Best Hitch Mounted Cargo Carrier

For people looking for the best model, then there are some good choices to consider. It has become a common fact that when people want to go on vacation, the vehicle is not big enough to accommodate all their baggage then it is a good idea to consider a smart solution, such as a hitch mounted cargo carrier. For most vacation-goers, the cargo carriers are considered as an important car accessory that they don’t want to miss.

Overview of The Best Cargo Carrier Reviews

Cargo carriers have become an essential item that many people consider the next time they want to go on vacation. Having this car accessory added, there are some benefits that vacation-goers can expect. The question is, what is cargo actually? This car accessory can be broken down into two types, a rooftop version and a hitch carrier. Whatever type you choose, they can increase the carrying capacity of your car. So if you are thinking about carrying lots of stuff during your holiday, consider having this car accessory added in your car. In this review, we will be reviewing some best hitch mounted cargo carriers which are worth a buy. Thus, the next time you are looking for this type, you can consider one of these models as your choice.

Top Rated Hitch Mounted Cargo Carrier

ROLA 59550

rolaOur first choice goes to Rola 59550. This hitch mounted cargo offers a better way to travel for those wanting to put all of their baggage in a more convenient way. Using this equipment, you will be able to put things you need in easy reach. Thus, the next time you need some stuff, you can reach it easily. First of all, it features a conveniently placed lift handle where it can fold the basket, giving a more convenient way for easy parking and maneuvering when the cargo is not used.

Hitch cargo carriers also come with some additional features such as the availability of lighting systems and optional bike clips. What we love the most is the cargo is very sturdy, and it also comes with a 5 year warranty. Another great feature is the addition of a built in anti rattle hitch pin. It also sits solidly when placed in the receiver. If you what need is a durable hitch mounted cargo carrier, Rola 59550 is one that you can rely on. In other words, you get what you pay for. It can fold down and up easily, and it can also accommodate other towing needs.

Pro: Wonderful cargo tray, and it can fold up and down easily
Con: Some buyers may need the addition of the reflective tape located on the sides.

Heininger 4011 HitchMate

heiningerFor those looking for an ideal cargo carrier which comes with the perfect size, then Heininger 4011 HitchMate would be a perfect choice to consider. Keeping your vehicle free of clutter can be done with this product. It can offer storage area for various things including outdoor equipment, coolers, and you can also use it to store your luggage. While it does a good job in providing storage area, it can also be folded up and out of the way when it is not used, allowing you to save more space while providing more storage area when needed. To secure your gear, cargo carriers also come with multiple-tie down points, making it a lot easier to keep the cargo sits solidly.

Does it come with other additional features? Yes, this product also comes with some accessories such as an anti-wobble device and assembly tools. Thanks to its design, the design makes an increase in ground clearance. The installation is also easy, thus if this is your first time buying hitch cargo carriers, installing this model won’t take too much time. Although the assembly can be quite challenging, but the process is not very difficult and beginners can do it.

Pro: Very ideal for new users, the installation is easy

Pro-Series 6502 StrongArm

pro-seriesAnother great model which should be taken into your consideration is Pro-Series 6502 StrongArm. These are solid, strong and durable cargo carriers which will definitely suit with your needs. If you find it difficult to accommodate your luggage and you need storage area that can accommodate all your luggage, look no further, Pro-Series can do it. Like other models we have reviewed above, the design of this type also offers an increase in ground clearance. It is very ideal for some stuff such as coolers, bags, or other things that can be loaded up and also strapped down.

Using the swing arm design, the cargo carriers can be folded upright, making it a lot easier when you don’t use it. The swing arm design results in easy parking, saving more space in your vehicle when it isn’t needed. It also comes with the rise shank design which can elevate cargo for maximum ground clearance. With the powder coat finish, the product can resist scratches, the elements and rush. Thus, you can expect that this model will last longer. It is also easy to install, and cleaning the product is also quick, you don’t have to waste a lot of time.

Pro: Swing arm design for easy parking

Rage Powersports 48″ Basket Style

rage powersportsOne of the best hitch mounted cargo carriers you can find in the market, Rage Powersports 48” basket style can accommodate various things such as camping equipment, coolers, haul firewood, tools, tail-gate supplies, prized bucks, and many more. If you don’t want to put stuff in your car but you still need a more convenient way to put your luggage, this heavy duty cargo would be a good choice. It fits perfectly in your vehicle, and is also very easy to assemble. Thus, if you need one that is easy to assemble and comes with a smart design, Rage Powersports is one that you can rely on.

Speaking about its quality, this product comes with a sturdy design, thus you can have one that will last longer more than you can imagine. It works great, and it does its job like what it claimed. Using the heavy duty steel construction, the cargo does its job perfectly. To create a longer productivity, it is also equipped with glossy-power coat finish. In other words, this is an ideal choice for most trucks, cars, fleet vehicles, and also minivans.

Pro: Heavy duty construction for long lasting durability

Lund 601010

lundIf you are looking for basic cargo carrying, then Lund 601010 is one that you can rely on. This is a durable hitch mounted cargo which comes with some amazing features. Many customers find it very helpful, the build quality is okay, and there are some additional accessories. It comes with a black powder coated finish, protecting the product from rust and making it scratch resistant. Another feature is the availability of tie-down straps which will secure the cargo. To attach the accessories, this product also comes with pre-punched holes.

If you have a hitch, then this one would be a great accessory you don’t want to miss. For those who are wondering whether the cargo is strong enough or not, this accessory is very strong, making it one of the best choices among other cargo carriers available in the market. The model is not heavy, but you can also keep it standing on its side. While it is very strong, it won’t take too much space, thus if you need one that is durable and can accommodate lots of stuff, look no further, Lund 601010 is one that you can rely on.

Pro: Very strong, and not heavy, perfect for those wanting a durable hitch mounted cargo carrier.

TMS 500 Lb Hitch Mount

tmsStarting with TMS 500 LB, it comes with a basket style and is designed to fold for storage. To protect the product from rust, it comes with a black powder coat finish. It also features a pull-pin design, which can conveniently fold up and out of the way. To protect the cargo from other objects, it is also equipped with tall side rails, thus you can rest assured that it will stay safe from scratch. When it comes to assembling each cargo basket assembly is relatively quick and easy.

This model is very suitable for the back of any vehicle including ATV, thus if you want to find one that can accommodate your luggage conveniently but can’t afford the expensive one, consider choosing this one. It is very sturdy, thus you can use it for a longer period of time. Another good thing we found from this product is that it doesn’t wobble from one side to the other. The availability of the strong square tube construction gives the product a higher value, although the price is cheaper compared to other models. Don’t be fooled with its price. The quality is great.

Pro: The quality is great, and easy to install.
Con: Some users may think that the product needs more modifications.

CargoLoc 32500

cargolocCargoLoc is one model that is corrosion resistant, it also comes with the steel construction, making it last longer than other similar models found in the market. This model will fit your rack perfectly, as the design is small enough to fit with the spare tire. Although it doesn’t come with a hitch pin, the product is still a great choice for those wanting one that is easy to assemble and fits with their budget. What most surprising is, that the material is very strong. To give you a better understanding, it is one of the best models which can last longer, saving you more money from buying a new one.

Other features are that the product is easily removable, it’s light, and it can be considered as a very well build product. Overall, it does a perfect job when providing storage area where you can put lots of items without taking too much space in your vehicle. If you need one which can accommodate various things but still consider one that doesn’t cost a lot of money, check this model. When it comes to installation, it may take 10 minutes, but it can be faster for those who have had this product before. It also works great with bike and suitcase.

Pro: Large enough to hold everything, easy to assemble

Highland 1042000

highlandHighland 1042000 is very ideal for camping gear, home improvement supplies, transporting garden, and also sports. The first feature we notice from this model is that the model comes with steel construction which makes it very durable. Having a durable cargo is a must if you don’t want to end up buying a new one in a short period of time. If you want something that is big enough to accommodate your luggage but don’t want to choose a huge MPG draining cargo bag, then this model would suit your needs.

It is also one of the best choices that vehicle owners can consider if they have a trailer hitch. It assembles easily, thus you don’t have to waste a lot of time. The only drawback is that the model is a bit heavy compared to the aluminum version, but this is not a big issue. For the price, we can say that Highland is a great choice and if you need one that is big enough and durable, my best advice is this model. For anyone needing additional cargo capacity, this one will definitely fit their needs.

Con: Heavier compared to other models

Hitch Mounted Cargo Carrier Guide & FAQ

How to Pick the Right Hitch Cargo Carrier

For those planning to use a hitch cargo carrier, there are several things that should be considered first. A cargo provides a solution for those wanting to add storage area to their vehicle. As we have mentioned earlier, there are two types of a cargo carrier, each type has its own advantages. To help you pick the right hitch cargo carrier, knowing its advantages first will help you.

Advantages of Using a Hitch Cargo

  • It Won’t Create Wind Resistance: It will not create wind resistance, thus it won’t interfere with the vehicles’ aerodynamic. At the same time, it won’t interfere with the amount of gasoline that the vehicle would consume.
  • It Is Very Ideal For Vehicles With Limited Rooftop Space: If you own a truck or pickup, then you will find it useful to use a hitch cargo carrier. Most vehicle owners who have SUVs find it difficult to find the right cargo that will fit with their vehicle.
  • Of course, the main purpose of having this cargo is to extend your vehicle’s carrying capacity.

Hitch Cargo Vs Rooftop Model

While this accessory can enhance your vehicle’s carrying capacity, there are also other things that you must consider if you decide to purchase this item. Chances are that you may wonder which one is better between this one and a rooftop model. Should you purchase a hitch cargo or rooftop model? To answer this question, there are some situations you can answer first.

Do you have friends who will help you in lifting and loading heavy cargo?
If the answer is no, then a hitch cargo is a better choice. Many consider this type as a better choice since it is closer to the ground. Unlike a rooftop model which requires more than one person to install, you can install a hitch cargo yourself.

Is Your Garage High Enough?
Another question you need to ask for yourself is to check whether your garage is high enough or not. This is important, if you often go to places with low head clearances, then buying a rooftop model should be avoided.

With these two questions to consider, we can say that hitch cargo carriers are better in some different aspects. It fits for those having a garage that is not high enough, and you can also install it yourself.

Hitch Cargo General Features

  • They Can Be folded When Not In Use: Although a hitch cargo may occupy a lot of space, they can fold when not in use, allowing you to save more space in your vehicle.
  • Typically Less Expensive Compared to the Rooftop Model: Compared to other models such as the rooftop model, this cargo is less expensive thus you can save more money. Instead of buying an expensive model such as a rooftop model, hitch cargo carriers offer the same benefit with a cheaper price.
  • Sturdy And Rust Resistant: Another benefit of purchasing this one is that this type is rust resistant and very sturdy. In terms of durability, most models are very durable and strong.

Aluminum, Steel Or Polypropylene: Which Material Is The Best?

Aside from knowing the general features offered by this model, this type is also available in some different materials. These materials include aluminum, steel, and polypropylene. The question is, which one is better? Should you choose aluminum over steel? Should you choose steel over polypropylene?

Steel: A cargo made from steel is usually durable. It is often coated with black powder, protecting the cargo from corrosion and rust.

Aluminum: A cargo which is made from aluminum is usually lightweight and also rust resistant. Thus, if you need one that is lightweight, consider one made from aluminum.

Polypropylene: The product made from this type of plastic is lightweight and strong too.

Understanding each benefit offered by each material, you can decide which material that you are going to choose. If you love one that is very durable, consider choosing one made from steel. If you need one that is lightweight, consider choosing one made from polypropylene.

Additional Accessories for Your Hitch Cargo

As you have understood some information related to hitch mounted cargo carriers, now it would be a lot easier to choose one that fits with your needs. You have known that they are available in some different materials such as aluminum, steel and polypropylene. You also know that there are other types of a cargo such as a rooftop model. A rooftop model is more expensive and not suitable for those having a garage which is not high enough. Don’t forget when purchasing this accessory, you can also add other accessory to your cargo carrier. Some of these additional accessories include anti-rattle devices, trailer hitch locks, cargo bags and tie downs.

Our Pick – The Best Hitch Mounted Cargo Carrier

Among some models we have listed here, we have decided that the best model we would like to recommend to you is ROLA 59550. We know that picking the best one is quite difficult as there are many good models we can find in the market. But when it comes to deciding which model that is the best, ROLA should be included on the list. We have made this decision based on some criteria such as ease of use, durability, and quality. ROLA has met all of these criteria so far, ranging from ease of use, durability, and also quality. It comes with a 5 year warranty, and it doesn’t take too much space when it is not used. Given these facts, there is no reason not to include this model on our best choice.


So which model are you going to choose? These are some best models that we have reviewed so far. Ranging from some best models offered less than $100 to some models which offer more features. Depending on your personal preferences and needs, you may have your own opinion when picking one of these models. But no matter what model you are going to choose, hitch mounted cargos do a great job in increasing your vehicle’s carrying capacity. The next time you are planning to go on vacation, you know that there is one accessory that should be added to your vehicle. Imagine it, having this accessory added to your vehicle provides comfort where you can carry your baggage without taking too much space in your vehicle. We do hope that our reviews here will help you determine which model that fits with your taste and needs.

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