec E-Go Electric Skateboard

Who tells you that riding electric skateboard doesn’t need skill? Those retarded person must know this. Yuneec E-Go Electric Skateboard is designed for amateur and pro, but still, if you wanna show, your skill should be good. It’s just a tool, playing and attracting means differently. Don’t use same term to define it. Well, Yuneec indeed has super design, the engineer behind lab had tested it many times to prove its excellency.

  • Could give you 18 mile range so having done long track won’t be trouble since the new engine enables us to ride longer, estimated top speed until 12.5 mph, very fast if you wanna try, and it’s very light with only 13.9 lbs.
  • 400 Li-Ion powered brushless motor need 5 hours to recharge, using global adapter so plugging socket everywhere without problems, could hold up to 220 lb load capacity. If you’re very fat, it doesn’t matter, Yuneec still able to bring you down street.
  • Operate w/controller or smart phone app. Integrating them with Bluetooth, but first install software on your phone, integrated it, you can lock it up, braking and add more speed easily.
  • Includes heavy duty accessory travel bag in purchasing package.
  • 3 years warranty is given with 180 day full coverage, but if there’s further problem, they provide lifetime tech support

Maverix BorderX 800W Electric Skateboard

Maverix BorderX 800W Electric Skateboard

This hoverboard is very amazing, act like real pro, Tony Hawk will look nothing if you ride MaverixBorderX. With super engine, low consumed power and many batteries included, the MaverixBorderX will be first choices, yet board with electric power may run fast easily. Its technology realize every skater dream immediately. Even wandering if riding up to hill and going back without fell down.

  • 800w motor and 3x12ah classic battery used to empower the Maverix. It could stand for almost 100 miles or 9 hours nonstop. Just need once 10 hours of recharging, enjoy full performance instantly.
  • 30 km/h max speed seems pretty fast, go up to hill, go back again, and think like real skater. Tony Hawk will be impressed with you really.
  • Design with 4 wheel drive system enabling the board to move faster, flexible and could totally stop undisturbed. Especially when turning the Maverix down into slower speed.
  • Wireless remote with 3-speed level, you as skater just decide whether you’re the beginner or intermediate or even pro expert.
  • Smooth ABS Braking, totally stop when go down from hill. Minimize accident risk, get you safe everytime and manage your exercise well.
  • safety leash with emergency breaks used to ensure your safety.

Munkyboards SK-1200BL

Munkyboards SK-1200BL

The Munkyboards SK1200 series could be said as new mode for transportation, very efficient, having awesome design, yet giving us lots of benefits during riding. On past, people ride hoverboard for only fun. But Munkyboards could drive you to desired place. So your time won’t get wasted because playing without action is useless.

  • Top Quality, maxi torsion reaches 1,500 rpm, yet the engine used for Munkyboards is very powerful.
  • Top Endurance, drive you up to the hill without losing speed
  • Top Performance, the top speed reaches 12 mph while for acceleration from 0 until 5 mph needs 5 seconds only
  • Munkyboards Remote Controlled Electric Skateboard used to help securing board whenever you leave it. Ignite and lock ’em up easily, especially if using it far from house.
  • Power consuming around 1200W 36V, so using Lithium Ion 15Ah, you only need 5 hours to recharge, and driving for 8 hours nonstop won’t get problem.
  • while for wheel type uses All Terrain Rubber, resulting on excellent braking system and acceleration. No worry again when going down from hill.
  • 3 years warranty including engine replacement, carburetor and battery replacement, also tire replacements. But warranty avoided if the seal broken. Taking less than 5 hours to recharge.

FiiK “Street Surfer” RC Electric Skateboard

FiiK "Street Surfer" RC Electric Skateboard

Street Surfer from FiiK could be considered since its design is pretty awesome, comparing with its previous series, this Street Surfer is best thing we ever see. With new design and power, Fiik Electric skateboard able to drive everywhere, even going up the hill or down, not a problem at all. Especially when need for long term, it’s easy.

  • Pneumatic Tires, designed for every terrain surface.
  • ABS Regenerative Braking for much better result when braking on down terrain.
  • Intelligent Lithium Polymer Battery only needs 8 hours recharging, last longer almost 10 hours riding.
  • Designed with classic speed stripe design, gives different impression that seems crazy, while for performance, top speed reaches 22 mph in all terrain including climbing hill. While for range, it reaches 15 miles.
  • Using high torque power plant, generating maximum power without trouble.
  • Premium performance all alloy construction Lithium-Polymer (LiFePo4) or standard used for special mandatory result, especially when turn it into different style, no one will know whether you pro or not.
  • Maximum carry reaches 300 Ibs, while using advance technology on recharging, massive voice could also be stated as main choices. While other driving lines are also simple, but using heavy duty profile knobby rubber could maximize off road purposes

Luoov Electric Skateboard Longboard

Luoov Electric Skateboard Longboard

Could you imagine the combination between electric skate board and manual skate? This fully load longboard empowered with powerful engine stays helping you climbing up small mountain or hill, even off roading many kinds of terrain easily. Especially when turning into massive track, Luoov Electric skate board transform into real monster attitude. Considering its fantastic performance, Luoov is truly amazing choices.

  • With super massive speed, its top limit speed could breaks 30 km per hour or 18.6 mph
  • Using advance battery Li-on new gen X, need only 2 hours recharging, but can last until 10 hours riding, or probably 150 miles nonstop.
  • It weighs just 5.98kg or 13.2 lbs, very light to ship around the world.
  • Designed as portable stuff which works in combination with an Array of public transportation. When considering it for personal vehicle, go to school or office (on range cover), it’s very recommended.
  • The 1200 Watt Li-Ion Powered Propulsion System helps you realizing lasting usage and getting lots of benefit
  • Regenerative ABS Brakes securing us for accident, it’s very crazy and awesome.
  • The Luoov will take you up inclines of 20 degree, you won’t fell down, slipped or get injured by.
  • This Boards are made with high quality wood, combined with high quality metal and steel.

General Features

The increasing number of car use makes some people prefer to use electric skateboard than driving car for its traffic risk and health. Why is it health? Too much sitting gives another problem of health like heartburn as common risk and backbone problem. If being healthy is number one issue so walking, bicycling and skateboarding should be number one solution for changing habit from driving car. If walking is tiring, It’s been electric hoverboard that is now powerful with electric and set speed on it. Users are able to feel smooth breeze, reducing traffic, enjoying ride and daily commute is going never be fun with this transportation replaceable tool. One thing we have to think on this powerful boars is its benefits and feature where it’ll be as good as bicycle since It’s good role on reducing global warming for reducing consumption of fuel, users also don’t need to think about traffic, fuel issue and all they have to think is just about controlling and challenging them to be good and impressive rider. Common electric skateboard comes with 20mph speed and It’s enough to replace bicycle. Indeed this board is not replacing car role but It’s better to reduce traffic with walking of using this board.

Electric Skateboard FAQ

What is Electric Skateboard?

Asking what skateboard is something weird because almost all people know about this but what about electric skateboard? It’s kind of electric board where It’s been popular among people in UK since 2003 to reduce car driving issue that has been increasing crazily and it also comes for local transportation. It does not mean that this is replacing car role but it just reduces that effect of car use. Traffic is something bored that everyone hates it. Using board, walking, bicycling and running are best solution for it. Users don’t need to think about fuel traffic and racing time. Some users buy that due to flexibility on road. It’s high flexibility because It’s capable to run on narrow road even when you pass traffic jam road. Imagine when buyers should get office in a rush but then there is stuck traffic jam. High traffic that makes stuck jam is giving risk of reducing productive time and companies will lose so much times for making performance better because traffic jam stole it. That is why replacing car is important. Reducing use is also essential for traffic future and electric hoverboard is just one of best solutions for it.

Who is this for?

To be true about who this skateboard for, it must be people where need high flexibility in road and having high move on traffic. If you are a young employee and need to be flexible in road, this electric hoverboard is really matched for you. No need to think about traffic jam and fuel issue because all you have to do is just steering the board and dancing on road. Manual one comes with pushing power but this electric thing on board just needs steering using body pushing too. If in manual pushing is for getting speed but in this, pushing body is for steering. This hoverboard is really good for people that care about environment and saving many things. Some people just don’t care about this issue but when It’s come to excitement of new local transportation, we have to be really aware on this motorboard. Indeed there has to be awareness but when there is low interest to change habit in transportation behavior, that’ll be useless and that is why this transportation tool is just good for those who are aware on such issue, are thinking about future save and thinking about saving time in avoiding common traffic jam to increase productivity.


Talking about benefit, so we have to be objective and see many points to compare transportation. First benefits saving time. If people are talking about saving time, car speed is powerful and must be far better than electric skateboard. If It’s criteria and only thing to consider best time saver in car, It’s to be wrong when It’s applied to big city that has poor traffic jam. Bangkok and Jakarta are number one city that has crazy traffic jam but the awareness is poor so there is rare to see this transportation tool in road. In Europe, motor board, bicycle and walking have been one of best time saver for reducing traffic jam. People that are so aware on this issue are not going to underestimate this tool.

Second is good to react high price and price movement of fuel in world issue. When people with car are afraid of high price of fuel, these people with board is really easy to react because there is no need to think about it since electric comes with battery that is rechargeable. Don’t even think about issue but just enjoy riding board to work. Third is about joy on road. Buyers are able to feel breeze on way and they just will feel fun. Daily commute is never going to be fun without skateboard because firstly you see it as chore but it changes into joy on road.

How to use?

To use electric skateboard, buyers just need to enjoy and relax when they are riding. If you only need to use body pushing to boost speed but in electric one pushing body is to steer. One thing that almost all people that care about using this have to consider in buying is at least being able to know how to use it. Manual book is indeed useful but practice to use it and getting used to this board is more important than knowing theory. If you are not ready to use it, then first thing to do is making habit starting from using it only weekend and then It’s able to increase as daily commute transportation. First of all, there has to be knowledge about what you will get when buying electric board. Remote control is common and It’s good to control speed and movement. If you make DIY electric skateboard, there has to be no remote control but when you buy like metroboard, you’ll get remote control and It’s cool to use since you are able to control anything in this local transportation. People don’t have to worry about way using it because all is able to be understood and learned. 

How to maintain?

To maintain this transportation is really easy. Ease of using, maintenance and cleaning are important considerations so just don’t worry about how to maintain. You all are able to read manual guide in maintaining skateboard. To make it durable, don’t ever push to harsh when battery is low. It’s able to break motor or engine. When It’s been low battery, plug to power and wait until It’s full to use. Common thing that almost all people miss in maintaining electric skateboard is pushing power and It’s able to be so hard. Oil of machine or engine is also another essential thing in maintenance. Since there is motor inside engine, oil replacement is something that cannot be separates. Replace regularly and always make sure that engine inside box is always in clean condition. If cleaning is an issue, choosing electric hoverboard with safety box for keeping motor from dust and crash is clever option because there’ll be no cleaning since It’s been kept using box. If you have DIY motor board, make sure that It’s been set with good cover of engine or machine. Battery replacement is also important. If users buy with remote control, It’s usually giving sign of low battery or battery replacement for it.

What to look for when buying and comparing Electric Skateboard

There are many things to see and compare before buying electric skateboard. All buyers must do is reading good review both by expert and customers. For common tips in choosing best one is by exploring these considerations like range, price, performance and more. So here are things to look in choosing best electric skateboard.


Range is about users that have to know specification on both in board and using it for. What you are going to use board for. If people choose to fun or carving, buy light one and cheapest one as It’s only for fun so there have to be easy in way of using on replacing. Having fun with electric skateboard is good but in choosing it, you just need to pick randomly. It comes more confusing when you choose eboard for daily commute needing for high feature and performance. Imagine where It’s been so busy on road but problem comes anywhere you’re riding. High feature and performance are essential in this range. To be true, eboard range is wide. Selections are opened from lightweight, newbie friendly board till professional level that is used for high and rapid move from users. It’s all back to users ad of course, budget is another important thing to consider in choosing right range.


It’s about you are going to be capable to lift or not. If you are one that has high traffic on road and run out of juice, you are greater to see whether it needs to be easy to lift or not. In simpler words, weight is about flexibility in hand and light performance. Lightweight doesn’t make performance faster but it depends on motor available on engine so no matter how weight is not influencing performance. Sometimes heavy weight is also good in flexibility of movement. Don’t think too much in choosing weight but just think about whether you need to bring and lift around or not.


There are many advertisers that persuade to buy eboard with motor wattage. It’s been claimed as one of main thing to make it faster or not but truth is far different from that. To be honest, motor wattage does not always make speed faster but It’s for balance. Higher wattage does not always make better performance because to set electric skateboard needs controlling gear to get maximum torque and speed. Don’t ever be fooled by advertisement but just know details in considering best eboard. Another motor thing to consider is about going with 1 motor or 2 motor. There is belief telling that 2 motor will improve speed. When users have chosen 2 motor in their hover board, they have to know that there is going to be more noise on that. 2 motor comes with more noise and so wasting battery power because It’s to be lifted by double power too from battery. Always choose balance because It’s not about high prestige in choosing high advance of eboard but it depends on needs and budgets.


To see difference on eboards sometimes is same with seeing difference on cars because there are A to Z things to see. Buyers have to consider whether they are good when there is no electrical power, whether It’s able with manual pushing or whether It’s ok without electrical setup. To see how strong It’s, you need to see wheels since they are crucial to mark overall performance. Indeed, performance is also about durability or longevity because it all marks whether It’s good or not in performing good riding. When It’s easy to be broken, there is bad mark from users. Motor is also main factor of bad and good performance. There is smooth and not smooth one. Smoother is more expensive. In high technology era, eboard comes with smooth sound machine so price is also in wide range. Don’t worry about performance because in this era almost all boards come with great performance since many manufacturers always refine and upgrade all tools.

Remote Control

Thumb remote control is great but some claims on intuition needed on thumb one is not as great if It’s compared to trigger. Trigger remote control is indeed more comfortable because smooth movement is the key. Although price influences quality, It’s more essential to seek comfort than reaching cheap price.


In considering price, buyers need to be objective in comparing one eboard to others. It’s to be apple to apple so objectivity in choosing based on price is not ruined by wrong comparison. Price is high when they buy from manufacturers that have high passion on this electric skateboard. Indeed It’s not meaning to defend western manufacturer but making with passion usually gives best performance. It’s different when It’s come to certain China manufacturer that produces because of popularity and profit. Indeed not all China companies in this stage is not passionate but what buyers do is about to research how this company is trading and you’ll see how passionate they are in making best skateboard.

Our Pick

We have told about how to choose but as good reviewer, giving best pick is key of all reviews. Indeed It’s not best one but It’s so considerable. Electric skateboard we choose is Boosted Dual 2000W. Buyers get 2000 watt power that means giving brand new experience on riding board. It’s sport car acceleration. Speed is impressive. To use It’s also easy because this has been claimed as newbie friendly board for most all board riders. Software has been advanced and upgraded so there has been adjustable speed and power from one level to another level. It also graduates to higher performance. If you are a type or rider that does not like stuffing remote control, this gives best solution. Wireless remote control with trigger system is able to give newly experience in riding. However some boosted boards come with high feature like It’s able to connect smart phone technology as another way to control movement and steering of board. This is going to be fun but price seems to be expensive but It’s to be fine because it gives best offer. A thousand dollars or more are not going to be problem if performance is in top quality.

Boosted Dual+ 2000W Electric Skateboard


If you are interested in improving road environment, electric skateboard is able to be number one solution with full of fun and joy. It gives brand new transportation alternative. There is no need to think about traffic jam and fuel because eboard is with high technology of battery power and high flexibility in opening narrow road. In choosing best board, there are many considerations to think before buying because dollars spent is different from spending for buying like accessories or foods. Buying electric skateboard is like investing dollars for environment movement and better habit for us. That is why considerations are more than everything. It is about price, feature, performance and flexibility in remote control. When buyers are a bit disturbed with intuition in thumb remote control so trigger one is better than it. Price is also a thing that is not able to be ignored since it also does impact on quality of eboard. Performance is related to motor and engine. Higher motor wattage or higher number of motor do not always impact on better performance but it is about balance that is going to be main factor of whether certain board is comfortable or not. Last word is back to your choice. It depends on considerations taken.

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