Best Electric Food Warming Tray

Utilizing valuable momentum with your family will feel more complete with the presence of delicious dish to be eaten together. The dish will taste better because of warm nuances. However, cooked food since morning may be rotten if not handled properly. The best way to deal with food problem is to utilize electric food warmer tray or food heater. Best warming tray can be used to maintain food condition so that it remains warm. Warm food will stimulate your appetite to remain high. Dish served to complement to make warmth of family gathering will not end in vain because there is a special way to warm it up.

Food is easily contaminated by bacteria if left too long in cold conditions. Thermal and warmth will kill bacterium easily so this way is considered as easiest way to use. Planning to make house be warm or shades will be realized without waiting for other conditions to make them more and more beauty. Best electric warming tray review will be used as main reference for shopping. You easily meet the needs with instant warm food, fast without making people hassles. If seen further, attempt to get healthy food pattern will be a source of most memorable pleasure. Just look at some product summaries below before deciding to buy food warming tray. Never be in hurry it may lose chance to gain benefits.

What is warming tray?

Do you know how a restaurant or hotel can always keep their dishes still good? How fast and satisfactory service to customers can be achieved? For those of you who are opening a restaurant business, it is important to maintain the quality of food served remains good and fresh. Therefore hotel and restaurant businesses are using a tool that can help them to preserve food and maintain all types of cuisine remains hot for serving. This tool is called a food warmer tray or commonly called the “electric warming tray”. With food warmers our cuisine will not have to be worried anymore because cuisine could be left much longer after cooking. It happens because this food warmer tool can store up to 20GN cuisine or the same size as a large pan.

This will allow us to store food with plenty of capacity so that your food or cuisine will remain hot or warm when we shall present them for consumer. We have no need to worry anymore to keep cooking for hours without any hesitant. One advantages of food warmers machine is equipped with special technology that is enabled to maintain food quality. Besides its cool shape, food warmers tool is also designed to be operated easily. It could be seen from hand grip side which will allow users to bring food.

Top Rated Warming Trays

Cuisinart CWT-240


Serving food to keep hot for your visitors can be done using this warmer tray. The criteria are as follow:

  • Surface is made from glass that can provide a place to store large or small foods with its 19 by 12 inch size.
  • Anyone can serve different foods perfectly by managing their temperature from 150 F to 200 F because it’s having up to 200 degrees F heat by adjusting thermostat offered according to what kind food that will be served.
  • Four legs are designed properly so they will not easily be moved when the tray is placed in buffet or any table.
  • It is suitable for who’s living in modern home theme. Cuisinart has elegant style with cool color and elegant shape. Aluminum frame is brushed around product to make it looks classy placed in your modern house with a Cuisinart logo.
  • Three years warranty is given for every customer if they have any problem with products they buy.

Food warmer will beautify appearance and interior design as it beautifies dining table where food warming tray sits beautifully. It is also very easy to clean and can be cleaned by yourself so do not need to call a professional to make it clean and new.

Waring Pro BFS50B


This electric warming tray is important to make food be warm when you serve it to your guest or family members.

  • Warmer tray can be operated using 400 watts electric power to make food be hot quickly. The tray has buffet style to accommodate any dish varieties.
  • Like other tray, just control Waring Pro temperature from 150 F until 200 F as it’s having adjustable temperature. Waring designer designs BFS50B by brushing double base using stainless steel that allows it to be more elegant.
  • With 4 servings and twenty holdings, serving dishes with quart chafing. This product quality is also guaranteed because they are made according to North American Electrical Standards.
  • The tray is a special warming tray that is used to warm up your dish. Eating cold dish will make some people be lazy to eat. For children or elder who will study at school or parents who work and do not have enough time to buy food, it’s better to use warmer tray.

Besides saving much money, your health will be maintained well. There is useful tray that be used to make your food always delicious and hot. With good quality and elegant style, your room design will always be perfect.

Deluxe Shabbat

deluxe shabbat

Deluxe is recognized as best warming tray that can heat foods practically and easy to use.

  • With carry handles in two side’s tray, just move it freely according to your need.
  • Sturdy aluminum makes deluxe tray allows foods keep health for you and family members.
  • By using power 300 watts, it helps to make the food be hot quickly in the short time. Indeed this situation allows to awake your appetite, because consuming food that is still warm will taste more delicious and like freshly cooked. This heating food has many benefits to help to lead your daily activities.
  • To turn it on, just press the on button and to turn it off, just press the off button.
  • Also do not need to worry for your safety in using this tray because there is red light for indicator safety.
  • Besides those facilities, this warmer tray is called best tray ever because it’s having knob for controlling variable temperature from 110 F minimum temperature to 230 F maximum temperature, this adjustable temperature is very useful to adjust heat level your food.

It is able to complete your beautiful dining table with its elegant style. Material used for deluxe tray can make your food be served in table directly due to easy and practical use Deluxe.

Broil King NWT-28S

broil king

This food warming tray can heat your foods or dishes in a short time and quickly so for those who are hungry or do not have enough time to have a lunch, do not need to worry. Broil King warmer can heat and warm your foods quickly.

  • Broil King warmer is made in USA and having UL listed, is able to give heat smoothly and spread evenly for all dishes so your foods will always warm and fresh.
  • With a big size, Broil warmer tray is easy to be used. Men usually hate such warmer tray but with this tray, all men will be happy to use because it can be a solution as it is very practical with cool handles. Just try to use Broil easy tray and easy to be clean.
  • With 300 watts electric power, Broil is very safe to be used. Able to warm all kind foods. If bringing rice, vegetables, and even fried foods, Broil’s stainless product can warm your foods. It makes your foods be warm and delicious to be eaten.
  • Besides, it is also safer and does not create any bad smell.
  • From safety side, there is also signal light and it’s having two years warranty. Material used can keep temperature from 155 F to maximum temperature, 205 F. with practical shape, 15-1/4 by 32-1/2 by 2-8/9 inches, King Food warmer will be very easy to be moved and brought to anywhere.

MaxiMatic EWM-9933


There are many benefits is obtained by using MaxiMatic electric warming tray. To operate Maximatic is also simple.

  • We just need 450 watts electric power to warm all food we want, bring MaxiMatic and get back delicacy appetite.
  • Just put food which is served above this food warmer that has 26 inch x 15 inch x 6 inch size, plug in the available cable to the power, and make sure that MaxiMatic indicator power light is on. Wait until your food is warm and ready to eat. Do not forget to adjust temperature because it’s having adjustable control temperature.
  • When warm your food do not let it stands for more than 25 minutes.
  • With its big size and made from 7,5 Q stainless steel, this tray can be used to warm up all kind foods including large chicken or other large meats that are cut in big sizes. Its flat surface also allows to warm several kind foods in same time.
  • MaxiMatic food warmer uses best quality material. Some journalist rate them 5 because this food warmer and pan is completed with dual cool touch.

Thus, keep your lunch so we will always be healthy and strong although your job or activities need much energy. By using warmer tray, saving your money is not dream.



This kind electric warming tray is very good for us who need to warm up food every day. It can be a daily useful tool in your house.

  • With hardness stainless steel material, Toastess tray is able to keep the healthy food for family.
  • Toastess classic style is also able to make your room looks wonderful and peaceful.
  • To use Toastess, plug this tray in for warming the surface around 8 minutes and then unplug and carry it to the place where the dish is warmed.
  • With the width 23.75 inch x 11.75 inch, this tray fits perfectly in the dining table in your kitchen or dining room. And even it can also be placed in the living room if you want to give any food for your guests.
  • Do not be worry about over heating because it’s having temperature control that automatically protects warmer for overheating. If warmer red light power is on, it means that warmer is warming and if seeing the green light is on, it means that Toastess is ready to make your food warm. The green light will be on for 60 minutes after the tray is plugged with red light.

With this development, the product is guaranteed with two years warranty from China. Make sure that you choose Toastess product number TWT-40.

Nostalgia Electrics BCD992


If you have any special event, this best warming tray is perfect to entertain you, your family, and all your guests in occasional event that is created.

  • It’s having three sections buffet and tray to make delicacy appetizer, main dish, and dessert for event become always warm. With those three chafing dishes completed with holdings, warm up your foods into three categories food that will be served for guests.
  • With 2.5 Q stainless steel to hold, serve around twenty servings. When putting your dishes, do not be worry about lifting them up because polycarbonate allows to lift dishes easily.
  • There is also three controls temperature for heat. They are low temperature, medium temperature, and high temperature. Because it is designed with pan holder with chafing dish inside, remove pan and use warmer tray only.
  • Do not be worry about its durability. It made from stainless steel that is easy to be cleaned and very durable used for long term. Its safety is also maintained well as it’s having two handles that are cool to be touched you want to move the tray or the pan to another place.

Besides, its stability is also guaranteed by designing the product with four non-skid feet that are not easily moved.



Having a holiday with friends or family will not be complete if you do not bring this food warming tray. It is recommended to be used for special event, for holidays, for daily usage, and any time to serve the foods for many people or guests.

  • Oster CKSTBSTW00 is made from best quality material like stainless steel to warm the foods such as appetizer above 20 x 13 inch surface of standing warmer tray.
  • The three 2.5 Q buffet pans with lids allows to have elegant tray that can be put in dining table or living room table when serving the food for people.
  • The handles are also designed elegantly with black color that matches placed in every interior and every room. Once getting this tray, we also get one year warranty.
  • Just control temperature knob to adjust the heat your food. Set it from minimum to maximum heat according to the need.
  • After your foods or dishes are finished to be warmed, Clean Oster easily by using your hand and even we also clean it by using dishwasher offered in buffet pans safely.
  • Before cleaning Oster, make sure that power indicator light is off. The power light helps to know whether the tray is in active condition or not. If light is off, it indicates that the Oster is not active.

BELLA 13573 2QT

bella 13573

This best warming tray is called as QT because it is featured with three 2QT chafing dishes that are removable. It can be used to warm any foods in many dining events or occasions according to your needs.

  • It is also very easy to be used as it’s having four variable temperature controls such as off, low, medium, and high heat control. Simply set it according what food to be served.
  • Besides easy to use, it is also very safe to lift food because is made stainless steel with cool handles for to touch and lift food.
  • For easy viewing, this product comes with three triple buffet server and three clear lids. If do not want to use the buffet, use the base tray. The base of tray is also useful so use it as a standalone tray to warm the foods.
  • The style is also elegant with the dimensions 24.2 x 6.1 x 11.4 inches and 4 pounds weight. Therefore, having this tray can be a good investment for you.

With two years warranty, give the best serving for your guests and your family. Besides, BELLA 13573 2QT also does not make difficulties for to clean. Just simply weep the dirt area and will have your tray like a new one.

General Features

Despite its wide range features, but you certainly do not understand about the features found in food warming tray properly. Therefore, you need a lot understanding about features and other variety information. We note some following explanation:

  • Body made from stainless steel. As we know that stainless is a material that is resistant to heat, strong weathering to a stainless steel is often referred as a better materials in processing food rather than iron. That is why so many culinary businesses are always looking for tools made from stainless steel in order to achieve maximum result in their businesses.
  • GN pan size: With a large pan size allowing you to store food with huge portions. Our food warmer comprises 8 chamber pans in one box engine unit.
  • Equipped with an internal fan: The internal fan is used to keep air circulation inside food warmer to heat evenly to all parts and sides of food warmers. So the heat will be thorough with maximum results.
  • There is climate control: temperature control button will allow you to heat food to suit your needs. It means setting warmer for heating and warming food is easy.
  • Analog thermometer technology: With analog thermometer we can always monitor temperature of electric warmer tray to keep them optimally. The temperature can be set for food warmers around 30-80 degrees Celsius.

Who is this for?

If people are not familiar with the use of warmer tray, then they would ignore opportunity to get great benefits. Heating food or dishes is the most effective solutions to maintain quality of food in order to stay well. If you are not so familiar with the use of these tools, learn function and usability to help in reaching benefits. Electric warmer tray is suitable for use by:

  • Restaurant:
    No doubt, restaurant really needs this tool because they should keep food and beverage warm. The quality of their food Also will be good as always. Restaurants usually cook a big meal in morning because cooking process takes a long time. While small meals can be made directly. With great food, the restaurant could easily make the customer satisfied.
  • Fast-food restaurant:
    For a fast food restaurant, where heating food becomes a liability. They must keep the foodstuffs preserved while food is prepared to serve. Customers faithfully served and waiting will feel happy because flavor of the dish remains tasty and savory.
  • Bakery:
    The best cakes will not be made with preservatives so, keeping it durable to do with the other steps. The use of food warming tray into a solution in the midst of confusion. Cake or cake will remain in good quality.

Benefits of having electric warming tray

Do you like cake or wet food? You must already be familiar with food warmer or heating food that serves to keep food warm. This place is perfect for those of you who has a bakery business or wants to start a business. So we get a big enough benefit from a single device. If benefits are felt through a direct way, then you will achieve maximum results as you desire.

  • Besides functioning to warm cake, can also attract consumers to see and choose kind of cake you want to buy because it is coated by a transparent glass. Electric warming tray we often see in storefront restaurant or a fast food store most easily found in big cities.
  • The use of best-warmer tray or place food warmers is very helpful for bakeries or cake maker because in addition to displaying food with a very neat and clean, food warmer produce heat to warm cake durably.
  • If previously still using usual place that makes quick breads cold, a quick dirty and most likely a lot of infestation of insects such as flies or ants, then the way you have to do is wear pastry food warmer that is very easy to clean because it uses sliding door glass, air warm more evenly to all corners of the cabinet with high humidity (60 ~ 80%).
  • Storefront bread warmers are not only used for displaying and warmed bread but also the foam used to warm muffins, donuts and pastries even various types.
  • Electric warming tray is suitable applied in restaurant, hotel, store bakery, cafe and in school canteens. These provide a display of various types from small to large size with a temperature of 40 ~ 75 degrees centigrade and a power range from small to large.

How to use warming trays

In accordance with warmer tray’s name “food warming tray” uses micro thermal waves. Micro thermal waves are used in the food warmer actually are electromagnetic waves similar to radio waves. The fundamental difference is warmer food has a shorter wavelength than ordinary radio waves. Then the ultra-short wave is called electric warming tray.

  • Despite having a wavelength shorter, micro thermal waves have a higher frequency than radio waves. In accordance with the laws of the wave, the wavelength is inversely proportional to the frequency. The greater the frequency, the shorter the wavelength. The waves are shorter will more effectively spread in the board area.
  • An example is the short-wave sophistication that can be found in radar. With short wave, frequency and capacity to bring better data. D nature of various studies, micro thermal wave wavelength and frequency to penetrate the material without damaging the material. Food Warmer is able to penetrate the food and mix the water molecules and fat evenly. The micro thermal waves at a frequency of 2500 MHz can be absorbed by water, fat and sugar so that atoms can be mixed and produce heat.
  • The process indirectly makes cooking heats. The process does not require heat conduction as a regular oven. Therefore, the process goes quickly. And micro thermal waves at this frequency will not penetrate materials such as glass, ceramics, and some types of plastics. Even the metal material will reflect this wave.

What types of warming tray are available?

Looking for best food warming tray sometimes makes us confused because of limited information and clues that are less able to provide special effects. Therefore, before purchasing electric warming, you should pay attention to the availability of the food warmer types. In general there are four types of warmer tray, select one of the 4 types to make a dish stay warm.

  • Food Warmer Sliding Door
    The type of best food heater that can be taken is probably the sliding door types. Based on our searching records, shape and use of the tool will allow anyone to heat food in two steps. Usually sliding door type is designed with a large electric power with a range of 300 watts to 1,200 watts. Cooked dishes will taste more delicious even if you use it repeatedly. Among some of most fun things today is the ease when you enter a dish in considerable numbers, but you still easily warm food easily.
  • Food Warmer Cabinet
    In the cabinet types, it is usually easier for people to enter good pasta dishes, meat to vegetables. The use cabinet type is considered very practical to represent the needs of warming food. Pasta will be easily treated but you will not much enjoy cooking display displayed. Solid wall used in cabinet-type will provide lasting effects of heat.
  • Food Warmer Display
    The most sought after is the type of display types because most small and easy to use. But if you find it difficult to get display types, do not push yourself to buy it. Display box is designed as an easy to use and practical tool so that you will not need additional tools when heating food. Electricity consumption on the kind of display only about 300 watts.
  • Food Warmer & Sliding Rear Door
    The combinations of the two types of heaters at once, will you? We feel positive side heater combined with the availability of two types of display functions that will make it easier to heat the dish.

Consider the perfect size, shape and materials

Before buying food warming tray, you should consider several important things for selecting process must be based on science-based products. We teach you how to choose a product by considering some special things like perfect size, shape and materials. Therefore, the information must be used optimally. You will get most benefit.

  • Perfect Size
    As explained above, there are several types of food warming tray. Each type is usually tailored to the size, for example, cabinet types; the device is suitable for use in electric warmer tray class restaurant. Display types, the type suitable for any home scale.
  • Shape
    As for the form, explanations obtained almost the same as the type of electric warming tray. It’s just that you have to pay attention to the problem of design tools with care.
  • Materials
    Stainless steel is the best choice based on several criteria. Level of durability that can be relied upon, for example, stainless steel is able to withstand more than two decades without a disability. While other materials may not be as strong as stainless steel. Level beauty of stainless steel is also very unusual. This project is driven also by our success in developing the best tools.

From so many expressions, there are some great things that are interrelated. Especially before choosing food warming tray, you must match details of product information to the real conditions on the tool so that you do not get any trouble even though you feel a little confused.

How to choose the best food electric warming tray

Choosing the best products require maximum effort so that the final result obtained with maximum ease. It’s just that, in determining the best food electric warming tray, you must be really smart. Do not be easily persuaded to buy a product without knowing how the quality. Follow the suggestions below to become a smart you.

  • Selecting by rating
    If you bought based on ratings, you will never even feel loss. Especially if you limit the choice only rating above 4 stars out of 5, then it is easier for anyone to get the best product.
  • Note the power consumption problem
    You do not get a bill swell when to use the food warming tray because the choice of electricity consumption is limited to the tools needed only. Enough for home consumption is 300 watts; for restaurant could be 1,200 watts to 3,000 watts.
  • Choose products with after sale service
    If you choose to use electric warmer tray with the best power, then the next, you have to pay attention to after-sale service. Later you will benefit by the guarantee service and so forth.

Studying criteria of the best tools is not difficult; just require extra concentration and accurate information.

Our Pick

Cuisinart CWT-240 was able to attract our attention. The reason that makes us love Cuisinart is because the specifications provided are able to meet our high expectations towards a product. Start by setting temperature of 150, 175 to 200 degrees Fahrenheat. Coupled with the use of stainless steel that guarantees durability, cuisine will be more completed. Although the dimensions of product is slightly smaller than our estimates, but in total we provide figures 4.78 stars out of 5. The results of taste testing after using Cuisinart food heater has become evident that not only heat, but still able to make food awake. We would not hesitate to put Cuisinart at the forefront.



In the end the warmth of the family can still be maintained by using appropriate measures. Warmth of the family can be imported using dishes that can be channeled affection. To keep food warm, good condition and high quality, you still need to make a maximum effort, among others, by buying best warming tray. Reviews above provide accurate information about the specifications of a product without losing the essence from process of making food. Therefore, we can promise some special things to use special measures. After reading the full information, it is expected to you to get best food warming tray.

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