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For people who do a lot of night driving, headlights that give proper visibility are more than necessary. Good lights are indispensable for your as well as other people’s safety. However, just like any other parts in your car, headlights deteriorate over time. They will get dimmer after years of use, and one day you’ll start to notice the diminishing light.

When your headlights are no longer giving you enough light, upgrading to a new set of bulbs is a sound option to take. If you want to step it up a notch, you can upgrade to a High-Intensity Discharge (HID) bulbs, which provide excellent output for little power. Now, if this is the route you wish to take, it might be better if you get the best HID conversion kit. That way, you get everything you need to change those old lights without worrying if you have all the necessary items or not.

Overview of the Best HID Kit

Getting the best HID conversion kit will give you the peace of mind when you need to spend hours driving at night on road trips. Kits come in various wattages, colors, brightness, brands, etc. The market never seems to run out of kits popping out every time.

Most people narrow down their choice of wattage to 35-watt and 55-watt when window-shopping for kits. Those two are the most widely available, and for most uses, they are more than sufficient. As for colors, you may stick with whites or go with more colorful choices like pink or green. Be sure to check if your choice of colors complies with local laws.

Some popular brands you will spot often are Kensun, Morimoto, Apex, and OPT7. That being said, there are many more brands that many car owners trust and love other than those three.

So, which kit should you get?

A good kit should be easy to install, offers excellent performance, and doesn’t require you to break the bank. Obviously, not every kit out there has those three qualities. The top-quality ones are rare, and you’re bound to see more of the bad ones. Because of that reason, it will be better for you to read the following HID kit reviews first. These are not run-of-the-mill products. Each of them has received numerous excellent reviews from car owners everywhere.

Top Rated HID Conversion Kits 

Kensun H11 HID Xenon Conversion Kit

Kensun H11 HID Xenon Conversion KitThis is a 55-watt HID kit with great light output. If you have already installed a 35-watt HID on your car, this one will outshine it, literally. This Kensun conversion kit produces a clean and clear beam. Most of the times, you won’t even need your high-beam just to get a good read on those highway signs.

You have plenty of colors to choose from; pink, green, blue, yellow, and white. From as low as 4300K all the way to 30000K.

The kit comes with mounting brackets and easy-to-follow installation manual. The components’ quality is superb. Packaging can be better, but everything works just fine. Its plug-and-play design and small ballast let you install this almost in any car. If you’ve never installed one of these before, it may take some time, but it’s well worth it. There is no power or flickering issues with this Kensun kit.

With two years warranty plus excellent customer service that caters to your needs, this conversion kit from Kensun is simply too hard to pass. This company will actually send you an email asking how your installation works out. If you have any difficulties regarding the installation, you can call them and get the problem resolved.

Morimoto H11 HID Kit

Morimoto H11 HID KitThis is a top quality conversion kit from Morimoto. It gives consistent bright light that’s pure white with very little hints of blue if anything at all. The difference in light generated by the bulbs against your stock headlights is like night and day. You can drive around on remote highways at night with confidence. There’s no problem even when the streetlights are scarce or non-existent. These lights got your back covered.

Everything from the 5500K bulbs, ballasts, wiring, to the double relay harness is excellent. You can clearly tell that they are all high-quality components. This kit is also covered with three years warranty which shows how confident Morimoto is about their product. Should anything break months or years after you buy it, you can be sure that they will send you a replacement. Morimoto is one of those companies that care about their customers. When you buy this kit, they will call you to make sure you get the right bulbs for your car.

With plenty of mounting options, you have the flexibility in installation to make sure you get a clean and easy install. A snug fit is easy to achieve, and you’ll end up with professional-looking installation even if you do the upgrade yourself.

XENTEC 9006 30000K

XENTEC 9006 30000KEven though this Xentec kit is only 35-Watt, the Xenon bulbs are truly bright. They put out 3100 Lumen, and that’s a lot of light by any standard. You can see the road better while driving at night. All the signs are clearly visible as if it’s daytime. You can see oncoming vehicles from miles away. If those cars have vinyl graphics, these lights will make them glow, and you simply can’t miss them.

The installation manual is just a piece of paper with a diagram, but since the kit only has three wires (high, low, & ground), it’s easy to figure out. This kit is made for plug-n-play installation. The whole setup can be swiftly installed in a single afternoon. Xentec has more than sixteen bulb types. You can always find the right fit for your car. The lights fit snug, and you don’t need to worry about them getting loose. Once paired with the proper HID projectors, these Xentec HID bulbs will produce great light pattern.

This kit uses digital ballast incorporating flicker-reducing system. It is also shock and water resistant. The alloy casing is sealed so that you can drive on harsh roads under torrential rains without worries.

Apex HID Xenon Conversion Kit

Apex HID Xenon Conversion KitApex really knows how to make quality kits. This is one of the best HID conversion kits there is. You have the choice of white, yellow, pink, violet, blue, or green bulbs. The bulbs are true to their specification. They produce their specified color temperature in a short amount of time, and there is no visible flickering while it’s warming up to reach that temperature. They are brighter than your stock halogen for sure.

The ballasts feel solid, and they look premium. You’d think they come from a more expensive kit. The size is just right and allows for more flexible placement.

Installation is pretty much a breeze. Apex gives all the things you need including nine zip ties and two double-sided mounting pads. The installation instructions are minimum, but it’s okay since you don’t have much to do anyway.  The connectors and wires don’t need any cutting or splicing. Everything is plug and play. You can complete the whole installation in less than 30 minutes. The bulbs, harnesses, and ballasts stay put once you get them in place. No wiggling that can compromise their longevity and performance.

This kit comes with two years warranty. If any parts become defective within that timeframe, you have the peace of mind that Apex will give you a replacement.

SDX HID Headlight DC Xenon “Premium” Conversion Kits

SDX HID Headlight DC Xenon Premium Conversion KitsSDX is a specialist in car accessories and auto parts. They’re a brand you can trust for your HID needs. The bulbs are of excellent quality. They are waterproof, shockproof, weatherproof, and built to last years. SDX stands behind their product, and they are quick to exchange any faulty parts whenever you ask for them.

This conversion kit can transform your dull low beams into road-illuminating monsters. Dark urban roads are no match for these lights. You’ll see other cars as well as pedestrians, cyclist, and wild lives so much better. Obviously, other people can spot you easier too. These lamps make night driving safer for everyone.

A lot of people find the 8000K bulbs that have bluish light output pleasing to their eyes. However, SDX also offers the super white 5000K bulbs and other colors that will suit your taste, from yellow to pink.

This kit is easy to install. It’s one of the easiest kits to install in the market, even for novices who are clueless about electrical works and never upgrade anything in their car. The small ballast makes it easy to hide it away to provide a clean installation. Be sure to install everything you get in the kit like the relay harness and anti-flicker for a problem-free conversion.

Innovited AC 55W BI-XENON HID Kit

Innovited AC 55W BI-XENON HID KitThis is an impressive conversion kit from Innovited. These HID lights are brilliant and your visibility while driving in the dark will be significantly improved. Anything half a mile away is going to be clearly visible, and you have plenty of reaction time to avoid any collision or obstacle. The lights only take about four seconds to warm up, and the beam pattern is perfect. It forms a perfect line in front of you. You won’t be blinding oncoming traffic with these lights. Unlike some other kits, the ballasts here are not plastic. They have metal housing and feel solid.

While not as straightforward as other kits on the market, installation is still easy to do on most cars. There are Youtube videos that can help you out if you are still unsure on how to get everything connected for your vehicle.

This kit also has high-beam feature. You only have a pair of bulbs but the servos built into the bulbs can move the reflector to throw the light farther.  Make sure you follow the instructions and connect the wires correctly to get this right. Some people got the wiring mixed up and complained that the hi-low beam didn’t work.

OPT7® Premium Error-Free AC Canbus HID Kit

OPT7 Premium Error-Free AC Canbus HID Kit
Is there such a thing as error-free HID kit? Yes, yes there is. This kit from OPT7 is one kit that bravely claims to be an error-free HID conversion kit that ordinary folks can install safely on their cars. It’s probably the easiest kits to install. The kit comes in a well-packaged box, and it has everything you need for an easy installation. The instructions are well-written and easy to understand.

The bulbs in this package are fantastic. Whatever temp you choose, you can be sure that each bulb is true to their color rating. If you choose the 5000K bulbs, then you’ll get bright white lights without any blue tinge. The lights are well-made, and will work day after day without fail. They last years without degradation in color tone. Even though the power output is only 35-Watt, this kit is comparable in brightness to some 55-Watt kits.

This is the kit you should get if your car is equipped with CAN (Controller Area Network) Bus. Everything will work flawlessly from the get go. Should you have any concerns, don’t worry, OPT7’s excellent customer service is there for you. Whatever concerns you may have, you can be sure they will handle it professionally.

Car Rover H11 H8 H9 HID Conversion Kit

Car Rover H11 H8 H9 HID Conversion KitThe bulbs used in this kit are clear without hints of color degradation. They have a swift warm up time, almost instant. There are six different color temperatures you can choose from; 3000K – 10000K. There’s no annoying flickering once they reach their color temp. The bulbs are rated for 30.000 hours

Each bulb dish out 4000 Lumen, so together they give you 8000 Lumen to shine any dark roads ahead of you. That’s a lot of light on anyone’s book. The factory bulbs won’t stand a chance compared to these ones. Night driving on city or country roads is safer with these HIDs installed in your car.

The parts are high-quality ones. The wiring harness is a bit short, but you can easily use wire extenders to fix that. The kit also doesn’t come with mounting brackets for the ballasts, and the ballasts are a bit on the thick side. However, they are still easy to mount in the engine compartment with long zip ties. The ballasts run cooler than many others. You won’t need to worry about overheating problems. Capacitors and relay harness are already included in this kit, so you won’t need to buy them separately.  This kit comes with three years warranty to give you the peace of mind you well deserve.

AGT HID Xenon Conversion Kit

AGT HID Xenon Conversion KitIf you’ve been looking for an HID kit with 9012 bulb, then this is your lucky day. This is the kit you should get if you want to replace the dull low beam headlights on your car. You won’t need to tinker with your high beams when you use this kit. You can leave them as they are.

The ballasts in this kit use digital technology that makes them have a longer life than standard ballasts. These digital ones are very reliable for HID use. They are compact and easy to mount anywhere under the hood. A pair of 3M sticky pads is included for your convenience.

Since the ballasts uses AC instead of DC, the bulbs produce stable light that doesn’t flicker. AC ballasts are designed for maximum performance. They are many times better than CD ballasts that exist only as a low-cost alternative and should never be used in your car at all.

Installation is straightforward, though some people need to cut holes to accommodate the wires that go to the ballasts. It’s nothing major, and you may not need to do it depending on your car model. Good kit with 9012 bulbs are scarce, so you should get this one while stock lasts.

VisionPro© Gen II Series

VisionPro Gen II SeriesVisionPro has years of experience in making quality car accessories. They know full well on how to make a conversion kit that stands out. They have all bulb sizes for all cars, so you can always find the ones that will fit yours.

This 35-Watt kit can put many 55-Watt kits to shame with its brightness. The Xenon HID bulbs produce crystal white beams. The lights are reliable. They never fail to turn on each and every time. This reliability is partly because of the top quality ballasts. The ballasts are also waterproofed. All the electronics inside are protected from the elements. Nothing to worry about if you enjoy outdoor adventures on your truck.

Easy installation is a given when you choose VisionPro conversion kits. Thirty minutes are all you need to complete the whole thing. It’s all plug and play.

VisionPro gives you a full two-year warranty covers every hardware failure that may happen in the future including the connectors, relays, wiring, ballasts, and bulbs. Their support staffs are always ready to give you a helping hand. VisionPro even has 14-days money back guarantee. If for any reasons you don’t want to install this on your car, you can send it back and get a refund.

HID Conversion Kit Guide & FAQ

What to look for when buying or comparing HID Kit

Brightness: Brightness is measured in Lumen. The higher the number, the brighter the lights are. For Xenon HID, one bulb typically put out 3500 – 4000. Anything more than that is too much for the average Joes and Janes.

Compatibility: You have so many different sizes for bulbs;  H1, H3, H11, HB3, HB4, 9005, 9006, etc. Check the owner’s manual that comes with your car to see which size your car has. You also need to understand that not all halogen projectors are compatible with HID projectors. Double check with the seller if the kit will fit your car.

Ease of installation: Some kits are well-designed and made for plug-n-play. Others require a bit of elbow grease. Luckily, help is easy to find these days. Many Youtube videos can help you out with installation issues. Brand-specific installation guides are also easy to find.

Color: 8000K lights are great during clear weather but terrible in the rain. Your visibility will be very much compromised using them. Pick the color that suits your particular condition. For driving in the rain, for example, 4300 is the sweet spot.

Wiring and wiring harness. There are horror stories out there about wires and wiring harnesses burning out. Those kinds of stuff will happen when you choose a kit with low-quality wires and harnesses. HID bulbs drain high electrical current initially, up to 20 Amps. Skinny wires have high resistance, so when very high currents flow in them, they get too hot.

Customer Service. Sometimes, you just run into problems. When installation goes bad or parts break, you’d want a company that cares about their customer and doesn’t make you go through hoops and hurdles just to get a reply.

Projectors Are Kind Of Important

Scratch that. Projectors are vital for HID lights! A good projector cuts off the light to make sure you don’t blind oncoming drivers. High-quality projector is engineered to throw out light to the best of its abilities making the projected light clean and intense. A 35-Watt kit will beat a 55-Watt easily when you fit it with the right kind of projector.

While we’re talking about projectors, keep in mind that halogen projectors are not HID projectors. They are not the same beast. If you swap the halogen bulbs with HID kit while still using the halogen projectors, you will get glares. The light will bleed more past the cutoff line. If you insist on reusing the halogen projectors to save money, you will need to do slight mods. Replace the stock halogen lenses with clear lenses, for example. You also need to tinker with the shield on the interior to cover any spot that may produce glares.

Now, if your car headlights only have regular reflectors instead of projector lenses, you should never put your HID in them. You’ll be getting diffused light, blinding other people, and getting in trouble with the law for it.

By now, you should have understood that HID and projectors are inseparable. When you’re upgrading a pair of reflector headlamps, be sure to get good projectors with the HID. However, retrofitting projectors into headlamp housings can be labor intensive, and it’s something that should be done carefully by someone who knows exactly what he’s doing. 

Installing HID Conversion Kit

For a successful and trouble-free installation, you should start by selecting a plug-and-play kit. This means you won’t need to do any drilling, cutting, or any kind of customizing works. Now, the moment you receive the kit in hand, be sure to check content and see if it has everything you need like the bulbs, ballasts, wiring, harnesses, relays, mounting brackets/double sided tape/zip ties, and other mounting hardware. Don’t start anything unless all the necessary stuff is in hand. Double check the bulbs’ sizes to ensure they’re exactly as you ordered.

Next, is to read the installation instructions. Pay attention to the wiring diagrams to make sure you connect the wires correctly. Since we’re dealing with electrical here, be sure your hands are dry. You don’t want to get the shock

The next step is to remove the old bulbs from their housing and replace them with the new HID bulbs. Be careful when handling the new bulbs. Don’t let your hands touch them because the oil from your hands and fingers may cause the bulbs to break when you turn them on later.

Now, connect the wires to the ballasts and mount them following the instructions given. Different manufacturers have different ways to mount the ballast, but they have the same goal; to minimalize the vibrations that will compromise the ballasts’ performance.

Once the ballasts are secured, connect the wires from the ballasts to the bulbs and the wires from the ballasts to the power source from your car. When necessary, use electrical tape one the connections that may be exposed to the elements. This simple measure can help waterproof the connection, and also hold them in place tighter to ensure a long-lasting connection for years to come.

Okay, now that you know how to install HID kit, there is one more rule that you should be aware; don’t be afraid to ask for help.

If you’ve never done any upgrade to your car before or never done any electrical work on your car, it’s okay to feel a bit intimidated. For such a case, it will be best if you ask for help from a professional or a friend who knows the ins and outs of replacing standard car headlight with and HID one. There are many trivial issues that may seem huge by novices that actually have simple solutions.

One example of such issue is flickering. Flickering can be caused by improper grounding. The fastest solution is to use heavier gauge wire to improve the grounding contact and to choose a different location for grounding that you currently use. The electric current will flow more smoothly, and the flickering will be no more.

Difference Between AC and DC HID Conversion Kits

While you’re shopping around for conversion kits, you may see that there are AC and DC conversion kits. The AC types are the ones you will most likely get when you buy an HID conversion kit. Recently, however, some manufacturers also offer DC conversion kits.

The main difference of the two is the flow of electricity. AC HID lights use AC ballasts where electricity is alternating continuously to ensure equal distribution of ions. The direct result of this is that the lights produce stable output without any flickering. On DC ballasts the current flows in one direction only, and this makes DC HID lights prone to flickering.

In terms of durability, AC HID lights can last up to three times more than DC HID lights. The reason is that alternating current puts less stress on the components of the HID bulbs. If you’re aiming for long-term durability, AC is the one you want.


Picking the best HID kit can be quite a chore. However, the HID kit reviews above should cut some of the work off you. Any one of them is an excellent choice for your car. Be sure to contact the seller to check the kit’s compatibility with your car headlight. A simple call can ensure trouble-free installation. Don’t be shy to ask for help from a friend or professional if you don’t know what you’re doing or simply don’t want to risk it.

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